How to Get Rid of an Old Motorcycle

Is your motorcycle old and won’t start? This article discloses how to get rid of an old motorcycle, even without papers, including title and registration. Getting rid of an old motorcycle is no problem once you know what to do and how to do it.

how to get rid of an old motorcycle

I had a Suzuki GSX-R1100 motorcycle, which I got rid of recently. What happened to the motorcycle? The chain broke on the highway, the motorcycle whipped around and broke some engine components and blinkers. It wouldn’t start, so I put it out for a few bucks.


I hadn’t the tools to complete the repairs, plus the expensive parts.

During the month, an old friend got in a motorcycle accident; it scared me for the few months he was in a coma. I hung up my helmet until I moved out of the city to a small town.


Since I had no use for the motorcycle, I thought out ideas on how I can get rid of my old motorcycle. If the tow yard tows an old motorcycle from an apartment, the owner may end up paying an abandonment fee. Nobody wants to incur such charges when you can get at least $250 for parts.

How to Get Rid of an Old Motorcycle

How do you dispose of an old motorcycle? Can you dump an old motorcycle without a title and get away with it? Yes, you can.

Below are the best ways to get rid of an old motorcycle:

  1. Sell to a Dealership or Private Buyer

Papers or no papers, you can sell your motorcycle that won’t start. Selling a motorbike is a better option than disposing of it because you gets value for it. You might not secure the best deal, especially if you have no title and registration, but it’s worth it.


The disadvantage of selling an old motorcycle to a dealer is their low offer.

On CL (Craigslist), you can get rid of your old motorcycle for $500 instead of junking it. I recommend selling the motorcycle on Craigslist first; you can give your motorcycle free if you’re more concerned about dumping it.

Sign up on Craigslist and post the old motorcycle as a parts bike for a small dollar amount.

If your old when is in good shape, you won’t get less than $200 on Craigslist. eBay? You can sell your motorcycle on eBay too.

  1. Trade-In Your Motorcycle

Gather the documents, including title and service records (if any) of your motorcycle.

How to get rid of old moped

Research the true value of the motorcycle and have yours appraised. Look out for trade-ins and get rid of your old motorcycle. You may add some cash for the new motorcycle since yours may be too old.

  1. Dump/Dispose of It at Night

Your motorcycle must be old before you dump it illegally on any property. If you dump it on a barn, it becomes a barn find motorcycle, and the barn owner becomes its new owner. The barn owner may well boast of finding a barn find bike, though.

Get rid of the VIN plate and any information that can trace the motorcycle to you.

If you reside in PA, take your motorcycle to Philly and leave it on the street for the night. Trust me; your old motorcycle that won’t start would be gone the next morning.

  1. Part It

You can make more money parting the motorcycle yourself, especially if most parts are in good shape.

getting rid of wrecked motorcycle

The wheels can get you a few hundred bucks, and the frame can get you even more money. If someone is buying the frame, remind them to title the motorcycle frame.

If you must get rid of your old motorcycle fast, list it on eBay auction as ‘for parts’.

Meanwhile, when you part an old bike, some parts go for a few hundred bucks, and about 60% of the disassembled motorcycle will be all over your apartment. You can dispose of the remnant motorcycle parts at a motorcycle repair shop to declutter your home.

  1. Donate to a Charity

Donating your used/old motorcycle can be a tough decision, but it helps to dispose of it conveniently.

Is donating a motorcycle worth it? Yes. It can save tax if you add it to your charitable contribution deduction or tax deductible if you itemize your deductions. Moreover, you don’t have to spend on ads to sell it. Some charity organizations include Wheels For Wishes, Kars4Kids, etc.

Search online for the nearest charity homes and learn about the donation conditions and steps to donate your motorcycle on the organization’s website.

Before you fill out the donation form, contact the organization with the contact email and phone number provided for comprehensive information.

  1. Put Out for Track Bike Project

Your old motorcycle parts are worth everything to track guys. If you stay close to the track, inform a random track guy to help you dispose of it or negotiate a track bike project price.

  1. Landfill

Instead of junking it, take it to a landfill. You may pay the landfill.

However, you are not doing nature a great deal of good by dumping it indiscriminately to threaten life.

In essence, a scrap yard is the better option since the metals can be recycled.

  1. Recycle/Junk the Motorcycle

The idea is not to landfill an easily recyclable motorcycle. It may not attract the most money but it’s worth it.

best tips for getting rid of an old motorcycle

Do junkyards buy motorcycles? Yes. Some junkyards will buy your motorcycle even without title and registration.

To junk an old motorcycle, call a salvage yard and inform them of your location and type of motorcycle. You can negotiate as well and send them pictures of it. However, if your old motorcycle has no title and registration, it will be undervalued. The junkyard will pay to title it before scrap.

First, search online for the nearest scrap yard, contact them, and get paid for your used motorcycle.

Is Restoring an Old Motorcycle Worth It?

Not really. But it depends on the risk you’re willing to take because older motorcycles will give problems periodically.

I have done some motorcycle restorations, and you would be putting down $1,500 to $2,000 to make an old motorcycle at least semi-reliable in good condition.

If restoring an old bike, except for a project, will run into thousand dollars, you can use the money for a used motorbike instead.

If you restore it well, flip the motorcycle for profit.

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