Mistplay Face Verification Bypass [5 Methods]

If you have opened a Mistplay account, you’ll notice that it requires face verification. However, it is not a perfect system, and it can sometimes be frustrating to get verified. So, in this post, we will talk about the Mistplay face verification bypass. A lot of us have been trying to make this face recognition feature work for days. Every time, even under perfect conditions, it keeps saying “Face verification failed.” Mistplay needs your face to pay you with a gift card. Is there any way to fix this or get around it? You can’t skip the face verification step. Also, Misplay claims in its policy that it doesn’t keep your photo after checking it.

Does Mistplay require face recognition?

Yes, Mistplay requires face verification when you try to redeem a gift card. You have to provide a video selfie, which Mistplay says will help prevent fraud. You may also not have to worry about your ID on its database since it claims your face data is not stored for long. In the verification process, when you redeem your first reward, you will see a page titled “Verify you’re human”, which you’ll follow up on your screen for the verification.


Mistplay Face Verification Bypass

If you are getting an error message that says “Seems like something’s wrong,” or “Face Verification failed”, we will be looking at methods that can help you fix it. Usually, a lot of people have resolved this issue by restarting their devices and waiting a few minutes before verifying again but this doesn’t always work. So, let’s see the methods that can actually bypass this face verification.

1. Shine a flashlight directly on your face

Shining a flashlight directly on your face seems to do the trick for most people. It makes you look like something out of a scary movie, but you will get your gift card, so you can’t complain.


2. Email Mistplay support

It’s really annoying, especially after trying about 10 times. Now, email the support team. Someone from the team will help you out directly. I’m not sure if they can actually see all your failed attempts, but eventually, they will help you with Mistplay face verification bypass. After some back-and-forth with the support team, they can even let you get your reward without going through face recognition.

3. Use a different phone

This method works, and I have seen users solve Mistplay face verification after switching phones. If you have a few old phones, the app’s face verification should work on the first try on one of those. You can also log into your account using someone else’s phone to see if you can get past Mistplay face verification.

4. Use AI

There might be a way to get around it with AI technology, which is really advanced these days. There are several methods you could try, but it won’t be very simple. I wrote an article about how to fake selfie verification, so you should read this article for tips.

5. Making funny faces during the face verification

Seriously, this is one of the Mistplay face verification bypass methods. You can actually make a face different enough from your normal expression to verify your face. Just look straight into the camera and make a silly smile. Mistplay should recognize ‘signs of liveness’ or something like that. This really has to do with Mistplay trying to make sure that you are a real user.


Why does Mistplay need my picture?

Well, I’m not speaking for Mistplay, but they need your picture to make sure you are a legit user. So, this video selfie is integrated into the app as one of the methods that prevent fraudulent redemptions.


So, we have been able to look at the methods you can use for Mistplay face verification bypass. Now, despite the weirdness of this verification process, you will still have your gift card, and it won’t bother you much. It may not be ideal, but you need the money. Considering how much of our lives are already not private because of our phones and social media, you should just go on with it.

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