How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key

In this post, I’m going to show you how to open laundry coin box in just 3 minutes. These coin boxes are built very tough. They are designed in such a way that you cannot easily access them from the back, top, or underneath. You cannot simply unbolt this assembly and take it off your washer or dryer to get into it—it just won’t work. The bolts are case-hardened, so they are difficult to remove. You will need special bits to get them out, and even then, it’s a real pain. This method is particularly useful for laundromat owners dealing with lost or stolen keys.


How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key [Method 1]

Materials Needed

  1. Electric drill (not a hammer drill)
  2. Large screwdriver (Snap-on recommended)
  3. Quarter-inch drill bit (can go up one size if needed)

You will start by preparing the lock assembly.


1. Open the Protection Slot

Use a large screwdriver to open up the narrow slot that is meant for the key. This will allow you to fit the drill bit in.

  • Wiggle the screwdriver back and forth to widen the slot.
  • Apply force as needed; don’t be afraid to get a bit violent.

2. Drill the Lock

  1. Attach the Drill Bit.
    1. Insert a quarter-inch drill bit into your electric drill.
  2. Start Drilling
    • Position the drill bit into the widened slot and start drilling at a medium speed.
    • Use a sharp, good-quality drill bit.
    • Let the drill do its job; don’t force it.
    • This may take 2-4 minutes, depending on your drill and drill bit quality.
  3. Objective
    • Continue drilling until you reach the nut at the back of the lock.
    • The nut and the little stud will pop into the box when you’ve drilled far enough.

3. Unlock the Can

Some coin boxes have a can mechanism that needs to be unlocked.

    • If drilling unlocks it, great!
    • If not, use a smaller screwdriver to manually move the can and unlock it.

4. Replace the Lock

Look for replacement locks or coin boxes online.

    • Recommended model: UG800A
    • Recommended supplier: Reliable Parts
    • Price: Around $35–$38 per piece plus shipping

Once you receive the new lock or coin box, record the number stamped on the key for future reference.



  • Always write down the key codes in case your keys are lost or stolen.
  • If you are replacing the entire coin box, you will get a new key with it. There is no need to buy keys separately.

How to Open Laundry Coin Box Without Key [Method 2]

For this method, you will go through the lock itself. This method will work for Greenwald. Also, it should take just 3 minutes for each box. There is a small slot that protects the lock to prevent people from tampering with it.

1. Prepare the Lock

Take a screwdriver and move it back and forth in the slot to widen it. This will allow you to get your drill bit through. It’s a simple process.

2. Drill

Next, use a quality Matco drill bit from your set. You can insert the bit into the widened slot and use a medium RPM setting on my drill.

You do not want to go too fast, as it could ruin your bit. Keep the drill steady and level, and you’ll start to see shavings come out. The whole process takes just two to three minutes.

3. Breaking Through

Eventually, you will break through, and the drill will push right into the coin box. At this point, you have drilled out the back of the lock. The lock will now unlock on its own, and you can pull out the drill to access your coins.

4. Replace the Lock

You’ll need to replace the lock mechanism and get a new set of keys. These are available online and are not too expensive. The bottom of your Greenwald box will indicate the series, like ‘Yuji 800 A’ to help you find the right replacement.

Your local locksmith may need $60 and claim it will take an hour per box. That is a joke. They may also want to charge for the lock assembly and keys, plus labor for installation. You do not need to go through all that expense.

Alternative Ways to Open a Laundry Coin Box

1. Use Universal Keys

Some coin-operated laundry machines use universal keys that can open multiple machines of the same make and model. During this research, some people suggest identifying the make and model of the laundry machine and then searching online to purchase or obtain these universal keys. Make sure to check for surveillance cameras in the laundry room to avoid getting caught.

2. Try Different Key Combos

Some laundry machines use built-in key combinations that can bypass the coin operation. You need to press a specific sequence of buttons on the machine’s control panel to initiate a free wash cycle. This method might require some trial and error, and not all machines will have this feature.

3. Bic Pen Method

With the shell of a Bic pen, you can pick the locks on some coin-operated machines. You remove the ink tube and other inner parts from a Bic pen, leaving just the outer shell. This shell is then inserted into the lock and twisted to unlock it. This method may not work on all types of locks and could damage the lock.

4. Follow YouTube Tutorials

There are YouTube channels dedicated to lockpicking. In this post, I have shared two YouTube videos you need to use to open your laundry coin box without a key. These videos provide step-by-step tutorials on how to pick various types of locks, including those found on coin-operated washers. Lock-picking tools may be required, and there’s a learning curve involved.

5. Spamming Buttons

Rapidly pressing certain buttons can trick the machine into starting. One person during this research mentioned having to spam the start key and the speed setting button to get a free wash. This method is hit-or-miss and only works on specific models.

Conclusion on Opening Laundry Coin Box Without Key

These boxes may seem easy to break into if you have lost your key. Note that I do not condone doing this in a laundromat or any other public place. I own these machines, and my keys were misplaced, so I needed to access my laundry coin boxes. There is probably around $90 worth of quarters in there, and I am glad I did not have to give that to the locksmith. Good luck with your attempt.

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