How to Fake a Signature That Looks Real

As long as it’s for a good purpose, learning to fake a signature can be useful sometimes. You need to understand how a specific signature is made and then replicate it accurately. And in the end, you might even make it a hobby, signing letters just like famous people for fun. However, note that you can’t use this skill to trick others, as it is against the law, and you can go to jail or pay a huge fine.

In this post, you will learn how to fake a signature, be it for a school prank or on any document to prank friends. You can make this a skill and help people sign with their permission.


How to Fake a Signature Sketching by Hand

How to Fake a Signature Sketching

One of the methods to fake a signature is by carefully sketching the original copy of a signature. Follow these steps.


1. Take a Good Look at the Original Signature

Pay attention to how it’s written and how each part is made. Remember, everyone’s signature is a bit unique. If you do not study it carefully before trying to copy it, you might make some noticeable errors.

Notice these things as you look at the signature:

Joining of letters Are the letters close to each other? Are there gaps between them?
Letter Formation Can you easily read the letters? Are the letters oddly shaped, squeezed together, or decorated fancifully?
Loops in letters Are the loops large and puffy? Are they small and pointy?
Signature Lean Does the signature lean to the right or the left? How significant is the lean?
Space Coverage Notice how much space the signature occupies on the line.

2. Flip it Over So it’s Upside Down

This can make it easier to see the signature differently. Pretend it is a drawing, not a signature. This way, you can recreate it more accurately without your usual signature style affecting it.

3. Copy the Signature by Tracing it Multiple Times

This will help you understand the lines and curves in their handwriting and fake their signature accurately. If possible, pay attention to how the original owner moves their hand when signing and try to mimic it, especially if you fake a parent signature.


4. Now Try Drawing the Signature Without Tracing

Since you know how it looks, practice writing it from memory. You’ll need to do this a bunch of times before it starts resembling the original. It might be harder than you think! Signatures are tricky to copy, and that’s why they’re used to verify important papers.

  • While you practice, pay attention to small differences between the real signature and your practice ones. Change things if needed.
  • Practice until you can write the signature smoothly without stopping, and it feels easy to do.

5. Sign with Boldness

When you are ready to write a fake signature, be sure to sign without lifting the pen or taking too much time. A confident signature seems more real compared to one where you tried really hard. Sign quickly and avoid making changes–once it is done, it is done.

Is it possible to fake signatures
This shows it’s possible to fake signatures

How to Fake a Signature Using Tracing Paper

If sketching a signature by hand to fake it is difficult, you can use the tracing method to fake a signature accurately. Follow these steps.

1. Put a Piece of see-through Paper on Top of the Real Signature

This paper is clear, so you can easily see what’s under it. If you do not have that special paper, you can use thin, white computer paper instead.

2. Take a Pencil and Gently follow the Signature Lines

Go slowly, keeping your hand steady, without shaking or lifting the pencil. To make the signature look real, keep these points in mind:

  • How thick are the lines?
    • People press harder on some parts of their signature. For instance, the right side of the “l” loop might be thicker.
  • What is the angle of the signature?
    • When you trace, notice how the signature leans, and copy that angle carefully.
  • What is the order of the letter formation?
    • For instance, does it look like the person crossed their Ts and dotted their Is after completing the rest of the signature? This can affect the way the final signature looks. It is a subtle matter, but it can mean the difference between a decent forgery and one that is easy to call out as a fake signature.

3. Put the See-through Piece of Paper on the Empty Spot Where You Want to Fake the Signature

Make sure to line it up right so it looks like the fake signature is signed naturally. Some people do not sign neatly or in a straight line, so think about that when you put the signature in place.

4. Make a Signature Mark

Press with a pencil or something pointy to make a clear mark of the traced signature where you want to copy it. Press firmly, but not too hard that you rip the paper or change how the signature looks.

Do not make the mark too strong, or people might see it as fake. Make it light, but still clear enough so you can trace it with a pen later.

Finally, take off the see-through paper and use a pen to copy the mark. Trace over the faint mark you made. Keep your hand steady and write smoothly to fake a signature that looks real.

If you’d like some video guide, here’s one for you to follow to copy a signature accurately.

Tips to Fake a Signature Without Mistakes

How to fake a parent signature
This could be a parent signature faked

While faking a signature, you need to take certain things into consideration for the best result.

1. Stay Focused While Faking a Signature

Sometimes, when you want to fake a signature for the first time, you might focus too much on the original signature and forget about your own writing. If you are looking at the signature more than your own writing, your copy might end up wobbly and odd.

If you are short on practice time before signing a fake signature, the better approach is to closely observe the signature. Remember its important parts, and then sign it as naturally as you can while watching what you are doing.

2. Avoid Fixing Mistakes

A clear sign of a fake signature is when it looks like someone tried to fix it. Do you usually go back to fix letters after signing your name? Probably not. It is okay to have a slightly messy “t” or an incomplete “b”. What will be suspicious is if you see spots where these usual errors were carefully fixed.

3. Keep the Pen Down

Just like how you sign your name, it is a smooth movement from start to finish. If there are gaps showing you paused, lifted the pen, and then continued, This is often a clear sign of a fake signature. So, when forging a signature, do not make this mistake. Instead, try to sign as smoothly as if it were your own.

4. Add Some Variety to Each Signature

Real signatures are not identical every time. Forged ones typically stand out when you see many signatures that are all exactly the same. This can happen if you are copying with tracing paper. You want to fake a signature that looks real, so change something a bit in each signature.

Remember, you must only use this skill lawfully as otherwise comes with a price. For example, a Fort Pierce man was jailed after deputies said he altered a $1,350 check to read $5,000 and forged a signature to pay himself.

Can teachers tell if you forged a signature
Can you fake this???

Before you leave, see if you can fake this artistic bird signature. It’s just a challenge to test if you are ready to fake signatures for fun.


Indeed, faking a signature can be fun when it’s for harmless pranks or mimicking famous people’s autographs as a hobby. The steps above show two methods – sketching by hand and using tracing paper. Both methods require keen observation, steady hands, and lots of practice.

Ultimately, remember the unique characteristics of each signature and mimic them as naturally as possible. But while mastering the art of signature imitation can be intriguing, try to underline the legal consequences. You can only use this skill responsibly to avoid penalties.

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