How to Hack a Pepsi Vending Machine

As students, we often find ourselves on a tight budget, yet we still need to eat, right? Today, I’m excited to share a little trick with you on how to stretch your dollars a bit further by taking advantage of a vending machine hack. Have you ever noticed those star and pound keys on vending machines and wondered why they’re there? Well, they’re actually more useful than you might think. Let’s get in, and I’ll show you how to use them to your advantage and hack a Pepsi vending machine.

This trick will help you get your money back after making a purchase. Remember this sequence: star, star, pound, star, pound, star, pound. After entering this code and making your selection, you’ll see that you can still keep your change. However, the manufacturing date of the machine determines if this trick will work or not. The Pepsi hacking trick discussed here works on most old Pepsi vending machines and those in debug mode. Modern vending machines are built to resist brute-force physical hacks, such as rocking a machine back and forth to shake the goods loose, and even incorporate artificial intelligence.



This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Do not use it to snap Pepsi without paying!

What you need to know

You’ve probably heard about various tricks for hacking a Pepsi vending machine. Usually, you have to push the buttons in a specific order to get free drinks or cash. Honestly, this is true, but to an extent. Usually, to use these codes to cheat a Pepsi vending machine, you need to flip a switch or push a button on the inside of the machine. If the operator leaves the machine in admin mode, this trick will work. You have to push the button rapidly to dispense multiple drinks. The trick that is not so true is taping/string on a coin to retrieve your money. This will only work if there’s a faulty motor or switch on that row.

Otherwise, you can’t hack a Pepsi vending machine this way (with tape/string), except on the older mechanical machines. Modern Pepsi vending machines feature more complex mechanisms. For example, the coin will go down several ramps that are close behind it, and it will land on its side. Moreover, drilling a hole to insert a string will alter the weight and coin resistance, which triggers the Pepsi vending machine to reject it.


How to Hack a Pepsi Vending Machine

How to hack a Pepsi vending machine

Regarding the trick in this publication, one thing is certain: you will get all of the change out of the Pepsi machine if you do it right.

Below are the steps to hack a Pepsi vending machine:

1. Know the Buttons

To know the button sequences you would be pressing to hack the Pepsi vending machine, you must know which buttons are which. A Pepsi vending machine usually has about 12 buttons in vertical order in huge blocks—6 on one side and another 6 on the other. The first top number could be 1 and the one under it could be 2 and so on. Just check to be sure about the number arrangements. For this hack, however, you only need 4 of these buttons. Depending on the Pepsi vending machine, below is what each number does:

  • [1] – Exit/cancel
  • [2] – up
  • [3] – down
  • [4] – select

2. Press the Buttons in Their Sequence

You’ll press the buttons in the sequence below:

4, 2, 3, 1

The sequence above gives you access to the LED Menu of the vending machine.

3. Collect All the Change

To get all of the change from the Pepsi vending machine, press the 4 numbers in the sequence below while you’re not in the LED Menu:

4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1

4. Hold the ‘Return Change’ Button

After pressing the numbers in the sequence above, hold down the Return Change button for about 5 to 6 seconds before releasing it. This Pepsi vending machine method will get coins pouring out. Otherwise, the Pepsi vending machine is modern, so you need to find an older model.

Reasons to Hack Your Old Pepsi Vending Machine

  1. Free soda
  2. Get all the change
  3. Change soda prices
  4. Set up a free discount and more

How Do You Get Free Pepsi from Vending Machines?

You can get free Pepsi from vending machine with see through by holding the flap closed when the drink is moving through the door. The machine will try to feed the drink through the trap door, but keep holding it. After about 2-3 tries, the machine errors out and refunds your money with quarters and the Pepsi drink on the belt.


So, that’s it, guys – a simple guide on how to hack a Pepsi vending machine. Usually, entries 1, 3, 2, and 4 take you to the debug program, where you use buttons 2 and 3 to navigate the slots. You can even check how much money is in each slot since the last reset. Button 1 = back, while button 4 = enter. This Pepsi vending machine hack will not work unless the owner forgets to pass-lock the change dispenser.

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