What to Do with Old License Plates Florida

What to do with old license plates Florida? There are not many things you can do with your Florida license plates except to turn them in or transfer them to another vehicle that is registered in your name. Florida plates belong to the state, so you must return them if the license plate decal has not expired and you no longer maintain insurance.

What to do with old license plates Florida

Your Florida license plate is also referred to as tags and is valid for 10 years. After 10 years, you are expected to obtain new tags. FL issues both standard and specialty license plates, and you can request personalized plates. The standard plates use a graphic image of Florida state and (Florida state’s website). However, there are three standard plate options in Orange County, and you may find at the bottom of the FL license plates, inscriptions like “In God We Trust”, “Sunshine State” or “Orange County”.


So, what can you do with your Florida license plates?

What to Do with Old License Plates Florida

You can do the following with your Florida license plates:

  1. Transfer the Plates to Another Vehicle

The license plates must remain with its current owner in Florida. In this case, if you sell your vehicle in Florida, you must remove the license plates. The buyer can request temporary tags but must not leave with your old license plates in their possession. You need the plates so that you can transfer them to a new vehicle that is registered in your name.

When you transfer your Florida license plate to another car that you own, you will not pay the $225 initial registration fee required in Florida. However, if you do not replace your vehicle with another vehicle, you must turn in the old license plates to the driver’s license office or tax collector so that your driver’s license is not suspended.

Your vehicle registration will also be printed to show that you canceled your license plate, or your registration will carry the ‘canceled’ stamp.

  1. Surrender It to the DMV

You can surrender your FL license plate to a motor vehicle service center in person or by mail. However, the Florida plate surrendering occurs if you cancel your Florida insurance on the vehicle, sell your vehicle without transferring your FL license plate to another vehicle or move to another state and have your vehicle registered.


When you sell your car in Florida, remove your Florida license plates and file a Notice of Sale. You can read further on the things to note when selling your vehicle in Florida here.

How do you surrender your Florida license plates?

You can dispose of Florida license plates using any of the following methods:

  • Surrender it in person at a motor vehicle service center.
  • Send your FL plates via mail to the motor vehicle service center. You must also include a request to cancel and recycle your FL license plate when disposing of it with the agency.

If your Florida license plate is lost or destroyed or stolen, ensure to complete this affidavit and mail it to a motor vehicle service center.

What Happens if You Do Not Surrender Florida License Plate?

If you do not surrender your Florida license plate, you can be handed financial responsibility sanctions when your insurance policy drops from the vehicle and the license plate is still actively registered and has an association with your vehicle. After your insurance is canceled or expired, your driver’s license will be suspended if you do not surrender the valid license plate.

Secondly, you will have to pay the initial registration fee to register another car in your name in Florida if you do not surrender your FL license plate. So, to enjoy the vehicle registration fee exemption, you must dispose of your Florida license plate by turning it into the tax collector’s office. You will be issued a receipt to indicate that you surrendered your vehicle plates. It is this receipt that you will use for your future vehicle registration to avoid paying the initial registration fee.

Finally, if you do not submit your Florida license plate, a scammer or anyone can take and attach it to their vehicle. When they go through tolls without hiding your license plate, red light cameras, parking ticket, etc., you are liable for the fine. Your name and address are what the record shows, so you will have to clear them while the actual offender gets away with it.

Final Thoughts

Do not keep your old Florida license plate if you do not maintain insurance or the decal is still active (expired). Dispose of your FL license as soon as you cancel insurance because if you do not, the insurance company will notify the DMV and your driver’s license will be suspended. You may also have to pay the initial registration fee when registering your new vehicle.

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