What to Do with Old License Plates Utah

This article discloses what to do with old license plates in Utah. Your old UT license plates may have seen rain, corrosive road salt, and more, so you can now retire them following Utah DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) instructions.

what to do with old license plates Utah


Your Utah license plates remain with you when selling your car or motorcycle. You can also transfer the plates or tags to a different vehicle registered in your name. If you no longer use your Utah license plates, you may be able to surrender or destroy them.

Do I have to return license plates in Utah?

You do not have to return license plates in Utah. However, if your UT license plate or registration is canceled, suspended, or revoked by the division, you must return them to your local Utah DMV.


If your UT license plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, request replacements, this can be done in person or by mail. Submit copies of your registration card, license plate number, or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and the appropriate fee. If you apply by mail, write a request and include $12 for a standard license plate, $5 for a decal, and $4 for postage. Send a check or money order payable to Utah State Tax Commission (UTSC). Mail it to the local Utah DMV branch office after obtaining the correct mailing information.

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What to do with old license plates Utah

Do the following with your old Utah license plates:

  1. Transfer your UT plates to another vehicle in your name

You can transfer your old Utah license plate to a different vehicle registered in your name. If you do not transfer your UT tags to another vehicle, you can destroy or return them to the UT DMV.


You cannot transfer Utah license plates to another person, the plates remain with the owner. Generally, UT license plates do not change ownership after selling the vehicle.

  1. Surrender UT plates to the UT DMV

As stated in 41-1a-111, if the division cancels, suspends, or revokes your registration, certificate of title, license plate, or permit, you must return the canceled, suspended, or revoked item to the division. In this case, if you are penalized for violations, crimes, etc., you must return the license plate to your local Utah DMV since it is no longer valid.

Ensure to remove the UT plates from your vehicle and surrender them to the UT DMV until you are permitted to apply for tags again.

If you move out of state, some state DMVs may advise you to return your UT license plates. Explain to the out-of-state DMV that you are permitted to retain your UT plates.

  1. Keep your UT license plates

You may be able to keep your old Utah license plates without visiting the UT DMV. However, it is advisable to discuss with the DMV employee to determine if you are eligible to retain your Utah tags.

You can do the following with your Utah license plates:

  • Souvenir
  • Dispose of your Ohio plates in the state’s recycle bin
  • Garage wall décor
  • Gift them
  • Sell them online via Craigslist, eBay, etc.
  • Sell to an antique shop

Note: When you dispose of your old Utah license plates, ensure to cut them into pieces to prevent another person from using them illegally.

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Do license plates stay with the car in Utah?

License plates do not stay with the car or motorcycle in Utah. Remove your UT license plates when you sell your vehicle. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any parking or traffic violations and crimes associated with the vehicle carrying your Utah license plates. The new owner can obtain Utah temporary tags to get the vehicle home.

Can I use my old license plate on my new car in Utah?

You can use your old license plate on your new car in your name in Utah through the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles within 60 days.

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Final thoughts

Ensure to inform the UT DMV that you no longer need your UT license plates. When you sell your vehicle, the buyer must not leave with your plates, they remain with you.

You can notify the UT DMV that you no longer need your old Utah license plates by submitting Form TC-502 (Application to Cancel Registration).

Contact the UT DMV via (800) 368-8824 to confirm if you can retain or surrender your UT license plates.

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