How to beat red light camera ticket in Nassau County

Perhaps, you just received a citation for a traffic violation in Nassau County. You could be able to fight that—I mean beat red light camera ticket in Nassau County. The pictures you receive may show your car and license plate, but not capture you driving the vehicle, which can be used as a defense if you decide to pursue the case.

Residents generally believe that there is little that can be done to contest a red light ticket. Moreover, the ticket is not issued to the driver but rather to the registered owner of the vehicle. Therefore, it has no impact on your insurance.


As far as I know, you won’t receive any points on your driving record for a red light violation, as long as you clear the ticket, at least.

How to beat red light ticket in Nassau County

How to beat red light camera ticket in Nassau County


Follow these tips to beat red light camera ticket in Nassau County:

1. Don’t immediately acknowledge the ticket

First, don’t immediately acknowledge receiving the ticket, as mail can sometimes get lost in transit. For example, a postal worker who has a grudge against the Department of Motorist extortion may discard the mail.

When you receive an actual ticket from a police officer, they ask you to sign it for a reason.

Additionally, no law stipulates how often or whether at all people must check their mail. As such, the burden of proof rests on the ticket issuer to demonstrate that you received and were aware of the ticket before they can take any action.


Many people don’t contest red light camera tickets in Nassau County, perhaps, that would be enough to get rid of these Orwellian devices.

2. Fight the ticket

Traditionally, if you want to challenge a red light camera violation, you have two options. First, you can complete and mail the coupon at the bottom of the liability notice you received to request an administrative adjudication hearing with the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA). You have to ensure that you send your request by the due date indicated on the notice. Once the TPVA receives your request, they’ll notify you of the hearing’s date, time, and location, which will require your presence in person.

3. Make a claim with evidence

a. Your license plate was stolen

If you claim that either your vehicle or license plate was stolen, or that the ticket was issued to the driver by a police officer, you have the option of completing an affidavit of non-responsibility. You’ll also need to attach either a certified copy of the police report or a copy of the ticket. Once the Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA) receives your affidavit and supporting documentation, they’ll review it and take one of two actions. They may dismiss the violation, or schedule an administrative hearing. You’ll be notified in writing of any decision made by the TPVA.

To download an affidavit of non-responsibility, visit the Violation Info website. You’ll need to provide the notice and PIN numbers that are printed on the front of the notice you received. Once you’ve downloaded the affidavit, you’ll need to complete it, sign it, and have it notarized. After that, mail the affidavit, along with all the required supporting documentation, to the following address:

  • Nassau County TPVA
  • Red Light Camera Division
  • P.O. Box 59995
  • Phoenix, AZ 85076-9995

Ensure that the affidavit is received by the deadline specified on the front of the notice. You can also contact customer service toll-free at 1-866-790-4111 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST.

b. A car was speeding toward you

If you saw a car speeding toward you in your rear-view mirror, driving through a yellow or red light might have been a reasonable decision in some situations. For example, if the car behind you drove too fast and may not be able to stop in time, and there are no other vehicles or pedestrians in the intersection.

You can use the fact that a car was speeding towards you in the rear-view mirror as an argument to contest a red light ticket. You then decided to drive through the intersection for the safety of everyone in the area, potentially preventing an accident.

You can’t simply claim that there was a speeding car behind you without any proof to support your assertion. If the court decides to investigate your claim and finds no evidence to support it, you may not be able to beat red light camera ticket in Nassau County. While the red light camera itself may offer proof, it’s a good idea to keep any footage from your rear-view camera or other security devices that might help you fight the charge.

However, if you save such footage, ensure that it’s labeled and dated correctly so that you can present the right evidence in court. Footage typically has a timestamp included.

c. You moved for an emergency vehicle

There may be situations where it’s necessary to drive through a red light to clear an intersection for an oncoming emergency vehicle. Emergency vehicles can force lights to turn red or stay red, leaving you with no other option but to drive through a red light if you can’t clear the intersection in time.

However, it’s crucial to have evidence to support your decision to drive through the red light. While the county might have some evidence that supports your claim in their records, you shouldn’t rely on it. Having footage from your driving or car security cameras can help prove that you were trying to make way for an emergency vehicle.

d. You avoided hazard

There may be instances where road hazards necessitate driving through a red light. However, it’s crucial to assess the risk’s severity before making a decision.

For example, if there’s a fire near your vehicle, a riot breaking out on or near the road, or severe flooding beneath your car, you may need to drive through a red light to reach a safer section of the street. Make sure that the intersection is clear and drive cautiously while attempting to avoid the hazard.

If possible, present proof of the hazard. It’s slightly more likely that Nassau County will have evidence to support your claim, and it may be easier to find and obtain this evidence for use in your defense.

e. Medical emergency

Certain driving regulations can be suspended in a medical emergency, including speed limits and even red lights. If you’re driving responsibly, have full control of the vehicle, and don’t enter a crowded intersection during a red light, you may be able to contest the ticket.

It’s advisable to call emergency services and inform them of your whereabouts and the medical emergency in the car, either by you or a passenger. Depending on the circumstances, emergency services may instruct you to pull over and send an ambulance, or they may dispatch a police escort to assist in keeping the streets clear.

Medical documentation from a doctor can also be used to support a medical emergency claim. However, only certain medical conditions qualify as emergencies for driving purposes, so it’s essential to ensure that you have a genuine emergency before driving like it or using it as a defense for fighting Nassau red light camera tickets.

4. Pass the blame to another vehicle

If there’s another vehicle in the red light camera picture with you, you can use it to contest the ticket on various grounds. Firstly, the presence of another vehicle in the picture might demonstrate that the traffic signals are poorly or dangerously timed, making it impossible to clear the intersection quickly enough.

Another vehicle in the picture can help establish that the camera was not functional at the time and took a photograph when the light was green or yellow.

Moreover, the presence of another vehicle in the picture with you can provide evidence that you were attempting to evade a hazard or that you drove through the red light because it wasn’t safe to stop at the time.

5. Question the condition of the red light camera

Focus less on the situation and more on ensuring that the ticket was issued appropriately. You can request evidence that the camera was operational, especially if you believe that the camera flashed when the traffic signal was green.

If the county can’t provide evidence that the red light camera was functional precisely at the time of the ticket, the ticket (along with the fine) may be dismissed.

6. Prove that it is a rental car company

If you’re representing a rental car company, then the ticket is not for you but for the driver. You no longer need to beat red light camera ticket in Nassau County but to prove that you were not the driver.

Send a copy of the rental lease that identifies the driver within 30 days of the issue date. Include a copy of the notice you received and mail these documents to the following address:

  • Nassau County TPVA
  • Red Light Camera Division
  • P.O. Box 59995
  • Phoenix, AZ 85076-9995

What happens if you don t pay a Nassau County red light ticket?

The worst-case scenario entails either getting your vehicle immobilized or being unable to renew its registration. While they can place a lien on your vehicle, it’s uncommon and reserved for serious offenders who have accrued significant red-light fines.

If you opt not to pay for the Nassau red light ticket, you may dodge the boot, but there’s still the chance of being caught by a police officer with a scanner on their cruiser, indicating that your registration is invalid.

To avoid the hassle, it’s best to pay the fine or contest it if you have sufficient evidence.

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