How to Make Number Plates Invisible to Cameras

There are many products you can use to obscure your license plate in the market. In this regard, this article exposes how to make number plates invisible to cameras.

how to make number plates invisible to cameras

This article is purely for educational purposes, and the author and editor(s) are against blocking your plates from cameras designed to cite or tax you lawfully.

If you obscure your license plate, you avoid camera-based citations. Note that it is illegal in every state to obscure your motorcycle or car license plate while on the road.

There is no perfect way to block road cameras from capturing your license plate, except you can go fast enough to beat the camera. Although speeding can obscure your number plates, you wouldn’t want to go over 200 mph, especially on a busy roadway.

How to Make Number Plates Invisible to Cameras

In this section, you will learn to make your license plate unscannable. Again, it is illegal, and we’re not responsible for the outcome of how you use this educational piece on how to trick toll cameras. Many solutions are available that allow you to obscure your license plate in such a way that prevents road cameras from view your it. Below are the ways regarding how to make number plates invisible to cameras:

  1. A Reflective Tape

A reflective tape can make a number plate invisible to a camera. You only need reflective tape applied to the license plate.

A reflective tape works mainly for roadside photo-radar with cameras using high-intensity flash to tag your plate and, perhaps, speed.

  • Get a reflective tape. You can purchase a reflective tape online.
  • Apply it on the number plate. When you apply reflective tape to a license plate, you can choose to cover either the registration number or the part of the plates without it. For instance, if your plate is white, then you apply the tape on the white areas only.

When the camera flash shoots, it illuminates the number plate, and the camera settings are fast enough to freeze the plate image. However, because of the reflective tape, the camera sensors will bleed or blur light around the plate identification letters and numbers, making them unreadable. The captured license plate will show up as a fuzzy white rectangle due to the tape reflection.

  1. Installing a Bike Rack

You can use a bike rack to make your rear number plate invisible to cameras. Some pickup trucks and SUVs use a towing attachment for attaching a bicycle. Some racks on a car are also capable of towing motorcycles.

  • Install a rack. First, install a bike rack on your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is capable of the bike you would be towing. You can refer to the user’s manual for your vehicle towing capacity.
How do I make my number plate invisible to camera
Bike Rack Obscures Plate Number
  • Block the license plate. Attach the rack in a way that blocks the number plate, making it invisible to road cameras.

Unfortunately, obscuring your license plate with a bike rack can land you a fine. Kevin Eklund has warned against blocking a license plate using a rear bike rack because it may land you in a $155 fine, depending on your state laws.

Meanwhile, the lawful way to attach your bike rack is to ensure that the license plate remains visible. See the image below:

Anti flash number plates
Legal bike rack

You do not want the police pulling you over, and perhaps, accusing you of evading tolls and speed tickets with an invisible number plate.


You can install some sort of controller in your vehicle that shifts the rack up and down to reveal or obscure the number plate whenever you approach a camera. Make sure to know what vehicle is following you behind. You may not want to use your controller when a coup vehicle follows you.

  1. Using a PhotoBlocker Spray

You can use a photo blocker spray to cover your license plate from being detected by cameras on the road. Unfortunately, using a photo blocker spray of any kind is illegal in any state that uses road cameras to check violations or tolls.

California, for example, has a law that makes it illegal to use PhotoBlocker, PhotoSpray, or related product, which makes it difficult to capture a license plate. No photo blocker product must be applied on your plates to avoid obscuring them.

Suppose you spray PhotoBlocker or related product on your license plate, and a camera snapped a photo of it that has a glare. The number plate will be somewhat unreadable, and the company can fine you if they have proof that the glare on the plate is caused by a PhotoBlocker and not their photo equipment.

Does PhotoBlocker or stopper really work? Check out this video:

Also, the product manufacturer claims that you have to go faster to prevent the camera from shooting your license plate with any trace of your identification number.

Why you may not need a photo blocker to conceal your license plate from cameras:

  • Using a photo blocker spray is illegal.
  • The effectiveness of a photo blocker spray is not guaranteed.
  • The camera administrators might still be able to capture your whole plate numbers by reducing the motion frames if they have video support.
  • Some drivers can pull you over to question your dishonesty.
  • A cop car may be following you behind.
  • Eventually, your license plate becomes discolored due to the use of a photo blocker spray.

Using a photo blocker may not be effective, but it still works to keep your number plates unreadable. It does not also obscure the full license. In the embedded video above, you will see that the spray only covers part of the number plate.

  1. Fresnel Lens

You can use a Fresnel lens to make your number plates invisible to cameras. If you use a Fresnel lens, your number plate is visible when viewed straight on.

How do you blackout license plates in photos

However, the Fresnel lens obscures the number plate when viewed from a high angle, such as where a camera is typically located.

The video above shows how Fresnel lens can be effective when used on a license plate.

  1. Using Infrared LEDs

You can avoid being slapped with a fine in the mail by using infrared LEDs. Infrared LEDs on a license plate can shield it from speed cams and red light cams.

Infrared LEDs will not jam radars, but it can make it difficult for cameras to capture pictures of the number plate identification.

Unfortunately, infrared LEDs mostly work when the camera does not use flash. How does infrared LED work to make your plate invisible? When the camera takes the picture, the LED flashes back, which blinds the camera and overexposes the photograph to glare.

  1. Spraying Clear-Coat High-Gloss Reflective Substance

You can prevent cameras from capturing your number plate by using a clear-coat high-gloss reflective substance. Suppose you take a picture of a street sign. You will notice that the image will be washed out of the sign. Most road signs use highly reflective gloss paint to reflect light as much as possible.

If you spray the clear-coat high-gloss reflective substance on your license plate, it stops the camera from taking pictures with flash.

How to make your license plate unscannable
Look at the plates

In the first picture above, the camera captured the picture excellently. However, in the second picture, the clear-coat high-gloss reflective increases the contrast, causing excessive light on the license plate to cover the registration numbers.

If you use a special coating, it does not guarantee that you can get away with making your license plate invisible. Suppose the camera administrator hits a simple negative image filter. The license plate registration number will become visible enough for them to catch you.

  1. Grease Up Your License Plates

One of the ways regarding how you can make your license plate invisible to cameras is to make it dirty or grease it up. Of course, it is illegal to drive around with a dirty number plate. In NZ, you will get a ticket for a dirty number plate. Moreover, police are cracking down on drivers with dirty number plates on their vehicles and are dishing out hefty fines.

How to make license plate reflective

Some truckers design fake grease leaks on their vehicles, causing the grease to flow over the number plate. When they pass cameras, the registration number becomes invisible.

Final Thoughts

Since the inception of road cameras, the government changed the rules to prevent people from getting away with payments. For example, using any form of obstruction of a license plate is no longer allowed as road users can get away with offenses or tolls.

No pictures mean no tolls or citations, and when you get your vehicle through cameras with concealed registration plates, you deny the government money. Do not also use a fake license plate. If you drive past an ANPR-equipped police car, the police will be notified, and they will pull you over. Of course, they will fine you for using fake number plates.

Making your number plate invisible is smart until you get caught.

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