Can I Get a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle?

Do you need a motorcycle license but have no motorcycle? I have been in the same position, though. First, I learned to ride a motorcycle and completed the course for 2 and 4 wheelers. If you completed a riding course recently, you might not need another one.

Can I Get a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle

After the training course for my first ever motorbike, I had my licensed cousin ride it from the training center to the license registration department. Of course, I obtained my license even with no motorcycle in my name.


Before reading further, find out whether you can register your motorcycle without a license.

Can I Get a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle?

You can get a motorcycle license without a motorcycle. Depending on your state, however, the process can take between 1 and 3 months to complete. First, apply for a learner’s license if you don’t already know how to ride a motorcycle. You may wait up to a month for the exam slot.


You may also have to wait at least one month from the date you obtained the learner’s license before you apply for a permanent motorcycle license.

When you complete the motorcycle riding test, you will receive the permanent license via post within 20-25 days.

Do not ride the motorcycle without a license. If you must take your motorcycle home with no license, request a friend, neighbor, or relative with a motorcycle license to ride it home. You can also tow the motorbike if you find no licensed motorcyclist.

Meanwhile, find out whether you can ride a motorcycle with a car license.


How to Get a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle

To get a motorcycle license without a motorcycle depends on your state. Typically, you can rent or borrow a motorcycle to request a license. Moreover, a riding course provider can let you use their motorbike to obtain a permanent license or permit.

Due to statutory delays, you may receive your license within weeks or months from the application date.

Getting a Motorcycle License without Motorcycle in New Jersey

New Jersey allows you to use a motorcycle that is not yours. You can rent a scooter for the riding test, and it will be transported to the DMV for a fee.

Getting Motorcycle License without a Motorcycle in New York

In New York, you can take an MSF Basic RiderCourse that allows you to reach a fully endorsed riding experience within 2 days. The prerequisite, however, is that you must have a vehicle license (some states do not require an MC permit) and can ride a bicycle.

Getting a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle in Nevada?

When I moved to Nevada some time ago, I forgot my motorcycle license, so I needed a new one. First, I looked up the local community college’s website for the MSF Basic RiderCourse.

I signed up for the riding course of $225 and went for the class on a Friday afternoon. There was a mix of practical application and classroom instruction over the weekend, and I was given a Rebel 250 for the practical application.

I completed the course on Sunday and received the MSF BRC completion card. The following Monday, I visited the DMV and requested the motorcycle endorsement added to my license for $47.25.

Getting a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle in California

In California, many companies cater to unlicensed rider. They rent out motorcycles for the test and coach you through the mock test to answer the rider test questions.

The DMV may take action against your driving privilege or the driving privilege of anyone who assists you in cheating during the examination process.

If you are purchasing a motorcycle, you can have the dealership take it to your home. Take the riding examinations in California without the motorcycle, but it must be insured. Make sure to practice for the exam.

Should You Ride a Motorcycle Without a License?

No. If your previous motorcycle license lapsed, tow the motorcycle in a van. You may also request the seller to deliver the motorbike to your home or ask a licensed motorcyclist to ride it home. If you have no insurance coverage, nobody should ride on it.

Final Thoughts

If your country uses a tiered licensing system and your motorcycle is of larger displacement, you can learn to ride and wait to get the bigger motorbike.

Sincerely, you do not need a license to operate a motorcycle in many states. And you do not also need a license to purchase a motorcycle.

All you need is money; you can plop down the cash or sign a piece of paper (plus your proof of insurance) at a morally ambivalent dealership to get the delivery of your motorcycle (if any) the same day.

If you have no money for the license, you can always convince mom to say yes.

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