Can I Wash My Motorcycle with Dish Soap?

Can I wash my motorcycle with dish soap? Dish soaps are typically harsh and leave behind powder-like residues with properties that can cause scratches on the motorcycle paint.

Can I wash my motorcycle with dish soap

The residue from a dish soap can also mess with the sockets and bike switches by jamming them. And to get rid of it, you’d require an additional and thorough wash.

Moreover, dish soap makes a motorcycle lose its shine and the paint protection layer wears faster. Except you are willing to have paint jobs often, a dishwasher is not ideal.

Can I Wash My Motorcycle with Dish Soap?

You can wash your motorcycle with dish soap, but it will affect the motorcycle paint and seat leather. Even the tank is exposed to faster rust, which you wouldn’t want on your bike. Nonetheless, washing a motorcycle with dish soap or dawn is okay, but you must not make it a habit. Instead of washing your motorbike with dish soap, use car wash liquids to retain the gloss and shine on the motorcycle. Alkaline soaps are harsher, so if the dish soap is non-alkaline, it has mild soda.

Can I wash my motorcycle with dish soap

If you’ve used dish soap on your motorcycle already, ensure to apply paint protection wax or liquid paint protection.

When washing your motorbike with dish soap, make sure not to wash the seat leather. Also, keep the water from entering the exhaust. You can cover the seat(s) with tarpuline or any waterproof material while washing. Besides, it’s not also advisable to wash your leather seat with motorcycle washer to protect it from tearing faster.

Can you clean a motorcycle chain with soap and water?

Yes, you can use dish soap and water to clean a motorcycle chain if you have no cleaning alternative. Do not make it a habit. After cleaning your motorbike chain with soap and water, rinse it well and dry it completely. Finally, apply lube. Dish soap will not cut through the efficiently, though.

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Dish soaps are formulated to allow you to immerse hands and forearms frequently. A motorbike degreaser would be harmful when immersing your hand and forearm regularly.
Diesel fuel can also clean the motorcycle chain efficiently if it is heavily greased and filled with dirt.

Author’s Verdict

The recommended practice for washing a motorcycle is the use of mild shampoo or car/vehicle wash. Unlike a dish soap, specially-designed motorcycle wash soaps are not harsh on the motorcycle paint and leave no residue that affects the color.

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