How to Lift a Motorcycle Without a Jack

This publication explains how to lift a motorcycle without a jack. It appears you have no challenge lifting it in the absence of a jack. Nonetheless, you’ll need firm support to keep the motorcycle above the ground for a few hours.

How to lift a motorcycle without a jack


Lifting heavy weights wrongly could cause severe injuries, of course except you’re a veteran weightlifter with pillars, in place of limbs.

Moreover, makeshift plans could be dangerous if there’s no jack to stabilize the motorcycle. A little mistake could lead to an out-of-balance bike. Of course, you don’t want to get toppled over by a heavy two-wheeler.


Additionally, most newer bikes don’t have a center stand—Twisted Throttle, making the task more challenging. You can lift the motorcycle without a jack. There are easier means of doing this, even with a DIY jack.

Can you lift a motorcycle if you have no jack?

Your bike needs a stable and flat top at the center for its balance as placing it over an irregular surface could make it fall.

Using the motorcycle lift table is an excellent option. However, you need a space in the garage and the right budget for that.

Most times, people lift bikes because they want to replace the tires. They might need to replace sprockets, the seals, or the bearings. Additionally, you might need to raise the bike to lubricate and clean its chain.


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You’d pay less at a repair shop if you only bring your tires to them, rather than the whole bike. But it’s even preferable to loosen the axle nut when the motorcycle is on the ground. Doing so lets you put in much more force than you would if you lifted it.

The best thing to do if your motorcycle is set on a dolly is to bring it to the floor before lifting.

How to lift a motorcycle without a jack

Below are some ways to lift a motorcycle without a jack:

1. Use stands

If you want to lift a bike or a dirt bike without a jack, an excellent way to do that is by using a static-style stand. Static-style stands are cheaper and have rubber padding atop them. The four-legged structure is basic and doesn’t have any moveable parts.

You only need to lift the bike and place the frame center on the stand. While lifting, ensure to support the bike’s weight on your laps to reduce the stress on your lower back.

A lift-type stand is useful when you have heavier models. These stands have a pedal attached to a linkage, and stepping on the pedal allows you easily raise the motorcycle.

If you have a sportbike, it’d most likely have swing-arms spools behind it. Lifting the motorcycle’s rear off the floor is achievable by connecting it with a swing arm spool stand.

Ensure to select the appropriate stool, depending on your bike’s make and model. Since these motorcycles are relatively affordable, spool stands are an excellent possession if you like going the DIY way.

Many motorcycle owners give away bike problems connected to the front brakes, forks, and front wheels to mechanics. That’s why most riders may not need a front-wheel stand.

You may also use a forklift stand in lifting the front of the motorcycle. They’d usually place the stands beneath the fork legs.

Asides from that, using a forklift stand is also helpful. This stand operates with a pin you’ll find fitted beneath the steering stem. Therefore, ensure you select a stand on the right pin’s size.

2. Use a set of stacked boards

If you don’t have stands to lift your motorcycle without a jack, consider using a set of boards well stacked. Typically, you’ll need someone to assist you to do this.

As the first person lifts the bike’s rear, slide the boards beneath the engine block until you raise the rear wheel above the floor. You could also use extra tie-down straps to lift the bike’s front end.

And if you would love to exercise a bit more, create a makeshift jack with some wooden blocks—if you’ve got some spare time on your hands. Although this isn’t the finest of arrangements, the method is simple and practical if you don’t have a jack for lifting.

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You want to get innovative if you have no wooden pieces or boards around. Note that these aren’t the safest means of lifting a bike, but they can help when it becomes urgent.


It’s also crucial to prioritize your safety when using any of these techniques without a jack. Ensure to use a hard even surface such as concrete. Also, you want to lower the bike down when it is getting unstable.

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