How to lie to your parents about where you are spending the night

It’s okay to want to attend events like concerts, parties, or even visit your boyfriend or girlfriend without your parents being aware. Moreover, a lie to your parents about where you are spending the night will only be unreasonable if you’re out to do alcohol or anything that can affect you. Nevertheless, it helps to request their permission to avoid unnecessary questioning or a straight-out denial. But if you have to hide where you’re going from them, you want to be discreet about your plans. Most importantly, you must pay attention to the timing of your communication with them and provide only enough details to reduce suspicion.

How to lie to your parents about where you are spending the night

Since you don’t find it reasonable to tell your parents the truth about where you are spending the night, do the following:


1. Be honest as much as possible

Honesty makes you feel better and minimizes the likelihood of getting caught lying your parents. For instance, if you are meeting with a friend, you want to discuss that plan with your parents. If you have other activities you prefer to hide from them, go ahead with them on your way to or from the meeting. A new study covered on the Inc blog suggests that “honesty might be way more enjoyable than you expect.”

Just don’t get caught. Ensure that your hidden location is within 20 minutes of proximity to your expected location. Don’t go if the destination will take you too far away from home, which will leave you with lots of explanations to give your parents.


2. Turn off location services

Turn off location services on your cell phone and disable location settings immediately after you exit the house. Perhaps, your parents may have installed a tracker without informing you. This BBC story explains how family-tracking apps are becoming increasingly popular over the past decade or so. Don’t get it wrong: your parent’s natural instinct is to protect you.

3. Be careful where you answer your phone

If your parents call, and there is background noise, you don’t want to answer that phone. In fact, here are some excuses I compiled for people who don’t want to answer their phone. If possible, redirect your parents’ call to voicemail to avoid revealing your whereabouts.

After the ringing, just text them right away to let them know that you are safe. They may ask why you did not answer your phone. Just say your file download would cancel if you answered their call.

But your excuse is not enough—consider leaving the noisy place—call your parents back. At least, they’ve heard your voice and would be less bothered now. You can try to answer the call in the restroom or a quiet hallway.


4. Have your freshening stuff handy

Keep your freshening products handy, they could be in your car if you have one. You need to freshen to look good before returning home. Keep extra clothing, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, and perhaps some cosmetics with you. You also need a pair of pants and a sweatshirt to change into. This will help if want to go dancing in an attire that your parents wouldn’t approve of. So, when returning home, you can hide inappropriate clothing in your bag or backpack.

5. Social media is not your friend

Be cautious when using social media. Even if you follow all the necessary steps, a friend’s careless Facebook post could reveal your lies. Make sure your buddies do not include you in their check-ins or images.

You also want to be careful not to share location-related information you do not want to share with your family. Other family members or family friends may come across the posts and sometimes get across to your parents about it. If you need to post your story, create a private friends list that excludes your family members. For instance, if you want to post a WhatsApp or Facebook story, you can exclude all your family members so that only your friends can view the post.

How to assure your parents that you’re safe

While out there after lying to your parents about spending the night, you want them reassured that you are safe. Consider the ti9s below:

Reevaluate the lie

Consider keeping the lie concise and simple. Whatever your story, you want it to hold up if your parents decide to conduct any research.

Let’s say you’re lying about a project you need a friend’s assistant to complete together. Be sure that there’s indeed some school work you’d present if your parents ask about it.

Most importantly, don’t claim to be staying with particular friends if your parents have their contact information.

Prove to them you can travel safely

Show your parents that you can travel safely, whether it’s with your car or a ride-sharing app. However, if your friend is picking you up, ask them to meet you at the end of your block or at school instead of meeting you at your home.

If your parents would be driving you, ask them to drop you off at a friend’s house or somewhere close to the location you wish to go. You can then be picked up there or just walk to your preferred destination. Consider taking a taxi, an Uber, or a Lyft, or use the public transportation system.

Display your ability to make wise decisions

While some parents may be strict, other times they only want to see that you are a responsible adult. Adhere to your curfew, finish your chores on time, achieve good grades, and introduce your parents to your friends to earn your parents’ trust.

Also, you could discuss specific personal matters with your parents, such as a boy or girl you like or a conflict you’re having with a friend to help develop their trust, foster intimacy and persuade your parents to grant you more freedom.

When introducing your friend, be cautious. If you know your parents won’t like them, make it impossible for them to meet in the first place. Alternatively, have your friend put in their best behavior before your parents.

Call your parents often

Frequently call your parents to reassure them. When you arrive at the place, take out some time in a quiet area to call your parents and let them know you’ve arrived and everything is OK. This should eliminate their concerns and foster trust. Inform them that you’ll phone them when you get home as well. Refrain from calling your parents when the place is noisy. As mentioned earlier, you don’t also want to answer their call if your phone rings while the party or gathering is ongoing.

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Do have in mind that even if your parents’ restrictions may seem harsh, they mean no harm to you. They only mean to protect you. So, try to comprehend the rationale behind your parents’ decision, and if you can, respect them.

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