Excuses for Stealing Money from Parents

You need excuses for stealing money from parents. Let me share a short story with you.

Growing up, I used to steal my parent’s money, and that makes me a thief, whether I’m stealing the money from my parents or not. Of course, it’s OK to call me a thief.


As a teenager aged 17, I had various ways of making money to fund my pocket, including gifts for excellent performance at school, KFC’s paycheck, and other incentives. However, when my parents give me money, I only get 15%, while the remaining 85% goes to my bank account. For example, if my parents give me $100, I get $15 only.

excuses for stealing money from parents
Stealing from Parents’ Bag

I loved video games, and the GTA and Counter Strike series are my favorites, especially the online mode. My parents didn’t quite welcome the idea of gaming, and before they opened my bank account, I budgeted several dollars for collections of video games, amounting to $65 monthly.


I persuaded my parents to buy a game using their card, but they refused, despite asking them to take it from my money.

I also asked my parents to get a card in my name, and they refused too. I lost hope of getting video games monthly, considering that no pay-safe cards in my town virtually and the high-priced collections of the local gaming stores.

One day, I played around on Steam and came across a cheap cosmetic item on Dota 2 that costs 9 cents. I added the cosmetic item to the cart and checkout with my PayPal account with 0 balance. I inspected the PayPal account and found that the debit card I used to order Nike sneakers a long time ago is still connected to the account.

I thought of utilizing my monthly budget of $65, but I was reluctant at the first attempt. However, after purchasing the cheap CS GO skins, the subsequent purchases became higher. I felt my parents would unleash their wrath, but I didn’t stop buying from the account.


I tried to use my bank account at least, but it was secured, so I continued with the account connected to PayPal.

After 9 months, I had spent close to $400, and my parents were not on to me. It feels guilty that you are stealing money at home from my parents by using their cards without permission. Eventually, the bank notified my parents of the Steam-only purchases, so they thought the account details had been compromised.

I could not hold it any longer, I informed my dad, and he reacted violently as expected.

Is it normal to steal money from your parents

I didn’t tell mom immediately because stealing money from my parents is dishonest and devilish.

Though I dislike thieves, I was a thief.

Good Excuses for Stealing Money from Parents

I would not advise you to make up funny excuses to steal from your parents because it is not justifiable. However, you could do with a few reasons if you couldn’t help stealing the money.

Below are the excuses for stealing money from parents:

  1. I felt abandoned, so I stole the money.

Do you feel abandoned by your parents financially? If your parents don’t give you money, you do not have to steal it from them, but it is one of the best excuses for stealing money from parents.

  1. I needed money so badly.

If you needed money for a one-time opportunity, tell your parents you feared you might never have the chance.

  1. I will replace the money before my parents find out.

Can you replace your parent’s money before they find out? It would be more like borrowing from their wallet without informing them, which is not okay.

  1. My parents store money away from me.

When parents store money from you, they try to keep you from an extravagant lifestyle. It can, however, be an excuse to steal their money.

  1. The money belonged to me.

If your parents save your paycheck to an account you can’t access, it can be an excuse for stealing money from them.

  1. I didn’t realize it is so wrong.

It is typical for people not to know the repercussions of something. Explain to your parents that you did not realize that stealing their money is wrong. Say, “I’m sorry.”

  1. I needed to help a friend urgently.

You can lie or be sincere about helping a friend urgently with the money. You can tell your parents that your friend needed some money to get a motorcycle license though he has no motorcycle yet.

  1. I plan to tell my parents about the money later.

When stealing your parent’s money, and you are going to tell them about it immediately, it is OK. Make sure the money is for a reasonable cause, and expect your parents to react harshly too.

  1. Recovering Item from Impound

If your item gets impounded, it makes a perfect excuse to steal money from your parents. For example, you can tell your parents that you took the cash to get your dirt bike out of impound. Explain to them that it was necessary to recover the item because the longer it remains with the lot, the more the recovery fee because the storage fee adds up daily.

Is it normal to steal money from your parents?

No, it is not normal to steal money from your parents. You will lose their trust, and they may become stricter when dealing with you. No matter the condition, never steal from parents, talk to them to give some money to you, or enroll in a program you can earn money from. Meanwhile, you should see the tricks to convince mom to say yes.

Stole money from parents bank account

Can you go to jail for stealing money from your parents?

Yes, theft is theft, and you can go to jail for stealing money from your parents. You also risk having a criminal record, which is bad for your social life. Besides, it is ethically wrong and labeled stealing or theft when you steal from your family.

How to Stop It is considered ethically “wrong,” and is labeled stealing or theft Money from My Parents

If you are willing to retain your parent’s trust, below are the tips to stop stealing money from your parents:

Request Money from Parents

Instead of stealing your parents’ money, explain to them that you need money. If they do not grant your request, it means it isn’t reasonable enough.

Get Busy When the Feeling Arrives

Remember the saying that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. If you are alone at home and feeling like stealing your parents’ money, get yourself busy. You could walk a dog, sneak up on a cat, etc.

Talk to Someone

You do not need to talk to a counselor or a therapist necessarily. You can talk to a faceless person online or share your feelings with a responsible adult.

Remind Yourself of the Repercussions

Stealing from your parents comes with repercussions, including losing parents’ trust, risking a jail term, and keeping a criminal record.

Get a Job

The best tip I can give you to avoid stealing money from your parents is to get a job. You can mow lawns, walk dogs, clean houses, deliver packages, or take on any online earning opportunities such as freelance writing, surveying, graphic design, voiceovers, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you need something you cannot afford, do not think of it until you gather enough money. Write to your relatives to ask for small sums of money to add up to the amount you need. For example, if you need $100, write various relatives asking for contributions. If 10 relatives give $10 each, that makes $100.

If you do not stay with your parents, but they call to inform you of the stolen money, you might not want to answer the phone. See some excuses for not answering your phone.

Meanwhile, learn the tips to get your little brother to shut up.

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  1. Okay, but it was pretty ridiculous for your parents to ban you from spending your own money. We all know that $15 isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. What would have been reasonable is if they put half of your paycheck into the bank, and then gave you the other half to freely spend what you choose on.

    I call these parents authoritarian parents, and the way they reacted to you when you were flat out honest with them was downright atrocious. If I knew they would have reacted that way to me, I frankly wouldn’t have told them at all. If they did, however, find out on their own that I had “stolen” the money, I would tell them that it was my mistake and thought I was spending my own money, but that I would replace it immediately with my own and that they could freely take it from my account whenever they needed to.

    In all honesty, your parents had it coming. Sometimes you need to let kids be kids, they most certainly WERE NOT allowing you to be a child. We are not an extension of our parent’s personalities, we are our own persons with our own interests and passions, and sometimes we need to do what is necessary in order to pursue those.

    You didn’t steal a darn thing. If you could easily replace the money you took from their account because they, again, WERE NOT allowing you to spend your own money, then it’s not stealing. This was a perfect opportunity from them to learn a lesson on proper parenting, and what works and what fails. Given their reaction when you were being honest, I would have taken more if they were too stupid to notice themselves in the beginning.

  2. Hi,
    Trust me, if you inform your sister before she finds out, it’ll be easier for her to forgive you, and then you wouldn’t have to be afraid of the cameras.

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