How to Make a Fake Bill of Sale [Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle]

Do you want to create a fake bill of sale for a prank or something? I will show you just how to make a fake bill of sale that works. Note that a fake bill of sale is illegal and indicates a fraudulent transaction. So, limit it to a prank only.

how to make a fake bill of sale

Once, I have been issued a fake motorcycle bill of sale. I bought a used motorcycle off Craigslist but discovered it does not belong to the seller.


Eventually, the seller went with the original owner to the registration office to sign the papers, including the bill of sale, in my name without permission.

However, it turned out the motorcycle vehicle had issues, so I reported signature forgery to the motor vehicle department. Next, I informed the seller that I want to return the motorcycle and get a refund.


Unfortunately, I could not prove that I did not make the signature since the seller and original owner denied it.

So, a fake bill of sale works just like the original; even thieves write counterfeit bills of sale to unsuspecting buyers.

What is a Fake Bill of Sale?

A fake bill of sale is a legit-looking document written when transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer. It contains information about the transaction, including buyer details, seller details, signatures, date, and type of motor vehicle, such as motorcycle, etc., but the data is fake.

Fake motorcycle bill of sale

Fake bills of sales come in different forms but are often similar. You can use it as a receipt to show ownership of a motor vehicle. Most of the time, the motor vehicle department expects you to notarize the bill of sale for credibility.


What should a fake bill of sale look like?

A fake bill of sale contains fake information, including forged signatures, phony seller name/address, fake odometer disclosure, and fake VIN (usually switched VIN). Like an original, a fake bill of sale can be notarized. A criminal uses this document when selling a stolen motorcycle, and a buyer can’t tell when a bill of sale is fake.

What makes a bill of sale fake is when the motor vehicle in question, such as a motorcycle, was stolen and legalized. When a seller enters a fake signature or even signs the buyer’s signature without permission, the bill of sale is fake. Also, when a buyer writes a fake purchase price of the motor vehicle to deceive the motor vehicle department and pay lesser sales tax, it is a fake bill of sale and fraudulent.

How to Make a Fake Bill of Sale

In this section, I have revealed a private seller or dealer can write a fake bill of sale.

Below are the steps regarding how to make a fake bill of sale:

  1. Visit a Preferred Site

You can visit any site to get the bill fake bill of sale template, but I create my bill of sale via Plus, it’s free.

I have also created a section listing other reputable sites to download the sale bill for a transaction.

  1. Create Your Bill of Sale

If you are using, go to Select “Vehicle Bill of Sale” under “What is this Bill of Sale for”. Now, click Create My Document

On the new page, fill in the seller information. You can use fake information since you’re making a fake bill of sale for a prank.

Follow the steps below:

  • Is there an additional seller?” Select NO if you’re dealing with one private seller or dealer.
  • On the next page, provide the buyer details, including name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.
  • Is there an additional buyer?” Select NO if you’re buying to register it in your name or the name of another person.
  • What’s the vehicle being sold?” On this page, provide a description of your motorcycle or vehicle, including make, model, year, body type, VIN, and odometer mileage.
  • Is the odometer accurate?” Before you select Yes, inspect the odometer thoroughly.
  • Enter the fake motorcycle or vehicle price. If you intend to deceive the motor vehicle department, it is not recommended.
  • Select whether there’s a warranty.
  • Enter the date the buyer will receive the motorcycle.
  1. Download Your Document

The next step is to sign up and download the document as a PDF or Docx.

So, click Sign Up and download the bill of sale with fake information. I signed up there and later unsubscribed to prevent them from sending emails to me, although they do not spam.

If you don’t want to sign up, read further because I’ve mentioned resources that provide the bill of sale without signing up – both free and paid.

Note: Since you are writing a fake bill of sale, the information you enter in the required fields must correspond with the fake data you have.

Where to order a bill of sale online

You could also get a bill of sale form delivered to your doorstep for your business or one-time use. Below are two high-quality bills of sale I recommend you buy instead of faking one yourself:

a. Adams Bill of Sale Forms

After doing away with your motorcycle, you need this reliable vehicle bill of sale to legally and safely sell and transfer ownership to the new owner. You can also use it as a prank to make friends think you just bought a car or a motorcycle.

This Adams bill of sale form asks for all information the DMV requires for a buyer to register any purchased car or other motor vehicles, including boats and trailers.

The reason I prefer this to the free forms available online/internet is that most of them require a sign-in or membership and I wasn’t interested. However, ordering this Adams form (although not free) is less of a hassle.

The only downside (which is not a big deal) is that all the information on the form could have fit on a single sheet rather than being double-sided. It feels a little hard to make a carbon copy for both the buyer and seller when you have to flip and realign the sheets. Otherwise, a perfect buy for your business, or for pranks (for those who intend to fake buying a car or motorcycle).

Buy Now

b. Next Day Labels Store Used Vehicle Automotive Bill of Sale

To be honest with you with your interest in mind, this is the best bill of sale to buy now before the price goes up. Shipping is fast too and the Next Day Labels Store offers this form as a 2 Part NCR (White, Canary). It comes printed with Terms and Conditions (that adhere to the US standard) right on the back.

This bill of sale form has everything and is designed for use when you’re selling a new or used vehicle.

What I really like about it is how the buyer’s orders are laid out and how the paperwork is generally user-friendly. It comes with a convenient, blank space at the top where you can enter your shop’s information.

The price is “great” and I’ve used them severally to retail used car sales in CA. It’s also “carbon copied”.

Buy Now

Where to Download Fake Bill of Sale Template Online

Below are the places to download your bill of sale and write it with fake details:

  1. eForms

I have used eForms for making several bills of sale. You can also enter the wrong info when creating the bill of sale (optional).

eForms lets you create a high-quality bill of sale online, with fae or original information conveniently.

Go to You may download the visible template or select a state-specific template. I recommend choosing a state-specific template.

Scroll down and click the state you prefer and download the PDF format on the next page.

  1. LawDepot

LawDepot is a paid tool for making and downloading a fake bill of sale online. If you are selling a motorcycle or any motor vehicle for $500 or more, you need a bill of sale.

First, navigate to the LawDepot bill of sale page @ I have used tons of bills of sale from this site, including creating fake bills of sale for pranks.

Now, do the following:

  • Under “What type of property are you selling?” select “Motor Vehicle”.
  • Scroll down and click Create Document and wait for it to load.
  • Under “Where are you selling your motor vehicle?”, select your state and click Save and Continue.

The next page requires the motorcycle or motor vehicle details, including make, model, year, and body type. Fill in the details and click Save and Continue to proceed.

  • Enter the VIN.
  • Enter Odometer Reading and miles of the motorcycle or motor vehicle.
  • Enter the seller details, including name and address.
  • Enter the buyer details, including name and address.
  • Enter the motorcycle selling price.
  • Select Yes or No whether sales tax is being charged.
  • Select your payment method (cash, bank draft, check, electronic funds transfer, or other).
  • Choose Yes or No for a lien on the motorcycle or any motor vehicle.
  • Select Unsure under “When will you sign your bill of sale”. If you specify the original date you purchase the motorcycle, the grace window for registration with penalty starts counting.
  • Select other options like whether there’s a witness or whether there are witnesses.

Finally, click Save and Continue.

To download the bill of sale with fake info, click Select a Licence and pay $29 for 5-year access to the bill of sale.

  1. Template Archive

Go to for the various fake bill of sale templates to select from. You can select from the numerous bills of sale but make sure to select a more detailed statement of purchase.

Important Terms in a Fake Bill of Sale

  1. Seller(s)

Under this section, enter the contact information of the seller (if you are the seller). The information to write includes name and address.

  1. Buyer(s)

The buyer section provides information about the buyer. You may enter fake details to prank friends that you purchased a new motor vehicle. It requires the buyer’s name and address.

  1. Price

The price to enter must be the total price of the motor vehicle only. Assuming you are buying or selling a motorcycle for $1,000, you can put $900 to fake the bill of sale and reduce sales tax.

  1. Payment Method

This section shows the payment method during the sale of the motor vehicle. You can select cash, check, or money order. If the bill of sale template does not include your form of payment, you can write/select “Other” or write out the payment form.

  1. Location

This section shows the location the motor vehicle is being sold. The information to provide under this section include state, city, county, ZIP code, etc.

  1. Description

Most bills of sale contain provisions for the description of the sales.

  1. Property

Under property, depending on your bill of sale template, you will specify whether the motor vehicle is sold ‘As Is’. Used motorcycles, for instance, are sold as-is. The property section should also disclose whether the motor vehicle is under warranty.

  1. Sales Tax

If the sales tax is applicable in the transaction, specify it in the bill of sale.

  1. Witness Information

If there is a witness or witnesses during the sale, indicate it in the bill of sale. It is optional because you can still select that there is no witness. If there is a witness and you are OK with including them, enter their contact details, including name and address, in this section.

  1. VIN

Under the VIN section, enter the VIN on the motor vehicle. Before you enter the VIN, make sure the VIN plate has not been modified.

  1. Motor Vehicle Details

This section includes details of the motor vehicle, including make, model, and year.

  1. Gift or Trade-In

Some people select their motor vehicle as a gift to avoid paying sales tax. Since you are making a fake bill of sale, you might want to indicate that it is a gift. Also, you can specify whether it was a trade-in for another motor vehicle, and you must state the value of the involved motor vehicles.

Do You Need a Fake Bill of Sale?

Yes. If you must prank a friend about purchasing a motor vehicle such as a motorcycle, you need a fake bill of sale to convince them. It is illegal to present a bill of sale with fake info to the motor vehicle department. For example, if you fake the purchase price obviously on the bill of sale, the officials may research the value of the motor vehicle online and charge sales tax at that rate.

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Final Thoughts

A fake bill of sale is illegal and must not be used for official purposes. When writing a bill of sale, endeavor to provide correct info to avoid problems in the future.

Perhaps you buy a motorcycle today, and you enter a fake seller name in the BOL, the seller will deny the deal if it is reported stolen in the future.

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A fake bill of sale should serve prank purposes only.

– The Family Instructor
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