How to Find Barn Find Motorcycles

Finding a barn find motorcycle is every rider’s dream. Of course, I’ve been twice fortunate, which is why I’m sharing how to find barn find motorcycles.

I understand that feeling when you open a garage and sight a typical vintage motorcycle, either abandoned or forgotten for some reason.


Moreover, classic motorcycles cost more and attract higher bids at the auctions. Vintage motorcycle fans even prefer the beautiful rust that decorates the frames of barn finds. It indicates the ages, which the motorcycle lived through.

how to find barn find motorcycles

You might think there is no barn finds anymore. Well, some families keep them in their garages and even plan to get rid of them because they do not know the values. If there are no barn finds in America, Europe, Asia, you’ll certainly find them in African barns. Meanwhile, barn finds are good motorcycles to flip for profit.


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What is a barn find motorcycle?

A barn find motorcycle is a vintage or classic motorcycle rediscovered after being stored for a long time, often in poor condition. It is called a barn find because of the tendency that the motorcycle can be found in places including a barn, outbuildings, and sheds. Typically, barn find motorcycles exist in city outskirts or rural areas. You may explore continents such as Africa, where many vintage motorbikes have been shipped.

How to Find Barn Find Motorcycles

The truth is: vintage barn find motorcycles are difficult to trace, especially in the urban. Regardless, however, trips to suburbs and beyond expose you to many of them.

Below are the tips to find barn find motorcycles:

  1. Visit Junkyards

At the junkyard, talk to the older guys; they may not own a barn find, but they know willing sellers somewhere.

Most would charge a fee to connect you with the sellers wherever.

  1. Local Newspapers

The local newspaper linked me with my first barn find motorcycle. Digital age aside, people read the newspaper and place classified ads, including barn find motorcycle ads.

  1. Join Motorcycle Clubs

Most motorcycle club members would rather sell a vintage barn find motorcycle to a fellow member than in the open market.

Follow up the club topics, and make friends with the participants.

Motorcycle clubs to join:

  1. Search the Internet

The internet is information home, of course, and it can connect you with arrays of barn find motorcycles. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home, except to inspect the motorcycle and purchase it.

Some platforms to begin searching for barn find motorcycles include Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Greensheet, and Craigslist. It is even easier to buy a barn find bike on Craigslist and not get scammed. On Facebook, you may navigate to the “Barn Find Bikes” page for collections of barn find motorcycles. The page has over 50K followers and is one of the barn finds pages with the most user impressions on Facebook.

Furthermore, you can use a site like to discover barn find motorcycles online and internationally.

  1. Attend Motorcycle Shows

You can network with people at motorcycle shows to discover the best barn find motorcycles.

  1. Hit the Road in Your Vehicle

Whether you own a car or a motorcycle, prepare it for the road to find barn find motorcycles. You may be fortunate to locate a barn find motorcycle for sale displayed along the road.

While riding or driving, explore beyond your neighborhood. Get down to calm country roads, and steer closer to farms. Keep an eye, and don’t hesitate to stop by whenever you sense there could be a barn find motorcycle nearby.

  1. Ask People

Information is important when searching for barn finds. Regardless of the people you meet, discuss barn find motorcycles. There could be someone to serve as a lead listening to your conversations. Besides, you can’t tell when and who owns a barn find motorcycle.

On cold evenings out with your family, don’t hesitate to ask at least four strangers. The deliveryman, bar waitress, and neighbors may know someone that plans to get rid of their classic motorcycle. It’ll feel great to contact them, pay and acquire something they intend to discard for no profit.

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Is a barn find motorcycle worth it?

Yes. However, a barn find motorcycle is worth it only when you know what you’re doing. A typical barn find motorcycle is valuable and can fetch big profit when you fix and flip. Depending on your state and the age of the motorcycle, you may have to title it before selling. Nevertheless, you can get rid of a motorcycle without a title. The repair cost is another aspect to consider. But if you put down reasonable cash on repairs, you should recoup it given the rarity of barn find vintage motorcycles.

Can you claim a barn find motorcycle?

Yes, if the motorcycle is in your barn. If you locate a barn find motorcycle, and it is not your barn, you are trespassing and can’t claim it. However, if you do not intend to pay for the abandoned motorcycle, you might be interested in how motorcycles are stolen. Typically, after stealing a motorcycle, the next step is to make it legit. It is Illegal, though, and moral to negotiate with the barn owner.

Furthermore, if the barn find motorcycle is still valuable, hijacking it from the barn is grand theft. Explain to the barn owner that you would like to help them get rid of the classic motorcycle. If they are unaware that a barn find is valuable, they may allow you to take it. Request the title and registration (if applicable). If the VIN is visible, look it up to avoid getting a stolen motorcycle.

Meanwhile, is it easy to steal a vintage motorcycle?

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