How to get license number without license

Your driver’s license number is usually rather simple to locate. It should be displayed on your card’s front. To order a replacement driver’s license, you might need to know your license number if you’ve lost yours. Fortunately, among other data, you might be able to get license number without license. If not, you could want to visit the organization that issued your license.

How to get license number without license

Follow these steps to get license number without license.


1. Perform a record check

Check for any licenses that have expired. The number on any expired licenses you may have from the same licensing body will often match the one on the lost license. You might be able to find your license number that way if you kept them in your own files.

Remember that various licensing organizations employ various numeric formats. For instance, if you find an expired license that was issued in another state but you already have a US driver’s license from one state, your license number probably won’t be the same.


The number on your learner’s permit could be different from the one on your regular driver’s license.

2. Go through your vehicle registration

Check your car’s registration to see if it includes your license number. In some states, your vehicle registration will include your driver’s license number. Your driver’s license number may be located there since you must typically keep a copy of your registration in your car. Your license number can also be printed on any other paperwork you get in connection with your registration, like a notice of renewal.

3. Inspect your canceled checks

Look for canceled checks in your bank records. Your bank will send you the actual canceled checks or digital copies if you write personal checks. You might be able to find your driver’s license number that way because many merchants write your driver’s license number on your check before taking it.

You might be able to retrieve digital copies of canceled checks stored in your bank’s online account, even if you haven’t written a personal check in a while.


4. Call your auto insurance company

Make a call to your auto insurance provider to try to get license number without license. When you begin a policy, auto insurers typically ask for your driver’s license number. Even though it might not be stated on your policy, the insurance provider should have your driver’s license number on file.

Your driver’s license number can be listed in your insurance provider’s online account if you have one. Keep an eye out for a copy of your initial application or insurance quote.

You could be able to phone your auto insurance provider’s customer service line and explain the circumstance. After confirming your identity, the customer support agent could be prepared to provide you the number from your driver’s license.

5. Contact the organization that granted your license via phone

Several licensing organizations will provide you your driver’s license number over the phone. Before disclosing that information, the customer service agent would typically interrogate you in order to confirm your identification.

You’ll probably be able to find out if you can receive your driver’s license number without needing to visit a local agency office in person, even if the agency has a policy not to disclose the number over the phone.

How to get a replacement license plate

If you can’t get license number without license, you want to request a replacement license plate. In New York, for example, your license plate will be available in 10 days.

1. Prepare your request paperwork

If you know your license number, you might be able to obtain a replacement without having to present identification proof.

But before a replacement card is produced, you’ll probably need to prove your identity again since you don’t have your driver’s license number. To confirm your identification, the majority of driver’s license offices will accept documents like a passport or birth certificate. A national insurance card (Social Security card in the US) or other papers may also be accepted.

Usually, the driver’s license office will offer a list of approved identification documents on its website. Search for the name of the agency and the name of the city or town where you live to discover that website. If you are in the US, for instance, you may locate the correct website by Googling for “department of motor vehicles” and the name of your state.

2. Go to your local licensing office

You usually have to do this in person if you need to verify your identification in order to obtain a replacement license. To prove that you are who you say you are and that you are qualified to be awarded a license, you will need to present genuine documentation.

If the organization previously issued a license to you, you are probably already in the system.

You’ll still need to provide evidence to support your identity in the system. You won’t normally need to pass a driving test or provide any other documentation to show your ability to operate a vehicle, though. Call in advance to see if you can make an appointment. This could significantly shorten the time you wait.

3. Fill out a replacement license application

Some organizations demand that you have the application finished before coming in to ask for a replacement license. It’s a good idea to fill it out in advance if you can, even if it’s not necessary.

To see if an application is accessible for download and printing, visit the licensing agency’s website. So that you can do it before you go.

The application shouldn’t take you too long to complete because it is usually brief. Basically, it will ask for your name, address, and the kind of license you desire. If you’re applying for a replacement commercial license, you may need to include information about the kind of vehicle you want to drive.

A replacement license usually carries a cost. It might cost the same as what you’d pay for a brand-new license, or it might cost less. Depending on how much time you have before your license needs to be renewed, some agencies will also prorate the charge.

4. Await the mail delivery of your new license

Your license might be printed right away by some agencies. The more normal scenario is that you will receive a temporary license at your appointment and a permanent card will be mailed to you.

The representative who handled your application will inform you when your permanent card will be mailed to you if it is not immediately printed.

Ask the application processing representative whether there is any way you can expedite your card or come pick it up in person if you have an urgent need for your permanent card, such as if you have a scheduled international flight.

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