How to make a fake diploma for a job

People have found ways to make fake diploma certificates for many reasons, such as to trick employers and get a job for which they are not qualified. However, this tutorial shows you how to make a fake diploma for a job that looks real to prank a friend or just for a keepsake. A fake diploma may look real, but it does not have the official recognition and validation of an accredited institution.

Generally, however, many low-wage jobs that require little to no work experience seldom ask to see a diploma. Higher-paying jobs that require more education or training won’t ask to see your diploma.

How to make a fake diploma for a job

Anyone can make a fake diploma for a job with the following steps:

1. Create a fake diploma from scratch on a computer

You can make a novelty diploma from scratch using graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to use for any job role at any company. Just copy the design and format of a real diploma, change the name and dates, and then print it on high-quality paper such as parchment paper, which is a traditional choice.

2. Buy a fake diploma online

The Internet has made it easier to buy a fake diploma online. Fake diplomas can be purchased from a variety of websites with just a few simple steps. The phony diploma for a job sold online can vary in quality, with some looking very much like real diplomas and others being easy to spot as fakes.

a. Canva

You don’t need design expertise to make a diploma certificate on Canva. You’d also find traditional high school graduation diploma certificate templates available for free for selection in the gallery. Just find and enter your preferred certification course and seminar formats, as well as industry and workplace achievements.

b. TemplateLAB

I’ve used TemplateLAB to download several different kinds of diploma templates which I later customized for keeps sake.

3. Alter an existing diploma certificate

You can alter an existing diploma certificate to make a fake one if you have an actual diploma just change the name, dates, or institution to better fit the job you are applying for. The changes to the diploma may be made manually or with computer software.

4. Attend a fake online university or college

These schools will grant you degrees in a matter of weeks or months, with no real coursework or academic requirements. You just have to pay a fee, and in return, you get a fake diploma that looks like it came from a real school.

These fake universities frequently have websites that look professional, and they might even have fake accreditation agencies that give them “official” seals of approval.

5. Use a diploma mill

A diploma mill is a fake school that sells fake degrees for a fee. These schools don’t have any academic standards, and the diploma they give out isn’t accepted by other schools as they help you make a fake diploma for a job. Some diploma mills might even have fake websites and ads to make it look like they are real schools.

There is no clear federal law against diploma mills in the United States, and the term “university” is not legally protected. The United States Department of Education doesn’t have full, direct control over schools and, by extension, the quality of a degree from an institution.

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Can you make a fake diploma for a job?

You can make a fake diploma for a job. However, it is against the law to make or use a fake diploma to get a job or move up in your career.

Using a fake diploma can result in serious legal and professional consequences, such as fines and jail time, loss of job and reputation, and difficulty finding work in the future. When looking for a job, you should always be honest about your skills and education, and you should legally get your degrees and certificates.

How employers spot fake diplomas

No matter how a fake diploma is made, it can be hard for employers to figure out that it is fake. In some cases, the fake diploma may look so similar to a real one that it is hard to tell the difference. Employers can check a fake diploma in the ways below:

a. Checking with the institution

One of the simplest ways for an employer to make sure a diploma is real is to call the school. They can check the graduation date and program of study by calling the institution’s registrar’s office.

b. Checking the institution’s accreditation

Another way employers will verify a diploma is to check the institution’s accreditation. Accreditation is a process by which educational institutions are evaluated and recognized by a third-party organization. Employers can check with accrediting organizations to see if the institution is recognized and if the program of study is real.

c. Conducting a background check

Some employers may do a background check on the person, which could include looking at their educational history. This can be used to confirm the diploma’s authenticity and to look for any inconsistencies in the applicant’s educational background.


While fake diplomas can look very similar to real ones, employers can still verify whether it is legit or not. It is never a good idea to use a fake diploma to get a job because it is not ethical and can lead to serious consequences.

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