How to Make a Fake Diploma for a Job

Some jobs do require your diploma to verify your academic background. However, what if you misplaced yours and now need a temporary replacement? You might then consider a replica diploma. So, in this post, you will learn about some of the diploma makers that allow you to make a fake diploma for a job.

If necessary, you can explain to your potential employee that you have misplaced your original. The reason for a fake diploma for a job is that a replacement might take 2-3 weeks to arrive in your mail. The wait time may not be favorable, so a temporary diploma will do the job. Moreover, even after an academic check by your employer, they can confirm that you indeed have the qualifications. Generally, however, many low-wage jobs that require little to no work experience seldom ask to see a diploma. Higher-paying jobs that require more education or training won’t ask to see your diploma.


How to Make a Fake Diploma for a Job

In this section, I will show you the best ways to make a diploma certificate for a job. Make sure to compare the pricing plan to know which method is best for you. I have also included a free method. For the free methods, however, you still have to take care of the printing process, which requires money. That said, below are the ways to make a fake diploma for a job:

1. ValidGrad Diploma Maker

You can impress a potential employer if you make a fake diploma for a job using ValidGrad maker. This tool comes in handy, especially if you misplaced your original copy and your boss approves of recreating a replica. So, I have laid down the steps below for you to create a diploma using ValidGrad’s diploma maker:

  1. First, go to ValidGrad’s Diploma Maker. Don’t worry; I have included the source for you to visit directly to access the diploma generator.
  2. Since you need this fake diploma maker for a job, select the specific type of document you want to create, which will be either a high school diploma or a college diploma.
  3. Enter your personal details. The details will include the university or school name, the student’s name, and the date of graduation.
  4. Choose the appropriate positions and signature styles for the diploma.
  5. Customize the diploma for a job and choose your state, document size, and style.
  6. Specify the degree type and the major or field of study.
  7. If you have any specific requirements or details you want to be included, include them in the provided space.
  8. Ensure that you read and agree to the statement that you will not use the site for any illegal purposes.

Before you complete the diploma certificate, preview the diploma and make sure the details are accurate. Once satisfied, proceed to checkout and complete the payment. The digital copy of your diploma is available to download instantly, and PDF copies are sent to your inbox. You can also get the physical copies, which will ship in 5-7 business days for non-priority or 2-4 business days for priority. The USPS tracking information will be emailed to you.

2. Same Day Diplomas Replacement GED Diplomas

Same Day Diplomas all provide a replacement GED diploma for jobs. If your original is not with you, maybe out of state, you can use this generator to make a temporary copy. It turns out the steps are simple to follow for anyone.

  1. Go to the diploma maker page.
  2. Choose the type of diploma.
    • High School
    • College and University
  3. Once you choose the type of diploma, it is time to customize it.
  4. Select the style based on real diploma layouts, fonts, wording, and signature positions.
  5. Customize it with your school name, your name, date of graduation, and more.
  6. Choose the diploma parchment color and size. You can also choose “Match Replica” designs that use the same layout, wording, and fonts as your original diploma certificate.

You have to pay for this fake diploma, though. The supported payment methods include credit and debit cards, Venmo, and Apple Pay. Same Day Diplomas provide free US shipping on orders above $150.

3. Canva Diploma Certificate Templates

Canva is a big name in the certificate generation industry. Many professionals use this tool to create the diplomas that most schools issue to students. Fortunately, you can also make a diploma for a job using Canva’s diploma certificate templates. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a fake diploma template for your job after you visit the Canva templates page in the diploma certificate templates section.
  2. Browse through the gallery of different templates, from traditional high school graduation certificates to colorful preschool diploma certificates.
  3. Select a template that suits the occasion, be it for academic achievements, certification courses, seminars, industry achievements, or workplace milestones.
  4. It’s time to personalize the diploma template to make it your own. Customize the text to match your details and the specifics of your academic achievement.
  5. Adjust the layout to fit your preferences. You can change the font styles, mix up the color palette, and even add or remove visual elements.
  6. If you need this fake diploma as a keepsake, Canva also provides you with a library of a wide selection of borders, frames, shapes, vectors, and gradients for your design.
  7. Upload the logo of your school, company, or award-giving body.
  8. You can take your design to the next level by using advanced features like adding shapes, vectors, and gradients.

When done, download and print the copy for your job. You can save it in high-resolution formats such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF. If you want a physical copy, send your customized template to Canva Print. They will make your fake diploma for a job on high-quality paper and deliver it to your doorstep. Canva offers a paid “Pro” plan in case you need to enhance your diploma.

4. NextDay Diplomas for Job

Instead of missing the job interview due to a misplaced diploma certificate, you can temporarily make one for yourself with the NextDay generator. You are just a few clicks away with these simple steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Choose the type of diploma you want for your job.
    • College Diplomas
    • High School Diplomas
    • GED and High School Equivalency designs
  3. Click on the product you wish to purchase, such as “college diplomas” or “high school diplomas.”.
  4. You might have options to customize the diploma to match a specific design or copy.
  5. Look for any ongoing deals or discounts. For instance, at the time of the last check, there was a “20% off storewide” offer with the code ‘INSTANT’.
  6. Proceed to checkout. Ensure that you provide accurate shipping and payment details.

Make sure to always review your order. After placing the order, wait for the delivery. The free shipping only applies within the United States.

5. Certifier Professional Certificate Maker Online

Lastly, you have, a good place to make a fake diploma for a job you need so badly. You can create a diploma in a matter of minutes and have it delivered to your doorstep.

  1. Visit the editor page.
  2. Click the Start for Free button to begin the process. The platform offers a free plan that allows you to issue up to 100 certificates annually.
  3. Choose a diploma template. You will get access to over 300 pre-designed templates suitable for various purposes. Alternatively, you can upload your own diploma design.
  4. Personalize the diploma certificate.
    • Adjust colors and fonts to match your organization’s branding.
    • Add your logo and other branded elements.
    • Customize text and graphic elements.
    • Add dynamic content and attributes specific to the recipient.
  5. Add the attributes you need for your diploma, such as the recipient’s name, date of issue, and any other relevant information.

You can also order transcripts to accompany your diploma.

Can You Make a Fake Diploma for a Job?

You can make a fake diploma for a job as long as you have an original and only need one as a temporary replacement.

If you do not have any degree, using a fake diploma can result in serious legal and professional consequences, such as fines and jail time, loss of job, and reputation. You will also face difficulty finding a job in the future. When looking for a job, you should always be honest about your skills and education, and you should legally get your degrees and certificates.

How Employers Spot Fake Diplomas

No matter how a fake diploma is made, it can be hard for employers to figure out that it is fake. In some cases, the fake diploma may look so similar to a real one that it is hard to tell the difference. Employers can check a fake diploma in the ways below:

1. Checking with the institution

One of the simplest ways for an employer to make sure a diploma is real is to call the school. They can check the graduation date and program of study by calling the institution’s registrar’s office.

2. Checking the institution’s accreditation

Another way employers will verify a diploma is to check the institution’s accreditation. A third-party organization evaluates and recognizes educational institutions through the accreditation process. Employers can check with accrediting organizations to see if the institution is recognized and if the program of study is real.

3. Conducting a background check

Some employers may do a background check on the person, which could include looking at their educational history. This can be used to confirm the diploma’s authenticity and to look for any inconsistencies in the applicant’s educational background.

Can a Fake Diploma Certificate Pass Employer’s Inspection?

I strongly advise against creating a fake certificate, thinking it won’t be noticed. Big companies often use third-party services for background checks. If they do, they’ll likely discover if you have made up your diploma.

Even if you are looking for a job at a smaller company that doesn’t use these services, there are still many ways they can verify your information. Don’t underestimate small businesses; many will go the extra mile to check an applicant’s background if they have the resources.

Remember, during interviews, recruiters and hiring managers can gather a lot of information about you. If you seem more nervous talking about yourself than the job, they might become suspicious and look deeper into your academic and other histories.

Is There Anyone Who Landed a Job Using a Fake Diploma?

I once saw a fake diploma in the office of someone I know. We both graduated from the same place at the same time, but his diploma showed a different degree. It wasn’t just a different major, but a whole different degree title. For example, it was like seeing a Master of Science instead of a Master of Business Administration.

When I noticed it, he quickly distracted me by taking me on a walk around the office. I’m not sure how he got that fake diploma or if he lied about it on his resume. But when I checked his LinkedIn, he had the wrong degree listed there too. Interestingly, he’s lost a few jobs since then.

Honestly, I don’t see the point of using a fake diploma. It’s risky, especially when a quick and cheap education check can reveal the truth.

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