How to get a fake high school diploma that works

It is okay to need to know how to get a fake high school diploma for whatever reason. It could be that your original is lost, stolen, or damaged. You may be needing it to enjoy certain benefits as a grad such as employment qualifications or getting into college since you couldn’t obtain a high school diploma or a GED.

Be honest: does any of the scenarios sound like you? While it is okay to obtain a phony high school diploma, it can have real consequences, including rejections by employers, colleges, or the military. Well, you probably already know these, and trust your gut to get what you want with a falsified diploma for high school.

How to get a fake high school diploma

How to get a fake high school diploma

A high school diploma is awarded as an academic school leaving qualification when you graduate from high school. It is a secondary school certificate that typically contains personal information and attestation that the bearer met the graduation requirements for the school you attended.

Follow the steps below to make a fake high school diploma that looks real online:

  1. Choose a fake diploma maker online

A simple online search using Google, Yahoo, or Bing will show you many phony or novelty online high school diploma templates and generators. However, many of them are not worth it. Some either issue bad quality forged high school diplomas or simply take your money without service.


These are certificate vendors, so they charge for a fake diploma.

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We have saved your stress by filtering the web for high school diploma makers that work. Consider using any of the following novelty doc websites to create your faux high school diploma:

a) DiplomasAndTranscripts

We have used DiplomasAndTranscripts to generate at least 4 fake high school diploma certificates and all look so real. On the webpage, just select the high school diploma style you prefer and fill in the remaining fields with your high school information.

Unfortunately, DiplomasAndTranscripts does not ship outside the US. Consider other options if you reside outside the US.

b) Phonydiploma

We also tested Phonydiploma and can confirm they offer a falsified high school diploma with the best quality. The certificates we received came complete with real designs, gold foil seals, and accurate parchment paper.

Phonydiploma ships fake secondary school diplomas within the USA, Canada, and other countries. However, it takes longer to receive a copy or copies outside the US and Canada.

c) NextDay Diplomas

NextDay Diplomas is another high school diploma maker we used for generating the certificate. Their designs are based on actual high schools across the United States.

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The designs are quite authentic—anyone will mistake them for an original secondary or high school diploma. NextDay Diplomas also have the option of ordering a matching fake transcript.

d) Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace we have used for several fakes, including a high school diploma. On the fake diploma section, look for one similar to your sample or request a custom design, if you can’t find a similar certificate. Here’s a guide I’ve written to help you know a legit seller.

e) BAFD Prints INC

BAFD Prints allows you to access all their replacement novelty diploma options – diplomas from GED testing centers and high schools. You can obtain a fake for any high school across all 50 USA states and Canada only.


Before you order a fake diploma for a high school, contact the maker you choose with an example you want to match. If the design is available, go ahead and use the custom high school diploma tool on the website to make yours and have the certificate makers design one for you. You can get a sample of the high school diploma you want to replicate from a friend or check online for original samples issued by that school.

  1. Review existing diploma samples

Before you contact any of the recommended fake diploma makers online, review the existing templates and designs on the website. Carefully scrutinize the samples to tell if your copy will be realistic enough to fool employers or colleges. You may also request the diploma maker to deliver samples if you are not convinced by the ones on the webpage.

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When reviewing existing fake high school diplomas, focus on the following:

  • The gold foil seals
  • Watermark
  • School logo
  • Font
  • Paper quality
  • Paper size
  • Overall design

If you have an authentic sample with you, do well to compare them.

  1. Provide your preferred design and personal details

Send the secondary or high school diploma sample you need to be replicated to the certificate maker. You can obtain the samples from friends or check online for the school’s published samples.

You would also have to provide personal details to the diploma maker. The typical details needed to personalize your phony high school diploma include:

  • Type of degree (high school or GED diploma)
  • Name of school
  • County, state, and city of School
  • Name of student
  • Graduation date
  1. Make payments for your order

The final step is to pay and order your fake high school diploma. Do not use any website that requires payment via cryptocurrency. The recommended payment method is PayPal or your credit card. Remember to check the Trust Pilot rating of the fake diploma vendor you choose.

A fake high school diploma copy should be created and available within 24 hours. Shipping may a physical copy may attract additional fees, and it takes longer to deliver, depending on your location.

Do fake high school diplomas work?

A fake high school diploma works. However, no one really asks for them, and when they do, they never really inspect them. Many places that require proof that you are a graduate really look at transcripts.

Suppose an employer requires your high school diploma. Until a potential employer calls the school, they can’t tell if it is fake or not, especially if yours looks real enough.

However, if an employer finds out you lied about your diploma on your application, they can fire you. Just make sure the fake diploma has the same resemblance to an authentic one to fool those out to spot a fake certificate.

Are fake high school diplomas illegal?

A fake high school diploma is not illegal if you intend to or actually use it to fool friends, impress parents, or prank an employer. It is illegal if you use it under false pretense for an employment or college application or any discount or benefit that requires proof.

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