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Some of us have been there, in need of a diploma certificate to secure a job. But if you are thinking ‘fake’, then you could be making a mistake. However, it is not difficult to get a fake high school diploma; you just need to know where to look. Sometimes, someone in your neighborhood might know someone who can create and print one for you.

Also, you can get a fake high school diploma online that works for free. However, on many online sites, you will have to buy a fake high school or GED certificate.


Anyone can fake a high school diploma; however, your intention determines whether it is okay or not. Perhaps you lost your original, or it got stolen or damaged, and you need a replacement as soon as possible. That is because, in many cases, you might have to wait up to 2–3 weeks to get a replacement. If this is your case, you might want to wait it out.

Some people need it to get certain benefits as graduates, including employment or getting into college since they dropped out of high school. Whatever the case, you will get to know the best place to get a fake GED or high school diploma that will actually work 100% for getting a job.


Do any of the scenarios sound like you? While it is okay to obtain a fake high school diploma, it can have real consequences, including rejections by employers, colleges, or the military. Well, you probably already know these and trust your gut to get what you want with a falsified diploma for high school.

How to Get a Fake High School Diploma

How to get a fake high school diploma

A high school diploma is awarded as an academic school leaving qualification when you graduate from high school. It is a high school or secondary school certificate that typically contains personal information and attestation that you met the graduation requirements for the school you attended.

But the definition is not the concern of this post, but rather how you can get a fake high school diploma that works. First, let’s begin with the steps you need to follow to get a fake high school diploma online:


1. Select a Fake High School diploma Maker Online

Usually, a simple online search using Google, Yahoo, or Bing will show you many phony or novelty online high school diploma templates and generators. However, many of them are not worth it. Some either issue bad-quality fake high school diplomas or simply take your money without service.

In this guide, I have included the best places to get a fake high school diploma for work. Some do charge a fee for a fake, though. Others are free, but you handle the printing process. So, all you will get is a fillable fake diploma template that you can fill out and download.

I have saved you the stress by testing out some places for reliable high school diploma makers online that work. So, just read on.

Before you order a fake diploma for a high school, it is advisable to contact the maker you choose with an example you want to match. If the design is available, go ahead and use the custom high school diploma tool on the website to make yours and have the certificate makers design one for you. You can get a sample of the high school diploma you want to replicate from a friend or check online for original samples issued by that school.

2. Review Existing Diploma Samples

Before you contact any of the recommended fake diploma makers online, review the existing templates and designs on the website. I already considered these factors to help you make a good decision.

You need to carefully scrutinize the fake high school diploma samples to tell if your copy will be realistic.  That is because it must look real enough to fool employers. If the samples on the website don’t convince you, you can also request that the diploma maker deliver some.

When reviewing existing fake high school diplomas, you should be looking out for the following:

  1. The gold foil seals
  2. Watermark
  3. School logo
  4. Font
  5. Paper quality
  6. Paper size
  7. Overall design

If you have a genuine sample with you, do well to compare them.

3. Provide Your Preferred Design and Personal Details

Send the secondary or high school diploma sample you need to replicate to the certificate maker. You can obtain the samples from a friend, as I mentioned earlier, or check online for the specific school’s published samples on their website.

You would also have to provide personal details to the diploma maker if you do not want a fillable fake high school diploma that you can just fill out and print. Note that this explanation applies to anyone who would prefer to have theirs designed, printed, and sent. That means you will also be paying for the paper, the foil, etc.

The typical details needed to personalize your phony high school diploma include:

  1. Type of degree (high school or GED diploma)
  2. Name of school
  3. County, state, and city of School
  4. Name of student
  5. Graduation date

4. Make Payments for Your Order

When satisfied after following the instructions above, you need to pay to get a fake high school diploma. Do not use any website that requires payment via cryptocurrency. The recommended payment method is PayPal. Remember to check the Trust Pilot rating of the fake diploma vendor you choose.

A fake high school diploma copy should be created and available within 24 to 48 hours. Shipping a physical copy may attract additional fees, and it takes longer to deliver, depending on your location.

Free Fake High School Diploma Maker

If you need a fake high school diploma, you have to buy or create one. It is recommended to buy a fake high school diploma; this way, an expert can carefully make one for you. They will handle the design and printing, and then send it to you. If you need a free online diploma, download a template online, fill it out, and print a copy for yourself. Otherwise, use these high school diploma makers.

1. Fake High School Diplomas and Transcripts

So, this is the first place I tested to get a fake high school diploma that looks real. I used DiplomasAndTranscripts to generate at least 4 fake high school diploma certificates for a friend, and they work. On the webpage, you just have to select the high school diploma style you prefer and fill in the remaining fields with your high school information.

Unfortunately, DiplomasAndTranscripts does not ship outside the US. Consider other options if you reside outside the US. Also, this particular site won’t give you a fake high school diploma online for free, so check the next option (if ‘free’ is your priority).

This particular place lets you buy fake high school diplomas starting at $40. The diplomas you will see are in three common styles awarded by schools in the United States and are printed on high-quality, heavy-weight, textured ivory linen paper. It comes with an embossed gold-raised foil seal.

You just need to provide the high school’s name and location, your name, the graduation date, and the title of the school officials who signed the diploma. That’s it, and they will create a fake diploma for you.

Get a Fake High School Diploma

2. ValidGrad High School Diploma Maker

Yes, I have used ValidGrad to get a fake high school diploma for free online. You can create replica high school diplomas that work. How it works is that you can choose from various gold seals to be stamped onto the replica. You can even request additional changes not offered on the Diploma Maker tool. Once your order is submitted, you will be given a digital copy via email. If you need it printed and shipped, further corrections can be made before it is printed and shipped.

Let’s make it easier for you by showing you the steps to follow:

  1. Go to ValidGrad’s Diploma Maker to start the process. This service is user-friendly and offers a variety of customization options to create a diploma that suits your needs.
  2. Select the document type, state, size, and diploma style.
  3. Fill out your student information, including the high school name, student name, and date of graduation.
  4. Choose from various gold seals to be stamped onto your replica and leave comments for any changes you would like to be made that are not offered on the Diploma Maker. A team member will reach out to ensure the changes are to your liking before printing and shipping your order.

Once your order has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent, providing a digital copy of your order. Review this to ensure there are no errors, and contact support if any corrections are needed.

The digital high school diploma is available to download instantly. However, physical copies ship in 5-7 business days for non-priority or 2-4 business days for priority.

Get a Fake High School Diploma

3. NextDay High School Diplomas

You might have come across a question like, “Is NextDay Diploma legit?” NextDay will deliver a fake duplicate, but it is not a genuine one, as you already know. So, you can only use it for an unofficial replacement purpose or as a gift to someone who just graduated from high school.

The designs look real—anyone will mistake them for an original secondary or high school diploma. Next Day Diplomas high school diplomas are based on actual high schools from around the United States. The diplomas are available with or without matching fake transcripts. If you need a copy of your high school diploma due to your school having closed, then this is your go-to solution.

  1. First, visit Next Day Diplomas.
  2. Select one of the available high school diploma designs or opt for a custom design to match your copy.
  3. Choose whether you want the diploma with or without matching fake transcripts.
  4. After selecting the desired design and deciding on transcripts, place an order by following the website’s ordering process.
  5. Pay the amount listed on the website. Prices seem to start at $69.00 for standard designs and go up to $169.00 for diplomas with transcripts.

After completing the order and payment process, wait for the diploma to be delivered to your specified address.

Get a Fake High School Diploma

4. Realistic Diplomas Replacement Novelty Fake Diplomas

If you need to get a fake high school diploma as a replacement or for novelty purposes, Realistic Diplomas work. You will easily get a high-quality, realistic fake diploma. So, here is how to get one ASAP.

  1. Visit Realistic Diplomas.
  2. Click the fake diploma product on the homepage that suits your needs.
  3. Fill out the order form and click Add to Cart.
  4. Review your selected items and click Continue to Shipping and Payment Page.
  5. Enter your email, shipping, billing, and payment details.
  6. Check the Agree to This Site Terms box.
  7. Click Place Order. That’s it.

You just need to confirm your order. A pop-up window will present your order number. If you do not see this window, review the top of the order form screen for possible error messages and fix any issues highlighted.

When receiving your fake diploma, make sure it looks as close to the original as possible, with all emblems, logos, your name, graduation date, school name, and courses of study or major included.

Get a Fake High School Diploma

5. Diploma Company High-Quality Custom High School Diplomas Online

If you need a substitute for a lost or damaged original high school diploma or as a present for someone special, then this recommendation is for you. will give you a high-quality fake high school diploma that looks and feels like the real thing.

They currently support diplomas from high schools in the USA and Canada. Yes, the diplomas use advanced printing technology and high-quality paper with different layouts.

The cost is a bit on the high side, but it has good quality. Both US and Canadian high school diplomas cost $99.00 each. The digital copy is available same-day while shipping the physical copy can take 24 hours or more.

Get a Fake High School Diploma

6. Phony Diploma

Lastly, I tested Phonydiploma and can confirm that the fake high school diploma is of good quality. The certificates come complete with real designs, gold foil seals, and accurate parchment paper. Phonydiploma ships fake secondary school diplomas within the USA, Canada, and other countries. However, it takes longer to receive a copy or copies outside the US and Canada.

You have the option to select from a variety of high school and secondary diplomas, including specific designs by state or province for both the USA and Canada. You can also choose general or international designs.

You will have to pay to get this copy. It involves providing the Phony Diploma with details such as your name, the high school name of the diploma you wish to replicate, the date of graduation, and any other relevant information.

Once you have provided all the required information, proceed to make the payment. Phony Diploma ensures a quick turnaround, dispatching your order in less than two days and delivering it within the stipulated shipping time frame.

Get a Fake High School Diploma

Do Fake High School Diplomas Work?

A fake high school diploma works. However, no one really asks for them, and when they do, they never really inspect them. Many places that require proof that you are a graduate really look at transcripts.

Suppose an employer requires your high school diploma. Until a potential employer calls the school, they can’t tell if it is fake or not, especially if yours looks real enough.

However, if an employer finds out you lied about your diploma on your application, they can fire you. Just make sure the fake diploma has the same resemblance to an authentic one to fool those out to spot a fake certificate.

Are Fake High School Diplomas Illegal?

You can only consider a fake high school diploma illegal, depending on what it is used for. Usually, you need a fake high school diploma for the following reasons:

  • Novelty or theatrical purposes.
  • Personal reference or display for safe storage of the original document.
  • Replacing a lost or damaged original high school diploma.

A fake high school diploma is not illegal if you use it to fool friends, impress parents, or get one for any of the above reasons. It is illegal if you use it under false pretense for an employment or college application or any discount or benefit that requires proof.

So, Should You Fake High School Diploma for Work? Find Out the Best Answer!

There are many places you can get a fake high school diploma online for free, but if it is for legit work, you should not. In several non-academic or non-professional sectors, a fake high school diploma, accredited or not, is not a priority. A lot of job applications simply require you to submit a photocopy of a diploma, ticking the “High School Diploma/GED” box.

However, these diplomas may not hold value if you decide to pursue further education or vocational training. Colleges, technical schools, and other formal training programs, especially those funded by the government, may require a diploma from a regionally accredited school or a legitimate equivalency examination. This is because these programs need to maintain a minimum standard for their students and assure the government, often the funding body, of the students’ potential success.

Community colleges, in particular, are indifferent to the aesthetic value of your diploma. They require a sealed transcript with your GED/HiSet scores or your high school diploma classes, focusing on whether you have graduated rather than your GPA. They also verify your diploma against a published database containing information on various diploma providers, including diploma mills and for-profit and religious schools. A fake diploma can be costly, often more than $50.

Instead of getting a fake diploma online for work, consider taking a high school examination. There are plenty of resources and study methods available for home study, and most tests are reasonably priced at around $150 for the entire set. Options like HiSet even allow at least one free retake per subtest if you fail any section. This is a more reliable and economical approach to earning a legit high school diploma for work.


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