How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

Some neighbors can get on your nerves, making you want to jump on them the little chance you get. One such is that annoying neighbor that keeps getting into your yard. I have had to deal with this terrible experience myself and have managed to keep neighbors out of my yard permanently. You can also do the things I did to stop neighbors from my yard.

In my case, I rented a house in a cul-de-sac that backs up to a green belt and then to a major road. Then there was this neighbor who would routinely walk down our driveway through the yard along the side of the house to get to the main road. This continued all hours of the day, and you can tell it pissed the living daylight out of me. At some point, the neighbor even came out in the dark, about 2 feet from my car. No eye contact, and just kept walking. At first, I contemplated confronting her but held it together. However, I eventually put an end to the menace, which included filing a no trespass order.


Can My Neighbor Come On My Yard?

It’s not okay for a neighbor to come into your yard without asking for permission. But sometimes, they might not know they are doing something wrong. That is why talking to them about it is a good idea. It helps you figure out why they are doing it and clears up any confusion about whether they should be in your yard.

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

So, now, what did I do to keep neighbors out of my yard? Here are some polite ways to keep neighbors out of your yard.


Have a Conversation with Your Neighbors

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

If a neighbor often comes into your yard, try to talk to them about it. You can have an open and honest chat in person or over the phone, whichever you are more comfortable with.

If you want to be polite but firm, you can say something like, “I’ve noticed that we’re often in my yard at the same time. How can we figure this out?” This way, they can explain why they have been coming in without permission and address any issues, like if their child accidentally broke something in your yard. Make sure to talk about yard boundaries to make sure no neighbor trespasses in the future.

Purchase a Motion-Triggered Sprinkler System

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard


Motion-sensing sprinklers can help keep neighbors away from your yard. They work on their own once you set them up. This device can be a useful way to tell an annoying neighbor not to enter your yard anymore.

Place a Sign

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

If you are okay with putting up a sign, this is a good way to make sure your neighbors stay out of your yard. You can write a message like the following on it:

  1. “No trespassing”
  2. “Stay away”
  3. “This is private property; only come in if you’re invited.”

Place these signs where people can easily see them from both public and private areas. This way, everyone in the neighborhood knows that coming in without your permission might be trespassing.

You could also think about adding your contact information or the local police number on the signs. This helps if someone still comes in after seeing the sign. People nearby will know who to call if they see anything suspicious around your yard.

Plant Some Natural Boundary Defense System

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

If you do not like the idea of building a fence, you can grow plants in your yard. The plants will serve as natural barriers. Just plant thorny shrubs along the edge of your property next to your neighbor’s. These plants will create a physical barrier that’s hard to cross, thus keeping neighbors away from your yard. Here are some plants that work well for this and also add beauty to your yard:

  1. Raspberry vines
  2. Blackberry
  3. Bougainvillea
  4. Citrus limon
  5. Rose bushes
  6. Crown of Thorns
  7. Devil’s Walking Stick
  8. Hawthorn
  9. Flowering Quince
  10. Barberries
  11. Bougainvilleas

Install a Privacy Fence

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

One of the things I did to keep neighbors out of my yard was to fence around it. Have your property line surveyed so you know where to put up a fence. Putting up a fence will likely keep neighbors away from your yard and set clear property boundaries. Depending on the fence’s size, material, and where you want it, you might want to get help from professionals. It might seem like a big deal, but a well-installed fence will be a great boundary for a long time against neighbors.

Get a Dog

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

So, after the options above, consider stationing a dog in your yard. Guard dogs are great for scaring away neighbors who try to enter your yard without your permission. Get your dog to know other family members; otherwise, they might bark at anyone they see as a trespasser.

You can train them with basic commands like sit, heel, and stay, which most owners can do with some time and effort. If you prefer, you can also get dogs that are already trained, so you don’t have to do the training yourself.

Install a Motion Sensor Camera

How to Keep Neighbors Out of My Yard

Lastly, get yourself a motion sensor camera. This camera is simple to install, and you can place it anywhere in your yard, including the front or back. You do not have to watch them all the time because you will be notified once neighbors come into view. You really need the camera to record every event. This will help the police find trespassers easily.

Should You Call the Police on Trespassers?

So, after the hard work to keep neighbors out of your yard, would it be a good idea to call the police if neighbors still manage to go through your yard? Well, it really depends on the situation. Usually, it might not be the best idea to call the police on trespassers because it can take a lot of time and may cause legal problems.

If you notice anything suspicious or criminal, then call the police for your safety. Try not to confront the situation yourself; it could become dangerous depending on how the intruder responds. Let the police handle dangerous trespassers.


You can do different things to keep annoying neighbors away from your yard. Each method has its own benefits and can be helpful depending on your situation. But if you are really determined to keep your neighbors out of your yard, get guard dogs.

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