How to hide alcohol in your bra [in 6 steps]

If you do enjoy drinking but have to attend events or festivals where alcohol is either prohibited or expensive, you can be snow to hide alcohol in your bra. I have been there myself and it works. Most of the time, the bouncers will not be suspicious of your bra-carrying booze, especially if you pretend well enough.

This guide discusses the techniques for hiding alcohol in a bra to help your own intentions.


How to hide alcohol in your bra

How to hide alcohol in your bra

It is simple to do but not just merely walking past the doorman. That said, below is how to hide alcohol in your bra:


1. Buy a sizeable booze bra flask

You need the appropriate type of bra to wear to conceal alcohol in your body. It helps to choose one that is supportive, comfy and has enough space to contain the amount of alcohol you need for the event without becoming uncomfortable or suspicious.

a. The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask

A sports bra with a front zipper pocket can be the perfect cover for little flasks or alcohol pouches. It is simple to conceal the contents without drawing attention to them thanks to the snug fit and stretchy material.

I purchased this alcohol bra flask specifically to wear underneath my winter hunting gear as a means of carrying my coffee with me in the early morning.


It fits an entire bottle of Honey Jack! I also used it for some baseball games, and it did not disappoint. It was inconspicuous and did not trigger any sensors. It even gave the appearance of a larger bust.

Note that using boiling hot coffee is not advisable. While it’s great for concealing under layers of clothing, wearing it with just a t-shirt would be noticeable and lumpy. I’ve found that filling it three-quarters full and releasing any air helps to reduce the awkwardness. However, don’t apply pressure to your chest while drinking from this bra flask for liquor for women. The sizing is quite small, as even the large size looks like two raccoons fighting for air underneath my shirt. Overall, it has served its intended purpose effectively.

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b. Sneaky Booze Sports Bra Hidden Flask Pouch For Women

First of all, it’s a little pricey but this bra flask for alcohol will save you $$$, so it’s clever you buy it.

I purchased this alcohol bra flask specifically for the Foo Fighters concert, where outside drinks are not permitted and only food is allowed. I calculated that by purchasing this product and a bottle of liquor, I could save $100+, considering the exorbitant fee charged by the venue for low-quality wine. I filled the bladder with liquor and kept it in our cooler until it was time to enter the venue. Even with the bladder in my possession, no one could tell I had anything besides my naturally bodacious breasts under my shirt. The bladder was cold, but I was able to endure it. I successfully entered the concert without detection, and once inside, I simply placed the bladder in our bag. There were so many people that no one took notice. I highly recommend this product, it won’t disappoint.

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2. Prepare your booze flask

The booze flasks for hiding alcohol I have recommended are to be used as you buy, so no complex setups are required. You just have to properly prepare the alcohol container in the bra flask before pouring in the liquor or wine to prevent any problems.

First, it needs to be clean. Since the container is reusable, you have to fully clean it before use. You can give it a simple rinse. Also, allow the water to stay in the bra flask for some time and inspect it for leaks. If any, request a replacement or refund.

3. Fill the flask with liquor

Fill the liquor into the bra flask gently to prevent spills and to account for any expansion caused by temperature changes. Try to leave a small amount of room in the flask while filling it. Don’t fill to the end.

Seal the bra tightly to stop leaks. Check the seal once more before for leaks, you don’t want to be soaked in liquor even before entering the event, music festival, bar, club, sporting event, movie theatre, or concert.

Make sure the bra flask is stable enough while you hide alcohol in your bra. The sporty bra should be firmly fixed and shouldn’t move as you walk.

Comfort is very important, so make sure the container is positioned so that it doesn’t irritate or discomfort you.

4. Dress appropriately

You want to ensure discretion while you hide alcohol in your bra flask, so dress properly. Here are some pointers for selecting appropriate clothing for the event with your hidden booze bra flask:

  • Choosing loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t cling to your body to hide any bulges that the alcohol nra flask may generate.
  • You don’t even need to wear multiple layers of clothing to conceal your bra flask and sneak in booze. However, if it’s necessary in your case, you may need an additional layer of cover.

If you need to wear something up top, I recommend dark apparel to help conceal any outline of the container in your bra. Lighter-colored clothes won’t help much.

5. Practice makes perfect

Consider practicing at home first before you hide alcohol in your bra for the real event. Learn to become more at ease with the procedure and spot any potential problems, such as discomfort or obvious bulges. Make sure the container stays put and remains covert as you practice walking, sitting, and moving about.

6. Take safety measures at the event

While hiding booze in your bra may seem like a novel idea, safety should always come first. Also, you have to conceal the detachable tube while entering the event.

Recognize your tolerance level for alcohol and drink responsibly. Keep in mind that drinking too much alcohol might put you in danger and be bad for your health. You might also experience a hangover at work the next day, so be decent.

Before you drink from the alcohol flask, make sure the detachable tube is clean to stop the spread of germs and preserve the alcohol’s quality.


It is usually best to “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,” Pablo Picasso. However, if you are caught with alcohol in your bra, you could be kicked out or fined, depending on the event.

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