How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

Usually, state laws mandate that you have car insurance to operate on public roads. If you want to trick your friends into thinking you have Geico insurance, you can do it with free tools. So, in this guide, you will know the right tools to use to make a fake Geico auto insurance card for free.

But be careful, you cannot use a fake Geico insurance card when you are driving. It might look real, but it’s not real insurance.


How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free


Lots of websites have Geico insurance card templates you can download, but only a few of them really look like the real deal. You want one that looks real, so your friends believe you actually have Geico insurance. That said, below are the methods to make a fake Geico auto insurance card for free:

1. DOCHUB Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card

How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

You can use DocHub to create a fake Geico auto insurance card online for free, and it will look real.

  1. Sign in to DocHub tool for editing editable Geico auto insurance card. You can use your email and password to log in or make a new free account to try the service before buying a subscription.
  2. Open the editor for the Geico card template you want to change. You can do this by adding the file from your computer or bringing it in from cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or with a link.
  3. Once you’ve uploaded it, you can begin editing the Geico insurance card. It’s simple! You can put in or underline words, add pictures, checkmarks, and signatures, make new places to fill in, and even change or remove pages.
  4. When done, you can get the finished Geico insurance card.

You can also keep it in the cloud, print it right away, or send it to others through a link or email attachment.


2. PDFFiller Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card Free

How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

If using PDFFiller, follow these steps to make a fake Geico auto insurance card for free:

  • Visit the PDFFiller web link for the Geico insurance card template.
  • Put your information on the Geico insurance card form. Write your name, address, and how to reach you in the correct spots. This way, the card will be connected to you.
  • Include your policy information. Look for the section on the form that wants your policy number, when it started, and other important policy details. Make sure to fill this in correctly so your card reflects your current coverage.
  • Write down details about your vehicle. The Geico insurance card form usually wants to know about your insured car, like its make, model, year, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Make sure this information is correct so there won’t be any issues identifying your car.
  • Display the Geico logo and other necessary elements. Geico insurance cards usually ask you to put their logo and other things that the law requires. Make sure these are clear on the form to follow Geico’s rules and the law.
  • Print and save the finished form as your insurance proof. Once you’ve filled in all the needed information for your pretend Geico auto insurance card, it’s vital to print a few copies of the completed form. Keep one copy in each car that’s covered by your Geico policy. This helps you show your friends that you have insurance. But remember, this can’t be used as real proof of Geico insurance if you’re stopped by the police or in an accident.

3. Cocodoc Free Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card

How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

Need to create a Geico insurance card online? You can do it easily with CocoDoc’s PDF tools, accessible from any web browser. It’s quick and doesn’t need any special skills – anyone can do it.

  • Go to CocoDoc’s free Geico card PDF editing page online.
  • Upload the document you want to change. You can do this by clicking ‘Choose File’ or by dragging and dropping the document.
  • Use the tools at the top of the page to edit your document as needed.
  • Once you are done, just download the edited document.

4. SignNow Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

How to Make a Fake Geico Auto Insurance Card for Free

SignNow is a tool online you can use to get a Geico insurance card that looks real. Just follow these easy steps to get your fake Geico card.

  • Open the Geico insurance card editor on SignNow. SignNow’s helpful tools will show you how to complete the editable PDF form.
  • Next, enter your real contact information and ID information.
  • Whenever needed, just click to place a checkmark.
  • Be sure to complete all the Geico insurance card template fields accurately.
  • You can use the “Sign Tool” to put your digital signature on the Geico auto insurance card form.
  • Once you finish, just click ‘Done.’
  • Now, you can either print, save, or send the document.

If possible, you can use your Photoshop skills to make a fake Geico auto insurance card. Alternatively, you can use the services of an expert to get it done.

What Font Does Geico Use on Insurance Card?

Based on the logo, Geico, an American auto insurance company founded in Texas, uses Eurostile Std Bold Font. Aldo Novarese created this font, which also has OpenType features and kerning, alternates, ligatures, and additional numbers.

Who Can Get Geico Insurance Card?

Before you make a fake Geico auto insurance card for a prank, understand who can use one legally.

1. Geico Policyholders

If you have any Geico insurance, such as for your car, home, or rental, you will require the Geico insurance card template.

2. Drivers

Drivers use the Geico insurance card template to prove they have insurance, especially during traffic stops or accidents. Having proof of insurance is often a legal requirement when driving a car.

3. Policyholders’ Dependents

If you’re covered by someone else’s Geico insurance, you might also need the Geico insurance card template. This card can be handy for identification and to confirm you’re protected by the policy.

4. Rental Car Users

People who frequently rent cars may find the Geico insurance card template useful. It demonstrates they have sufficient insurance coverage.

5. People in Accidents

In an accident, everyone involved may ask to see your Geico insurance card. It shows you have insurance coverage.

How to Create the Geico Insurance Card Template

  1. Go to the website you want to use, then click “Start Free Trial” and make a profile if needed.
  2. Get your file ready. Tap “Add New” to begin a new project. After that, upload your file from your device, email, cloud storage, or by using its web address.
  3. Change the Geico insurance template on the internet. You can put in new words, swap things out, add new stuff, move pages around, and even include watermarks and page numbers. When you finish, tap “Done.” Afterward, head to the “Documents” section to mix, split, lock, or unlock the file.
  4. Put your signature on there. You can either draw it, type it, upload a picture of your signature, or take a photo of it with your digital camera.
  5. Find your file in the list of documents, click its name, and pick how you’d like to keep it. You can either save it, send it by email, or move it to the cloud.
  6. Send your form to others. You can send it by email, fax, or share a link with the people you want to prank. You can also save, print, or put your forms into your favorite online storage.

Video on Fake Geico Insurance Card

Making a fake Geico auto insurance card for fun is generally not against the law, but if you show it to a police officer or use it in an accident, you can get into big trouble. It’s safe to use it only for jokes with friends and family.

Police take fake insurance cards seriously, and Fox4 reports that phony insurance cards are on the rise.

Since you need to fake Geico insurance cards for gags and fun, make sure to stick to that. Moreover, driving with a fake insurance card is like not having one at all. You might even be penalized for faking one in the first place.

What Happens if You Have Fake Insurance?

When police pull you over, you usually need to show your driver’s license, car registration, and proof of insurance. While they can quickly check if your license is real using a database, they may not instantly tell if your insurance card is real or fake during a traffic stop.

If you use fake auto insurance, it is a crime that can lead to serious consequences, including out-of-pocket costs (if you get into an accident), a suspended driver’s license, and even jail time. For example,  this Newark man has been indicted for allegedly selling a phony motor car insurance identification card and motor vehicle inspection stickers to an undercover law enforcement officer.

Why People Fake Car Insurance Card

People who get these fake insurance cards usually want a cheap way out. They might not have enough money for real insurance or want something faster and cheaper.

According to a study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) in 2021, approximately one in eight drivers, or 12.6 percent of motorists, were uninsured in 2019. This figure had reached a peak of 13.1 percent in 2017, then decreased to 12.6 percent in both 2018 and 2019. In 2019, Mississippi led the list with the highest rate of uninsured drivers at 29.4 percent. It was followed by Michigan (25.5 percent), Tennessee (23.7 percent), New Mexico (21.8 percent), and Washington (21.7 percent). On the other end of the spectrum, New Jersey had the smallest percentage of uninsured drivers at 3.1 percent. Massachusetts (3.5 percent), New York (4.1 percent), Maine (4.9 percent), and Wyoming (5.8 percent) also reported low rates of uninsured motorists.

When police pull you over or deal with a car accident, like the Florida Highway Patrol, they do their best to check if your insurance card is real and matches your car. If someone is caught using a fake card on purpose, they might get in trouble. This could mean facing criminal charges, losing their license, or even going to jail.

Which States Accept Geico’s Digital INsurance Cards?

Currently, Massachusetts and New Hampshire do not accept the digital ID cards available through GEICO Mobile as valid proof of insurance. In many states, however,  you can use Geico’s digital ID cards as proof of insurance. You can check Geico’s page on insurance requirements for each state.

What is Geico 5 Digit Company Code?

Geico’s special code with the NAIC is 35882. You’re eligible for various discounts with Geico auto insurance.


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