How to make someone’s car smell really bad

While you look forward to making someone’s car smell really bad, note that it is unlawful to cause damage to another person’s property. Although it is vandalism, he/she can sue you for intentional infliction of mental distress, harassment, and the issuance of a restraining order.

How to make someone’s car smell really bad

If you are too stubborn and have made up your mind to deal with your annoying neighbor, an ex, or to prank a friend, below are ways to make their car smell really bad.


1. Doe urine

Go to your local hunting, fishing, or game store and buy a few bottles of doe urine for around $10 apiece. Spray the pee inside and exterior of the person’s car. The car will not only smell worse than an old fish (imagine the largest litter box in the world), but it will also draw other people to his/her car. No matter how thoroughly the person cleans it, the scent will always return every time the car gets hot, reminding him of what a jerk he is. The person will have to replace the fabric in their car to get rid of the odor.

2. Smush fish in their vent

The best form of revenge on your ex or annoying neighbor is to stuff fish into their vents. You can leave a red herring in the car so that when the person finds it, they’d think the odor is coming from the fish they find. Fish smells so bad because bacteria and fish enzymes on a dead fish convert TMAO into trimethylamine (TMA), which gives off the characteristic “fishy” odor, per the American Society for Nutrition.


3. Broccoli in the car

I once had some broccoli fall from my grocery bag into the trunk. The car smelled so bad in less than a week after the drop. If you prefer this prank, leaving it in the vents would be my top pick. You could also put your red herring under the trunk carpet.

4. Fish oil capsules

Fish oil capsules in the car smell bad once it gets heated. If you felt tempted to put them in the car interior, they fit perfectly in overhead lighting fixtures. It’s difficult to find, but a little bit simpler to clean up and get rid of the smell.

5. Liquid fart spray

I purchased a bottle of liquid fart spray and test-sprayed it on the car’s grill. If the person you want to punish is into ride sharing like Uber, he probably won’t get many fares that night due to the bad smell. It does not at all smell like a fart but instead smells sickly. It will give the person willies. like feeling ill after eating rotten ranch dressing. Base notes in the composition include putrid, rotten organic matter and decomposing mammal flesh. The top notes are reminiscent of a thigh-high pig sty and the cat feces of a cat that consumes wet food and tuna juice on a hot, muggy August afternoon in the south.

6. Empty prawns into the car

I once stored some prawns in a bottle of water after a seafood meal. Left it in the car to soak for a long time. During a little heat, it produced the worst odor ever. Even though I have a really strong stomach when it comes to unpleasant things, I almost puked at this.


7. Container of crab meat

Purchase a container of crab meat right away. You can use any old container and let it sit in the sun for a few days. Now, open the can and place the crab meat in a container with water to make the water stinky. Pour the water through a strainer into the gutters of the car you want to smell really bad. Once it’s in there, it will take 3-4 weeks for the scent to leave, but every time the car owner opens their vents, the stench will linger in the interior of the car. This causes no harm to the person’s car in any way; it simply makes them extremely uncomfortable.

8. Tuna fish oil

Get a syringe and a can of tuna fish oil. Put the can of tuna fish oil into the syringe and inject it into the car seats. You’ll need lots of tuna fish cans for this. The scent will be awful when the sun bakes it into the seats.

Final thoughts

Perhaps, you will feel fulfilled after dealing with your annoying neighbor, ex, or pranks on a friend. If your target uses their car to earn a living (such as ride sharing), this may affect how many fares they make as well as their finances, so don’t do it. If you feel that someone did something that hurt you so badly, talk to them or report the matter to the police if necessary. As mentioned earlier, it’s vandalism and a punishable offense (fines or jail time) if you get caught.

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