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With the help of fake employment verification services, one can detect fraudulent employment verification details. An applicant may use the information for a loan, credit card, lease, or job application. False information on a resume or loan application is quite common, unfortunately. faux employment details can have significant financial implications for companies. It can also expose people to liability concerns.

Employment verification services primarily identify fake employment details in employment application documents. These services work by cross-examining the documents and their origins. That way, they can detect potential signs of fake employment information, sometimes with the use of third-party employment verification tools.


What is Fake Employment Verification?

Faking an employment verification involves generating falsified documents, typically with fake employment details on:

  • Employment history
  • Payment amount
  • Dates of employment
  • Employer identification
  • Job title and responsibilities
  • Circumstances surrounding job termination
  • References

When applying for a new job, loan, credit card, or renting a property, employment details typically undergo verification. Fake employment verification services then come in to check if the application information is correct.


Why Applicants Fake Employment Verification

People often fake employment information to increase their chances of securing a loan, renting an apartment, or getting a job.

  • Acquiring loans or credit lines
  • Securing approval for credit card applications
  • Renting an apartment, house, or property
  • Gaining an advantage in job opportunities

People have frequently attempted to increase their reported income to create the impression of being capable of handling payments for a new loan, credit card, or lease. Fake employment information can have negative consequences not only for the defrauded company but also for the individual committing the fraud.

Fake Employment Verification Services

Several fake employment verification services and platforms generate fake pay stubs, offering a convenient and swift process for securing an apartment. Faking application information is typically easy and can be done at home. All the applicant has to do is print the final work, often for a cheap cost.

Mortgage lenders do request pay stubs as evidence of income verification. As such, people who seek loans to purchase a house or property may fake this information. Moreover, companies and employers can be cited as the purported places of employment on fake loan applications. Upon scrutinizing the application, one can detect that such employers are nonexistent.


Also, online businesses offer fraudulent employment verification services, which involve providing fake employment verification services regarding job responsibilities, work performance, or fake work experience. Moreover, someone can be paid to lie about their job history or provide falsified references.

Faux pay stubs and fake employment information can be highly convincing. Many bogus employers are even listed in online directories like, and they maintain active phone numbers or automated call centers. These schemes can be remarkably sophisticated, underscoring the need for potential landlords, employers, and lenders to verify loan applications carefully before approval.

Consequences of Fake Employment Information

If you generate and submit fake employment information, you risk the following potential repercussions:

Job lossDishonesty on a job application typically warrants termination. Moreover, if you misrepresent your job skills and experience, you may struggle to fulfill the job responsibilities. There is a risk of your forgery being exposed, leading to your dismissal.
Criminal chargesFalsifying your employment history can lead to criminal charges and the possibility of serving time in jail. For example, under the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, fabricating military service or decorations is considered a federal offense.
You can risk harm to yourself or othersDepending on the nature of the job you are seeking, falsifying your abilities can affect your well-being and the well-being of those around you. For instance, if you falsely claim expertise in specific healthcare procedures that you do not possess, it can result in significant medical complications for your patients.
Accumulation of more debtIf you use fake employment verification methods to obtain a loan, lease, or credit card, you might be unable to meet the required payments.
Risk of facing a lawsuitYou can be held responsible for a civil case if your actions during a job result in harm to a client or the company. Providing false employment verification can lead to a lengthy and contentious civil lawsuit where you may be held accountable and thus financially responsible for any damages caused.
You can forfeit your credentialsIf you provide inaccurate details about your education or employment, there’s a chance you could completely lose your credentials.
Loss of legal protection and the right to sue an employerIf your employment verification is forged during the hiring process and you later face discrimination or unacceptable work conditions, you may have no options for seeking justice.
Your reputation may suffer irreparable damageWhen deceiving about employment information, you risk tarnishing your reputation permanently and potentially damaging the reputation of your former employer as well. This can make it challenging for you to secure new employment following a dismissal due to breached trust.

The job of providing fake employment verification services is really helpful. It will be able to detect, beforehand, fake employment verification that may potentially impose expenses on a company or organization. Usually, this leads to financial losses, legal responsibilities, and the possibility of criminal or civil litigation in cases of harm to clients or other companies.

How to Detect Fake Employment Verification

Even without fake employment verification services, you might be able to detect doctored employment proofs. Identifying fake employment verification can save you money. To spot fakes, look out for the following signs:

  1. The employment details appear “suspicious” and do not align with the individual’s profile.
  2. The pay slips are rounded and uniform, or there are circles instead of zeros.
  3. Discrepancies in fundamental details on pay stubs can suggest that the stub has been falsified.
  4. The employer appears to be nonexistent and inaccessible.
  5. Paystubs may not have the usual deductions when they are false.
  6. The employer’s whereabouts are uncertain.
  7. The tax calculations are incorrect.

Fake Pay Stubs and Employment Verification Steps

1. Unprofessional Pay Stub Appearance

Agencies that generate fake pay stubs are typically not staffed by accountants or HR experts. As a result, they might produce unclear and messy documents. When reviewing a pay stub, focus on the details. It should be clear, aligned, and free of spelling errors. Any inconsistencies might indicate a fake pay stub.

2. Perfectly Rounded Figures

It’s rare for paychecks to be rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand. If an applicant’s earnings appear too neat, it could be a sign of a fabricated pay stub using an online template.

3. O’s Instead of 0’s

Pay attention to the distinction between the letter ‘O’ and the number ‘0’. Zeros are usually taller and oval-shaped, while O’s are rounder. Any mix-up is a red flag, as professional accountants wouldn’t make such mistakes.

4. Mismatched Information

Fake pay stubs might have missing or inconsistent personal details. Official documents like pay stubs should consistently display the individual’s name, address, and other personal information. Check for discrepancies in these areas.

How to Detect a Fake W2 Form

Along with pay stubs, applicants might provide fraudulent documents as proof of income if they don’t meet rental application criteria. Here’s how to detect a fake W2 form:

Examine details

Review the checklist for potential issues:

  • Does the W2 show a gross income of $1,000,000 for the last year?
  • Are there jumbled characters?
  • Is the address consistent between the pay stub and the W2?

Research the company

Ensure the document is from a legitimate company.

  • Check reviews.
  • Explore their website.
  • Review their BBB ratings.

If the company is genuine, assess its credibility. Is it U.S.-based? If not, is the applicant a remote worker? Does the website give solid information about the company? If these points are satisfied, the company is verified.

Verify the applicant’s employment

Contact the company mentioned on the W2. They should confirm the applicant’s employment status and hiring date. When asking for references, request one from their current employer.

This deters potential fraud. If applicants know you can contact their employer, they’re less likely to commit fraud. If they say they’re self-employed, request a past employer reference.

Always contact the provided references for a complete character evaluation. Ask for an office number and verify it with a quick online search.

What to Do If Someone Submits Fake Pay Stubs and Employment Verification

Have you been given a phony pay stub or fake proof of income, such as employment verification? Well, you want to avoid violating any law under the Fair Housing Act. Thus, it is best to be cautious and refrain from accusing the prospective tenant of fraud. Instead, follow these steps to avoid getting into trouble as a landlord:

  1. Inform the renter that you are experiencing difficulty confirming their income proof based on the documents they have submitted.
  2. Ask for further income verification, such as two months of bank statements and the most recent two years of tax returns.
  3. Specify a deadline for the submission of these documents and adhere to it.

While these measures may cause additional inconvenience for honest renters, they are likely to comply with your request if they genuinely need to rent your property. On the other hand, dishonest applicants will quickly realize that they may get caught and look for an apartment elsewhere.

If you suspect that a counterfeit pay stub has gone unnoticed and you have already accepted the applicant as your tenant, there are still actions you can take. Before discussing the matter with the tenant, seek legal advice and collect evidence to support your case. This situation is likely to result in an eviction, so be prepared.

Final Thoughts

With the help of third-party fake employment verification services, you can easily verify the employment details provided on applications. An employment verification process verifies the accuracy, validity, and legitimacy of the employment information provided on any application, resume, or other documents for a loan, rental, or even a job application.

You always want to verify the correctness of employment history and information for new hires, financial transactions like loans or credit cards, and rental agreements for houses or apartments. All in all, make sure to conduct thorough checks to identify potential risks and protect yourself from potential fraud related to fake employment verification.

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