Should You Make a Fake Motorcycle License Plate or Tags?

For some reasons, typically pranks and fun, riders want to create or replicate motorcycle license plates and tags. Well, this guide exposes how to make a fake motorcycle license plate online and from home. But are you allowed to create a replica motorcycle license plate? Yes, but not for official use.

how to make a fake motorcycle license plate

It is legal to design a custom motorcycle license plate for fun and show-offs. However, if you intend to conceal or defraud, it is illegal, and your motorcycle will be impounded.


This article discloses the steps to create a bike license plate for fun or personal use only. You must not attach a custom motorcycle registration plate to ride on the road.

To create a fake motorcycle license plate is easy, especially if your state does not use embossed texts to imprint the plate registration number.


For a fake license plate for a motorcycle to look real, get a sheet of aluminum, adhesive vinyl sheeting, and paint. These items are available at any art shop. Use the paint to color your bike registration plate to match your state’s template.

To match the reflective paints with a legal motorcycle plate is challenging. Nevertheless, reflective acrylic paint does the magic.

What size are motorcycle plates?

The size of motorcycles plates is 4 x 7 inches in dimensions. A motorcycle plate also has 4 marks resembling mounting holes to make it realistic. It is punched 5.75 inches apart on center with two upper mounting holes.

Motorcycle License Plate Frame

Motorcycle Temporary plate template download

How to Make a Fake License Plate

In this section, you will find out how bikers make fake motorcycle license plates at home and online.

Below are 3 steps regarding how to make a fake license plate:

  1. Photoshop

In this section, I disclose how to make embossed replica license plates for motorcycles using Photoshop.

Note: I use Photoshop CS6 for this tutorial, so the editing tools may be in a different location or bar.

Below are the steps to create custom license plates for your motorcycle with Photoshop:

  • Download the empty motorcycle license plate image above.
  • Launch Photoshop.

As you can see, the plain motorcycle license plate IMG above has no inscription.

  • From your toolbox, select Text Tool (it has the “T” icon).
fake motorcycle license plate ontario
Photoshop Bars
  • At the tool options bar on top, select your font type. I use EngraversGothic BT in this tutorial, but I recommend Sans-Serif
  • Click the license plate template you launched on Photoshop and write your State Name and Registration Number. Finally, resize the texts (state name and registration) to fit your fake motorcycle license plate.
  • Using the color tool in the Panels bar, select a suitable color from the color plates. For your texts to change, choose the texts and click your preferred color on the plate.
How do you sublimate license plates
  • The next step is to emboss the license plate registration font (if it applies to your custom bike license plate). Right-click the text layer from the panels bar on the right and select Blending Options.
  • On the new window, click Bevel and Emboss, Contour, and Stroke. From the Stroke window, reduce Fill Opacity by 20% and set the color to white.
If i put a fake plate on my bike
  • Click Color Overlay. Now, under Blend Mode, click the color plate, pick a preferred color and click Save. I use blue for “RIDER” in this tutorial.
Printable temporary license plate
  • Write the bottom plate text. I use “” but you can use what matches your state or custom replica motorcycle license plate (we won’t emboss this text).
  • Select the text and change the font type from the tool options bar at the top. My font type is Century Gothic.
DIY motorcycle license plate
  • Write the month at the top-left. I use JAN, and my font type is Humnst777 Blk BT. You can resize the text by pressing CTRL + T.

Below is our phony motorcycle license plate written in an embossed pattern.

Make a fake motorcycle license plate

To make a fake sticker and add it to your custom plate, keep reading!

Meanwhile, you can get an artist to print your design at an art store. If you want a fake motorcycle license that looks real, you need additional materials.

Below are the materials for making motorcycle license plate look real:

  • A sheet of aluminum (the empty license plate)
  • Paint
  • Pre-printed and colored reflective and adhesive sheeting
  • License plate frame

Cut the aluminum using the size of an existing motorcycle license plate. Typically, the size of a motorcycle plate is 4 x 7 inches dimensions so that you can cut it in this size.

Finally, add the printed sheeting to the aluminum sheet and attach the frame. Voila, your fake motorcycle license plate is ready!

Alternatively, you can ask an artist to carve an embossed pattern on the aluminum sheet, paint it and your DIY plate is ready.

  1. Online Market

If you feel lazy, you can order custom motorcycle plates online. It should cost between $20 and $100, depending on the quality and standard. I have purchased replica motorcycle license plates off Craigslist, and eBay for my bike projects a couple of times, though.

Meanwhile, you might be interested in buying a motorcycle on eBay someday or getting a used bike on Craigslist without getting scammed.

Regardless of the online platform or marketplace you prefer, type “custom motorcycle plate” in the search bar. You can filter locations to show sellers and registration plates relevant to your state.

Before you make payments, call or message the seller and explain what you want. Provide your preferred size and the information (such as registration number, date, state, and sticker) you want on the license plate.

Next, specify the parts of registration information to be embossed. In many states, only the registration number is embossed, but not always.

Finally, specify whether you need the aluminum or plastic fake license plates for your motorcycle.

  1. ACME License Maker

You can get a fake license plate off ACME License Maker via The software allows you to generate a fake plate that matches your state. You also have to provide your registration, but the license design is ridiculous.

When you visit the URL above, do the following to generate a motorcycle license plate:

  • Choose your state.
  • Pick a preferred frame.
  • Click Make License.

You should have a similar result to the picture below:

fake vanity motorcycle plate
ACME Licence Generator

Download the fake license plate and print it. I do not recommend this option, though. The image quality is low, and the tool does not provide the option for embossing your replica motorcycle registration.

How to Make a Fake License Plate Sticker for Motorcycle

After buying a motorcycle out of state (new or used) or from a private motorcycle seller, you might want to evade tax. One of the methods is to create a fake license plate sticker, which is illegal.

replica motorcycle license plates

But if you insist on making a fake plate sticker to ride, it is easy. I do not recommend writing it on cardboard paper manually because it does not look real. Also, do not use the fake sticker on your motorcycle, except you have the original with you.

Meanwhile, do the following to create a fake sticker for motorcycle:

  • Download a fake sticker template online.
  • Install Photoshop (if you are using a computer) or PicsArt (for mobile users).
  • Create a background and set the color to match your license sticker.
  • Using the text tool, write the letters/numbers you find on an original sticker and place them in similar spots.
  • Save the text as PNG and print it with a colored printer.
  • Carve out your design from the printed paper.
  • Get cardboard and carve it similar to the size of your sticker. Apply a tiny drop of glue and merge the paper with cardboard.
  • Paste the fake sticker on a preferred spot on your motorcycle plate. If you have no original sticker, do not put your motor vehicle on the road.

To remove the fake sticker, scratch it off and use rubbing alcohol or hydraulic to get rid of the residues.

Alternatively, you can download a suitable license plate sticker online, crop and print it. You can use the Clone tool of your editing app/software to erase/replace any part of the sticker.

What happens if you get caught with fake tags on motorcycle?

The law enforcement agency will arrest and convict you for registration fraud if you are caught with fake tags on your motor vehicle. It is fraudulent, and you may be fined about $1,000 or slammed up to 364 days jail term.

Is a fake motorcycle license plate illegal?

Yes. You can create a fake motorcycle license, but it becomes illegal if you use it on a motorcycle formally. Following ABC7Chicago, Millersburg Police Department arrested a motor vehicle owner with a DIY hand-drawn license plate. So, novelty motorcycle license plates must not be used on a motorcycle because it conceals ownership.

How much is a custom motorcycle license plate?

The average price of a custom motorcycle license plate is $20. Depending on the standard, however, a replica motorcycle license plate can cost up to $100. Embossed license plates designed with aluminum or plastic are relatively costly and illegal too.

Should you make a fake motorcycle license plate or tags?

No, except for temporary recreational use. Besides, the average motorcycle registration fee is $25. If you defaulted, budget at least $200 for registration.

Final Thoughts

In many states, you can ride home a motorcycle without a license plate, but for a limited time, typically 2-30 days (depending on your state).

Meanwhile, a fake license reg plate is a sign that a motorcycle was stolen, and it is easy to steal a motorcycle. And a thief can use fake license plates to get rid of a stolen motorcycle as legitimate to an unsuspecting buyer.

Resist the urge to get your motor vehicle on the road with a replica license plate, except you are willing to pay the price.

Do you know you can ride or drive while your license plate remains invisible to cameras?

Driving with a fake license plate is fun until you get caught.

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