Best Helmet for Motorcycle Passenger

I received an email requesting the best helmet for motorcycle passenger. Well, when you start picking up people, it is important to have a passenger helmet; you can’t give out your helmet to passengers while going bare head. What if…? Of course, motorcycles crash unexpectedly!

The email message reads:

I have been riding motorcycles going to 3 years, and it has been a great experience. Now, I feel I have the experience to ride people home from school, events, etc. For a while, they’ve had to use my helmet, while I go bare. I know it’s not smart to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, so recommend the best passenger helmet to use. Most male passengers have their helmets, but the females never do. Thanks.

best helmet for motorcycle passenger

Does a passenger on a motorcycle need a helmet?

Yes. A passenger on a motorcycle needs a helmet for head protection during a crash. In some states, 21+ or older passengers are allowed to ride on motorcycles without a helmet. However, the motorbike rider must not be legally required to wear a helmet. If you’re a rider with a motorcycle learner’s permit, you and the passenger must wear a helmet.

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Best Helmet for Motorcycle Passenger

Note: This compilation is based on consumer preferences. I do not affiliate with any of the helmet brands, and there are no external links to the products. Enjoy my content and look online for the helmet of your choice, as mentioned here.

Below is the best helmet for motorcycle passenger:

  1. Icon Airmada

Does a passenger on a motorcycle need a helmet

You can get the Icon Airmada for your motorcycle passenger. Icon helmets are not expensive, decent quality, and have beautiful-looking graphics.

Due to how beautifully designed the Airmada is, road users might not acknowledge yours.

It’s a safe helmet to buy for a motorcycle passenger, and consumers love it. Stick it anywhere on your motorcycle, but be mindful of the size. I recommend buying a medium-sized helmet for passengers. Nevertheless, your kind of passengers should determine the helmet size.

  1. Scorpion EXO-400

What should a motorcycle passenger wear

If you want a passenger helmet with quality features, excellent graphics, paint, and a few quirks, the Scorpion EXO-400 is what you want to purchase.

It’s heavy, but you won’t feel it on your head.

Regarding the price, it’s one of the top quality helmets for passengers that is affordable. I got my Scorpion EXO-400 at $70 for my dirt bike. It is SNELL & DOT approved and a full-face helmet for passengers. Meanwhile, you might be interested in how to recover an impounded dirt bike.

  1. Scorpion EXO-410

One size fits all Motorcycle helmet

The R410 is a newer version selling at about $85. It is an excellent basic helmet, and every motorcycle passenger admires it.

You can also search for other ECE/SNELL rated full-face helmets on closeout/sale. I looked up this helmet on Revzilla. The fit is crucial too; consider the head measurement of your most frequent passengers.

What consumers say:

Some consumers claim they dislike SNELL helmets, with the reason being that they are too rigid because SNELL requires a 2-hit on the same spot survivability. Well, it’s rare to hit the same spot twice hard.

This is a myth, however, and not a fact about SNELL helmets.

The same consumers also claim that the European certified helmet is preferable.

  1. Icon Alliance

Motorcycle passenger helmet

If a passenger is frequent on your motorcycle, between $100 and $150 can afford the Icon Alliance helmet.

I bought a used sizeable medium Icon Alliance from a friend some time ago for 70 bucks. Some manufacture use, for instance, l-xl and small-medium and change the cheek pads. You can get the smaller-sized pad ($30 for Icon Alliance) and change them whenever necessary.

Buy a used Icon helmet from trusted persons only. Moreover, find out whether it was involved in a wreck, drop, or crash.

Also, verify the helmet uses the same shell, and the pads click in well. The cheek pad should be $30 from your local dealership.

  1. Icon Airflite

Helmet for motorcycle passenger

I don’t take any passenger without full gear (jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and helmet). If you have none, get the Icon Airflite, at least for the passenger.

A bit expensive helmet to get a passenger, but worth it. It costs about $250.

  1. HJC

Womens motorcycle Helmet

You can get the SNELL-rated HJC at about $150. It has bare minimum features, loud, and not very comfortable.

Since you’re getting for passengers, purchase a medium size, although it could be a little loose or tight on passengers.

Apart from the passenger helmet, get spare skin protection; boots, jeans, a thick jacket, and gloves at a minimum.

Passenger Motorcycle Helmet Standards

In Europe, it’s ECE 22.05 legal road helmet to get a passenger. There is also the SHARP rating scheme and helmet test. If you’re frequent on tracks with your passenger, the helmet should be ACU Gold approved. You can include a fitting full-face lid and necessary gloves at £150 if you reside in the UK.

The US have their certification; DOT approval. DOT is a baseline and may not be as great as other standards, but DOT-approved helmets have saved lots of lives. DOT can be self-administered.

Many helmets are DOT-approved but would still be great regardless of the DOT stamp.

What Helmet Should You Get a Passenger?

A standard quality helmet, between 100-150, is OK for a passenger. Moreover, consider a helmet with a flip-down visor to protect against the sun.

Depending on your most frequent passengers, get between a small and medium helmet. Bigger helmets can cause headaches, especially if the motorcycle crashes.

What to Look for When Buying Passenger Helmet

Consider the following when buying a passenger helmet:

  1. Flip Up

If your passengers fancy wind on their faces, get a helmet you can flip up/down. It also makes communication easier, especially when the passenger makes/receives a phone call with the helmet on.

Compared to full-face helmets, flip-ups are a bit noisier and heavier.

  1. Visor

Get a passenger helmet that is pin lock-ready with a wide aperture. Moreover, the visor should be quick-change for cleaning to be easier.

  1. Ventilation

Modern helmets are designed for ventilation. Get a helmet with two forehead vents, a chin vent, and an exhaust vent to draw air in/over the scalp.

Ensure that the front vent is closable. Furthermore, the chin bar vent should pull enormous air across the visor to demist the passenger helmet.

  1. Chin Strap

If you go on track day with a passenger, get a crash helmet with a double-d ring fastener. They are ACU approved, and you may add the ACU hold sticker on the back.

D-strings are easy to use; however, kick micrometric fasteners are the trend.

  1. SHARP Rating

You can get a SHARP-rated helmet for a passenger to keep their skull intact during a crash.

Final Thoughts

Understand that the best helmet for motorcycle passenger is the bare minimum requirement for safety. Also, if the helmet does not fit your passenger, it isn’t protective enough; buy a helmet according to the head shape of your most frequent passengers.

The best practice is not to haul passengers on your motorcycle without a full set of gear. Passengers also require gloves to protect their hands because hands are the first part a passenger sticks out in a crash.

You can strap the passenger helmet to your motorcycle. If it’s an open face, leave it tied down; it’s better than no helmet. If a particular person rides on your motorcycle often, consider getting a sizeable helmet for them.

Meanwhile, if you ever feel like hijacking a motorcycle with your passenger, you might be interested in how motorcycles are stolen.

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