How to Convince Mom to Say Yes to Anything

There are so many things you would want to convince a mom about. It could be attending a concert, traveling on your own, seeing a friend, etc. But sometimes, she will simply say ‘No’. However, you could still be able to convince mom to say yes to anything you want to do, as long as she considers it reasonable.

This convincing will only work if you maintain your composure and adhere to the instructions in this article carefully.


How to Convince Mom to Say Yes

Depending on your mom, it can be really easy to convince her to say yes. If you have a disciplinarian type of parent, make sure that your request is a reasonable one before you even make an attempt. That said, below are the ways you can convince mom to say yes.

1. Expect a “No” for an answer



I understand that this article is about convincing a mom to say yes. However, don’t expect her to say “yes” all the time. Her refusal is typically for your good, especially if your request is not reasonable to her, for example, going to a night party with friends.

Mom may say “no” to your request to go to a close friend’s night party as she’s trying to keep you out of harm’s way. But you would feel she is denying you the opportunity to have fun. If you disobey her orders and sneak out of the house, you could find yourself making excuses for sneaking out and may have to contend with Dad too.

2. Provide her with a vague information


Don’t lie. It might work the first time, but if your mother finds out you lied, she’ll say “no” to your future requests. You don’t always have to be perfectly truthful; you can omit information that your mom does not need to know. But outright lying? You might as well skip asking the next time you need something before she will not trust you enough to say yes.


Nothing beats honesty. Honesty brings out the great in you, and it makes you attractive without effort. Moms typically say no to your requests because their greatest concern is that you will get hurt. Per Seleni Institute, a mother can feel tortured and may restrict certain activities when she worries that it could harm her baby. But all you need to do to make your mother’s anxiety go away is to explain your grand plan to her and reassure her that she needn’t be concerned. Give her specifics regarding its safety and demonstrate to her how you’ve already figured out all the details.

She’ll likely say yes after she realizes that it isn’t truly risky. If it’s a movie, for instance, you should be aware of the film’s rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). If you’re underage and watching a more mature film, don’t discuss it with mom unless she specifically requests it. Just state the genre, such as comedy or suspense.

3. Be enthusiastic


Tell her how the things you wish to accomplish can make your life better. Say you’ll learn something beneficial from the experience. Also, you could tell her that you need to improve your social life and spend quality time with your buddies.

Suppose you need new stuff, show her how worn out your old shoes have become. Irrespective of your request, including attending a party, hanging out with a friend, or requesting money to get a motorcycle license without having a motorcycle, just demonstrate your need for it. Let’s assume you want to go sneak up on a neighbor’s cat for fun, but mom dislikes the idea, you need convincing reasons to get a yes. To develop compelling reasons, you ought to understand why you must sneak up on the cat.

4. Make her see reasons


You can try to assure her that you will be home on time. Give her a specific time that you will arrive home and explain your route. try to remind her of past occasions when you arrived home on schedule.

Moreover, explain to Mom that what you intend to do can improve your life. If you are inviting your friend to the house, instead of sneaking him or her into your house, your mom wants to know why she should say yes. Explain that you intend to work on school research together and that your friend’s parents are aware. If mom asks to call their parents, you can give her another person’s number to represent your friend’s parents (if necessary).

5. Have a backup plan


Make sure you have a plan in place in case things do not go as planned. Moms like it when you make plans. Consider all the potential outcomes and assure her that you have prepared for them. Suppose she asks if you arrived at the party and it is too late to return home. What would you do?


I have informed my friend’s parents that I will sleep there. I gave them your phone number, and I have theirs. So, you may call them to discuss it.

6. Reflect on your past


Mention instances where you gained her trust to convince Mom to say yes. Remind your mother of the good things you’ve done in the past. Don’t moan too much about the tasks you have to do; instead, focus on how well you have been doing in school, how much you have been helping around the house, and how you always returned home on time. If you have disappointed her recently, try to win her trust back by following her instructions for at least a week before you approach her to say yes to your request.

How to Keep Mom Assured

It does not end at convincing Mom to say yes; you also want to assure her. Below are the ways to assure mom:

1. Remind her of your good grades in school


If you put up your best effort in both your extracurricular and academic pursuits, mom will realize how much you merit the treatment you ask for. It’s even possible to move your grade from an F to a B if necessary. If you can show that you’re responsible and mature by working hard in school, your mother may be more likely to say yes.

2. Complete your chores at home


Help her clean the house, do the dishes, mow the yard, walk the dog, and do all the other little chores to keep the house running. Doing some additional chores doesn’t harm if you’re asking for something significant.

3. Just be nice


Get to know how her day went. She may likely ask about yours too and may be encouraged to say yes to you. Let her know how your life is going and what you’ve been thinking to increase your chances of getting a positive response. This way, she still lets you make more decisions on your own.

4. Hold an impressive conversation


How you talk to your mom or express yourself matters. Before she leaves home, inform her that you would like to have a brief conversation with her. When she returns home, ask about her day and work. If she asks of yours, fine, tell her it keeps getting beautiful because of her. If your mom hides her blushes, she can’t hide her smile.

Tell her how things have been in your life, how you handled them, and the changes you noticed in yourself. Now, she will become even more interested in the conversation, and she feels it is the best conversation you have put up in a while. It also shows how grown you have become, so mom would not think twice before saying yes.

Ways You Can Show Maturity on Your End

While you’re getting a yes from her, you also want to show that you’re a grownup.

1. Cover minor expenses yourself

Prove to mom that you are fast becoming an adult by covering some expenses for yourself. You can take up paying jobs in the neighborhood, such as walking a dog, home delivery, mowing the lawn, etc. Save the money for personal use to get yourself affordable stuff.

For instance, if you want to see a movie with friends, tell mom about it and inform her that you can cover the expense; it increases the chance of mom saying yes. She might even give you additional money for your movie night and offer to drive you down to the cinema.

2. Do not compare

Never say to mom:

My friend is doing it. Her mom let her do it, and she is happy.

You are comparing her indirectly, and most moms find it insulting.

But would telling your mom that others are doing it get her to say yes? No, it does not; it instead gives her the impression that you are being stubborn. Instead of comparing, explain to mom that it is important for your happiness. Get her to talk to your friend or your friend’s parent; it might convince her to say yes.

3. Make her smile

Make mom smile, tell her some jokes, and tease her. Remind her of the pranks that made her scream so loud. Tell her of the funny experience during the vacations and show funny vines you found online to her. Even if mom says no, she might be encouraged to grant your request later, although she might attach conditions to it.

4. Request, no begging

It is OK to beg mom to say yes, but at the same time, it makes her feel you are up to something.

Instead of begging, give her good reasons why she should say yes. It does not mean you should not say “please” or behave in a manner that urges her to say yes. If mom says no, do not walk out on her. Say to mom, “I understand you, mom. It is okay.”

You may then inform her that you are leaving to continue with what you were doing. She might ask you immediately to explain why you need her to say yes, or she will meet you later to talk about it.

5. Remind her you love her

Telling mom that you love her makes her feel loved. If she said no earlier, she feels guilty and may take back her word. Say beautiful things like the following to mom:

I love you, mom

In another life, if there’s any, I would want you to be my mom again.

Trust me; I would not do anything to hurt your trust in me. I love you.

She is a mother and would be willing to make you happy by saying YES. But if she doesn’t, bring dad into the picture. If you can persuade him, he might be able to persuade mom as well. But keep in mind that this may not always work as mom’s decision may be final.

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  1. After reading some of these articles I am kinda disgusted to see such deceit. As a mom it’s horrible to see this- the “grown “ adults teaching children to lie and do bad things. What kind of people are you? How are you okay with teaching people how to get away with things and lying. Especially saying to them ‘hey compliment your mom to get her to do what you want’. Such evil

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