How Children Convince Mom to Say Yes

Moms are quite difficult to convince compared to dads, so you ought to know how to convince mom to say yes. The reason is that moms tend to know even without being informed. I am a mom of three, and I know when my children have skeletons in the closets.

Depending on your demand, it may be easier to convince mom, but it does not mean you outsmarted her. You do not also have to lie to get something from her; it is unethical.

how to convince mom to say yes

Moreover, do not expect mom to say “yes” all the time. Her refusal is for your good, though you may not realize it.

For example, mom would say “no” to your request to go to a close friend’s night party; she’s keeping you out of harm’s way. But you would feel she is denying your happiness. If you disobey her orders and sneak out of the house, you would find yourself making excuses for sneaking out. You may have to contend with dad if it gets to him.

In the sections below, I reveal the ways how to convince a mom to say yes:

Understand Know What You Want

What do you want? I assume you know what you want; to attend a party? See a friend? To request money to get a motorcycle license without having a motorcycle?

Regardless of your demand, make sure to understand it better before you approach mom. It helps to describe it better to convince her to say yes.

Of course, mom will question your intentions, and if you give flimsy reasons, she will say no.

Let’s assume you want to go sneak up on a neighbor’s cat for fun, but mom dislikes the idea, you need convincing reasons to get a yes. To develop compelling reasons, you ought to understand why you must sneak up on the cat.

Be Honest

Sincerely, nothing beats honesty. Following 52-Secrets, honesty brings out the great in you, and it makes you attractive without effort.

It applies to moms, and most of the time, I can’t help but say yes to honest demands from a child. I can review the demand, assess the dangers, and figure out what I can do for the teen’s safety after saying yes.

However, if I learn about their dishonesty, I refuse the demand because I can’t assess whether the situation is okay for them. Understand that a typical mom is scared of her child getting hurt or influenced negatively.

According to the Seleni Institute, a mother can feel tortured and may restrict certain activities when she worries that it could harm her baby.

For instance, if you request to see a movie, mom wants to know the movie rating, i.e., G, PG. PG-13, R, and NC-17 are suitable for your age. If you are under 16 years old, she will not allow you to see a movie rated 18+. But a mom would not be worried if the movie is a comedy-thriller, teen animation, etc.

Give Mom Reasons to Say Yes

Explain to mom that what you intend to do can improve your life.

For example, if you are inviting your lover to the house, instead of sneaking him or her into your house, your mom wants to know why she should say yes. Don’t tell her that your lover is a boyfriend or girlfriend, but explain that you intend to work on school research together and that her parents are aware. If mom asks to call their parents, you can give her another lady’s number to represent your lover’s parent.

Another instance: if you need new clothes, show the older clothes to mom and explain how shabby older clothes make you look.

Reflect on Your Past

When my most honest child makes demands, it is difficult to refuse them because he keeps his word. You may be able to convince mom to say yes by reminding her of the past when you kept to your words.

Also, remind her of your hard work in school and at home and your clean record away from home.

If you have no excellent past to use to convince mom to say yes, postpone your request and make up for it. How? Work proactively in the house for at least 7 days until mom notices it, then use it to remind her how much you have changed.

Develop a Backup Plan

What if mom finds faults in your demand? Of course, you will be stuck trying to convince her to say yes. Endeavor to have a backup plan because a typical mom loves it when their kids think ahead.

To develop a backup plan, review your demand, and point out the loopholes.

For example, if you arrived at the party and it is too late to return home, what would you do?

Answer: “I have informed my friend’s parents that I will sleep there. I gave them your phone number, and I have theirs. So, you may call them to discuss it.

In another instance, when your friend (your secret lover) arrives, how do we handle intimacy?

Answer: “I will sleep in the sitting room or my sib’s room while she uses my room.

How to Make Mom Assured

It does not end at convincing mom to say yes; assure her. Below are the ways to assure mom:

Take Up Responsibilities

You can assure mom in many ways after she says yes. For example, if you are in high school or college, attend classes, do your home works and get good grades. Since your performance at school is decent, she is assured you deserve the permission.

Don’t let mom do everything at home. Help her walk the dog, mow the lawn, wash dishes, clean the house, make deliveries, and do other activities. If you don’t help at home often, then take about a week to make it up, it should convince and assure her.

Hold an Impressive Conversation

How you talk to mom or express yourself matters. Before she leaves home, inform her that you would like to have a brief conversation with her. When she returns home, ask about her day and work. If she asks of yours, fine, tell her it keeps getting beautiful because of her. If your mom hides her blushes, she can’t hide her smile.

Next, tell her how things have been in your life, how you handled them, and the changes you noticed in yourself.

Now, she will become even more interested in the conversation, and she feels it is the best conversation you have put up in a while. It also shows how grown you have become, so mom would not think twice after saying yes.

Keep to Time

A mom is not a good timekeeper when it comes to having time out with dad, but she is a perfect timekeeper when it involves her children. For example, she makes sure breakfast is ready on time and that you are not late for school.

In what aspect should you improve on your timing to impress mom and assure her whenever she says yes to your requests? Below are some of the aspects:

  • Waking up early to prepare for school.
  • Not keeping out late when she allows you out with friends.
  • Being timely with your assignments.
  • Reminding her of schedules.

She finds it difficult not to be assured after saying yes if you have the attributes above.

Tips to Get Mom to Say Yes

Before you ask mom for something, note the following tips to get her to say yes:

Cover Minor Expenses

Prove to mom that you are fast becoming an adult by covering some expenses for yourself. You can take up paying jobs in the neighborhood, such as walking a dog, home delivery, mowing the lawn, etc. Save the money for personal use to get yourself stuff without requesting from mom.

For instance, if you want to see a movie with friends, tell mom about it and inform her that you can cover the expense; it increases the chance of mom saying yes.

She might even give you additional money for your movie night and offer to drive you down to the cinema.

Do Not Compare

Never say to mom:

My friend is doing it. Her mom let her do it, and she is happy.

You are comparing her indirectly, and most moms find it insulting. Meanwhile, some dads would not let you finish ranting before ordering you out of their sight.

But would telling your mom that others are doing it get her to say yes? No, it does not; it instead gives her the impression that you are being stubborn.

Instead of comparing, explain to mom that it is important for your happiness. Get her to talk to your friend or your friend’s parent; it might convince her to say yes.

Make Her Smile

Make mom smile, tell her some jokes, and tease her. Remind her of the pranks that made her scream so loud. Tell her of the funny experience during the vacations and show funny vines you found online to her.

Even if mom says no, she might be encouraged to grant your request later, although she might attach conditions to it.

Request, No Begging

It is OK to beg mom to say yes, but at the same time, it makes her feel you are up to something.

Instead of begging, give her good reasons why she should say yes. It does not mean you should not say “please” or behave in a manner that urges her to say yes.

If mom says no, do not walk out on her. Say to mom, “I understand you, mom. It is okay.”

You may then inform her that you are leaving to continue with what you were doing. She might ask you immediately to explain why you need her to say yes, or she will meet you later to talk about it.

Remind Her You Lover Her

Telling mom that you love her makes her feel loved. If she said no earlier, she feels guilty and may take back her word.

Say beautiful things like the following to mom:

I love you, mom

In another life, if there’s any, I would want you to be my mom again.

Trust me; I would not do anything to hurt your trust in me. I love you.

She is a mother and would be willing to make you happy by saying YES.

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