How to hide being drunk at work

It’s okay to have a drink after work. Every night, employees all over the country leave their jobs to do something they do every night to take the edge off. However, drinking sometimes results in a hangover and you want to hide being drunk at work the next day. Just don’t be too drunk like the Japanese worker who lost s USB with an entire city’s data after a night out with colleagues.

How to hide being drunk at work

If you are still drunk, you need to hide it from your coworkers or bosses at work, and there are many ways to avoid getting that unwanted attention.


1. Consider calling sick

Be honest with yourself and figure out how drunk you are. Depending on how much you’ve been drinking, you might be able to get sober by drinking water, eating, or going for a walk.

However, if you’re too drunk, you might not be able to hide it, and you could endanger yourself and others. In that case, it would be best to call in sick and take the day off. You can go extreme and fake an accident to get a day or two off.


2. Get rid of your alcoholic breath

Drink water and eat something to eliminate the alcohol breath. If you’ve had a few drinks but aren’t too drunk, the best thing you can do is stay hydrated and eat something. Drinking water will help you feel less drunk, and eating will soak up some of the alcohol. You can also stay awake by drinking coffee or tea.

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If you keep drinking, any leftover toxins or alcohol will be flushed out of your system. If you sit by the water cooler all day, it will not only give you an endless supply of water, but it will also give you a handy helper on which to lean if you feel unsteady.

3. Be confident

Another easy to hide bring drunk at work is to believe in yourself and your ability, which can be hard if:

  1. your eyes are swollen;
  2. your mouth is dry; and
  3. your joints are stiff.

Just keep going and turn up the optimism. Refuse to believe you’re sick and put on a big smile, and your hangover will start to go away.

Try not to skip meetings or hide out in your cubicle to feel sorry for yourself — that will only lead to suspicions. So, get out and talk to people to show your hangover who’s in charge.

4. Be smart and blend in

Don’t go overboard though, but if you show up to work looking a little nicer than usual, it will draw attention away from your pale skin and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Tie a full Windsor knot instead of a half, comb your hair a few more times, and wear your best-fitting clothes. You don’t want to stand out, you want to blend in. These small changes will make a big difference.

Wear extra antiperspirant, use a lot of aftershaves, and have strong mints or chewing gum with you to help remove the alcohol smell. The smell of alcohol can linger for a long time after you’ve stopped drinking, so be ready to fight it with freshness.

5. Try not to talk to your coworkers and bosses

If you are worried about getting caught, try not to talk to your coworkers or bosses. You can act like you’re busy with work or avoid talking to people who might find out about your hangover. Stay away from social events or gatherings such as team meetings or lunch breaks, where your behavior might draw attention.

6. Avoid any big tasks

Don’t take on any big tasks or responsibilities because you might make mistakes, miss deadlines, or even put yourself or others in danger. Instead, you should focus on small tasks that aren’t as important and don’t require much attention or work.

7. Stay out of sight

If you feel sick or dizzy, try to stay out of sight and not attract attention to yourself. If you need to, consider going to the bathroom or taking a break. If you don’t want to get caught, try not to move or act in a way that might draw attention such as stumbling around.

8. Don’t drive or work with heavy equipment

It is dangerous and against the law to drive or use heavy machinery when you are drunk. If your job requires you to drive or use machinery, you should call in sick or ask for a day off. You can also arrange for someone else to take your place.

9. Think ahead

Planning ahead is the best way to hide being drunk at work. If you have to go to work the next day, try to limit how much alcohol you drink the night before. You could also plan to stay at a friend’s house or get a sober driver. If you have a history of drinking too much or getting hooked on it, you should get help from a professional.

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Can you get fired for showing up to work drunk?

Your manager is responsible for ensuring the safety of employees and clients, so a drunk employee can put everyone in danger. Thus, you can get fired for showing up to work drunk, depending on the company’s policies and the gravity of the situation.

Employers generally have the right to fire an employee who does something wrong that hurts their job performance or the reputation of the company. In fact, the ADA does not prohibit your employer from discharging you if you report to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Depending on the situation, there are different things that can happen if you show up to work drunk. If you arrive at work drunk for the first time, you are more likely to receive a verbal or written warning from your employer. The employer may also decide to fire you if the behavior persists or turns into a pattern.

In some fields such as healthcare, transportation, or manufacturing, showing up to work drunk can get you fired right away because you could hurt other people at work or customers.

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Being drunk at work is not only dangerous but also unprofessional. If you have a hangover at work, it may be best to take the day off and call in sick. But if you aren’t too drunk, you can stay hydrated, eat something, and stay away from your coworkers and bosses. Keep a low profile all day and you’ll be fine.

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