9 Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Purple color is often described as mysterious, spiritual, and imaginative. It is rarely seen in nature, so people tend to call it ‘rare’. This color is also present in the dating scene, where some apps use it for their icons. In this post, I will mention the top dating apps with purple icon you should install.

Little details can make a difference, even in online dating. From the popular Badoo app to Lesly, a few dating apps for everyone use this color to symbolize rarity. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but only a few dating apps use this color, so it’s indeed rare.


Dating Apps With Purple Icon

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

If you want to initiate yourself in rarity and meet your online romantic match, here I have a list of the best dating apps with purple icon. With time, you might be able to grow the meeting into something serious.


1. Badoo

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Badoo is easily the best dating app with a purple icon. Chat with potential matches before deciding to meet up, ensuring you find the right connection.

Are you looking to date someone nearby or make friends from different corners of the globe? Badoo, one of the dating apps with purple icon, is for you. It comes with vibrant purple icon that stands out. So, you won’t miss a chance to connect on this free app.

Badoo dating app with people logo



Badoo new logo

Badoo has changed its logo. It’s now a red Badoo on a lilac background, which is a soft, pale shade of purple as you can see above. It’s still with the purple vibes, so yes, still a good purple blend for your app collections.

2. MeetMe

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

I have used MeetMe to meet, chat, and go live with people who share the same interests as me. As a purple color fan, this is the go-to app for anyone in the mood for a simple text chat or a lively video conversation. With over 100 million users, you will find someone who resonates with your vibe and message them for free.

If you feel a tad adventurous, you can broadcast yourself to the world. Thanks to the app’s livestreaming feature that lets you showcase your personality and attract purple viewers from all corners of the globe.

MeetMe dating app with purple icon

3. Flirteezy

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Flirteezy is a dating platform that prides itself on connecting singles from all over the globe. Are you on the hunt for new friends, exciting dates, or perhaps the love of your life? Not only is it one of the best dating apps with purple icon, but Flirteezy registration is always free. There are also premium features that can be accessed with a premium membership.

The safety of its users is paramount; the platform regularly checks its member database to weed out scammers, spam, and fake users.

Flirteezy has a strict policy on the type of pictures allowed; any explicit content or images not showing the user is prohibited. If any issues arise, such as someone using your pictures without permission or if you come across offensive content, you can report the profile.

Payments for premium memberships and credits can be made via PayPal or Credit Card through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Flirteezy purple dating app

4. Tinder Purple

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Tinder’s icon is not purple per se, however, this app has a feature known as Boost that is colored purple. You have to buy the Boost feature by tapping the profile icon > Settings > Get Boosts. Free monthly Boost is only available for Tinder Gold subscriptions of 1 month or longer.

Tinder is home to 55 billion matches to date, making it the world’s most popular dating app.

It’s not just about fleeting connections; many have found lasting relationships and even life partners. Tinder encourages you to step out of your comfort zones, and have that genuine connection even when least expected.

Tinder Boost

5. Hily

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Check Hily to find your match through psychology methods you won’t find anywhere. There are over 22.5 million Hily users. After you complete your profile, the app uses artificial intelligence to learn about you and your preferences. It then recommends other users with similar values and interests for the best compatibility.

Hily is more than just a dating app with a purple icon. It will help you to find a serious relationship based on respect, honesty, and selectiveness.

Hily dating app

6. Casual Dating App

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Casual or Kasual app is one of the best dating apps with purple icon. It is built for those who prefer a laid-back approach to dating. You can match, meet, and date local individuals without any strings attached. As a member of this community, you’ll find a quick fling with a new hot friend. This app was formerly known as Yumi.

Every member is required to be verified, so you will meet only genuine people seeking romantic connections. It comes with a unique “Kasual Cards” feature, where you have a 50% chance to find and chat with local people for free. Your next casual encounter might just start with a random flip of a card on Kasual.

Casual dating app

7. Hud Dating App Legit

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Hud might be the app for you if you are searching for dating apps with purple icon that symbolize rarity.  Hud dating is a gem, and like gemstones, the purple colors are rare. Get in here to enjoy unique endless scrolling, and view all matches without repetitive swiping.

You can use the ‘My Bedroom’ feature to get a glimpse into what someone likes. Hud is for everyone, regardless of how you identify or what you seek.

Hud dating app

8. Lesly Dating App

Dating Apps with Purple Icon

Purple is somewhat feminine, although not everyone will agree to restrict this beautiful color to one identity. This app is for women of any identity. Its purple logo says it all, and it’s one of the best dating apps with purple icon for females.

This isn’t just another dating app with a purple icon; it is built for singles to chat, date, and even find their next love story.

Lesly dating app

9. HeeSay

HeeSay purple logo

Formerly Blued, HeeSay is the new purple in the dating space. HeeSay is a purple social platform where like-minded men like you share their lives, stream live videos, and connect with others on a deeper level. This is a space of freedom and acceptance. You can start relationships from a shared experience or interest. HeeSay’s story is one of building a community where everyone feels safe and valued. So, it’s not just a place to find a date—it’s a home for many guys who can establish something serious.

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