How to Verify Your Age on YouTube Without ID

Google, the parent company of YouTube, often requires users to confirm that they are over 18 by providing a valid credit card or photo ID. But you can verify your age on YouTube without ID.

However, not everyone has access to these forms of identification. Some people, such as those living in the UK and Australia, may not be legally obliged to have a bank account or carry photo ID. Others may have no intention of obtaining these documents, or they may only possess out-of-date identification like an expired passport.


The situation becomes complicated when a long-time user, who is well over the age of 18, suddenly finds their settings changed by Google due to an unverified age. This unexpected requirement can lead to confusion and frustration, especially when no prior notification is given.

So, the question arises: How can one verify their age on YouTube without the need for a credit card or photo ID? This is a concern for many, and finding a solution that respects individual circumstances and legal rights is essential.


In the following sections, we will explore various methods and alternatives for age verification on YouTube, keeping in mind the unique situations and legal considerations that may apply to different users.

How to Verify Your Age on YouTube Without ID

How to Verify Your Age on YouTube Without ID

Follow these simple steps to verify your age on YouTube without ID:

1. Try with Your Passport

You might be wondering how to verify your age on YouTube without a valid ID or credit card. Well, you could try using your passport, even if it’s no longer valid for travel. The date of birth on the passport is what matters, as it’s the one you’ve declared with Google, and it’s still a government-issued ID after all.


You may not be sure if it’s a common-sense judgment or if a bot verifies the date on the document, but either way, you might find that you don’t run into the problems you were expecting. It could be a simple and effective way to verify your age without needing to provide other forms of identification.

Even if your passport is no longer valid for travel, it might still work for age verification. The date of birth on the passport is what’s important, and it might be accepted as a government-issued ID.

2. Look for Other Acceptable Documents

If you have other documents that might be accepted (like an original paper driver’s license or a jury summons), you could try using those. Check the specific requirements to see what might be deemed acceptable.

3. Use Another Person’s ID

If you’re unable to provide ID or a credit card to verify your age on YouTube, you might consider asking someone you trust to assist you. They might be able to help you verify your age by providing their ID or credit card.

Depending on why you’re being asked to verify your age, the process might be a little different. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully, and provide the documents you have.

Note that if you don’t provide verification in the required format, you might lose access to certain content on YouTube, or your entire Google account might be suspended or deleted after a short period (usually 2 weeks).

4. Contact Customer Support

If you are unable to provide the requested documents for age verification, another option might be to reach out to YouTube’s customer support. Explain your situation and the reasons why you cannot provide the standard forms of identification. They may be able to offer alternative methods of verification or guide you through a different process.

Give these steps a try to verify your age on YouTube without ID, and you might find that it’s easier than you thought.

Why YouTube Requires Your ID for Age Verification

YouTube might ask you to verify your age for two main reasons, and they’ll need some documents from you to do that.

YouTube has to follow some rules about who can watch certain videos on YouTube. If you want to watch videos that are only for older people, you’ll need to show them something like a driving license or passport. If you don’t, you won’t be able to watch those videos anymore. You can learn more about this here.

Sometimes, YouTube might think your account belongs to a child, especially if the date of birth changes. In this case, you will need to show them a government-issued ID like a driving license or passport too. But be careful! If you don’t show them what they need in time, your whole account could be suspended, and after about two weeks, it might be deleted. You can find more information about this here.

Understand Local Legislation and Compliance

In some regions, age verification requirements may be tied to specific laws and regulations, such as the Online Safety Act in Australia. Google has already rolled out age verification on YouTube and Play Store in Australia, according to IT News.

Understanding these laws and how they apply to you can provide insight into why age verification is being requested and what options may be available to you. Research local legislation and seek legal advice if needed to help you through the verification process in a way that complies with the law while respecting your personal circumstances.

How to Update and Verify Birthday on YouTube

Here’s a simple guide on how to verify your birthday on YouTube:

  1. First, you need to sign in to your Google Account’s privacy page.
  2. Once you’re signed in, click on Personal info.
  3. Click Birthday.
  4. You can now verify or update your birthday information as needed.
  5. Don’t forget to click Save to make sure your changes are kept.
  6. If you’re using, you may need to sign out and then sign back in after you verify your age.

And that’s it—you have successfully verified your birthday on YouTube. This process helps YouTube ensure that you meet the age requirements for certain content. If you want to learn more about age requirements on Google’s accounts, you can click here.

Other Ways to Bypass YouTube’s Age Restriction

Bypass YouTube's Age Restriction

1. Use Browser Extensions

There might be browser plugins or extensions that can bypass the age verification on YouTube. For example, a script like Tampermonkey was mentioned, which could be installed and used to bypass the restriction. However, be cautious with such methods, as they might not always work or pose security risks.

2. Utilize Alternative Apps and Services

Several alternative apps and services can access YouTube content without the need for age verification. Some examples include Invidious, Piped, Freetube, Newpipe, and Skytube. These platforms might offer additional features like gesture-based controls, free background listening, and video downloading, all while respecting privacy.

3. Try Open Source Apps from Trusted Stores

Open source apps like NewPipe on the Fdroid store provide a way to access YouTube content without age restrictions. Fdroid checks the open-source apps on their store, making it a safer way to get apps that might not be approved by the Google Play Store.

4. Use a VPN or Proxy Server

A VPN or proxy server could be used to bypass age restrictions, especially if the restrictions are based on geographical location.

Changing your IP address will let you access content without verification. However, this method might require creating a new account through the VPN/proxy, and its effectiveness could vary.

5. Play Videos through VLC Media Player

VLC media player offers a way to play videos directly from YouTube URLs. This method is simple and requires just a few clicks on VLC to access the content. It bypasses the age verification process on YouTube, providing a straightforward way to view videos.

6. Use GitHub Scripts

There are scripts available on platforms like GitHub that can help bypass YouTube’s age verification. For example, the Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypass on GitHub is one such script that can be used for this purpose. It’s essential to understand the code and trust the source before using such scripts.

7. Trying Piped Video

Piped Video is another alternative platform that allows users to watch YouTube videos without age verification. It’s a service that provides access to content without the need for personal information or age verification, offering a more private viewing experience.

8. Use NewPipe

NewPipe is an app that bypasses age restrictions by default. It’s an open-source application that provides access to YouTube content without the need for verification. It’s a popular choice among users who prefer not to share personal information with platforms like YouTube. Being FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), it respects user privacy and doesn’t require any personal information for access.

9. Create a New Google Account with 18+ Age

While not a direct bypass method, some users might consider creating a new Google account with an age set to 18+ to avoid age verification. However, this method might still require verification through a document or credit card, so it may not be a foolproof solution.

10. Explore NSFWYouTube

There is a website called NSFWYouTube, but it was flagged as a potentially unsafe link. So, be cautious with unknown websites and ensure that they are secure and trustworthy before using them.

11. Use Pre-Loaded Debit Cards

Some users have expressed frustration with not being able to verify their age with pre-loaded debit cards. While this method might not always work, it’s an option that some might explore to avoid sharing personal IDs or primary credit card information.

12. Use FreeTube on Your PC

FreeTube is an open-source and private alternative to YouTube that you can use on your PC. It provides a very similar experience to YouTube, but without the need for age confirmation. You can access age-restricted videos without providing your credit card or ID information. More details can be found on FreeTube’s website.

13. Streaming YouTube Content in MPV Video Player

MPV media player works on both desktop and mobile devices and will help you bypass having to verify your age on YouTube without ID. When you stream YouTube content in the MPV video player, you circumvent age-restricted content without violating your privacy or providing a credit card to Google. It offers a way to enjoy videos without the hassle of age verification.

14. Seek Alternatives

The frustration with YouTube’s age verification process has led many users to seek alternatives and express their discontent with the platform. Some users have an 18-year-old account and find the sudden age verification request unreasonable. This sentiment might encourage the development of more user-friendly platforms and methods to access content without invasive verification.

Understand YouTube’s Age Restrictions

YouTube’s terms of service require users to be at least 13 years old to use the platform. Children under 13 are not allowed to create their accounts, and those between 13 and 17 must have parental permission. These rules are in place to comply with laws like COPPA and protect minors online.

Google has also introduced increased protections for minors across its suite of services, including YouTube. For example, Google is adjusting the default upload setting to the most private option for users ages 13 to 17 on YouTube. These efforts reflect both legal requirements and Google’s proactive approach to developing consistent experiences and controls for kids and teens.

Also, YouTube’s push for age verification came after losing a $170 million lawsuit by the FCC for allowing under 13 users to have accounts, violating the children’s privacy law called COPPA. This lawsuit forced YouTube to make specific changes, including age verification.

Ultimately, while this new development might not sit well with your expectations, it may be necessary for general digital security.

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