Vengeance Ideas to Screw Someone Over Legally

It is okay you need to know how to screw someone over. However, understand that revenge is not always the best screwing over.

You do not want to hate this person—hate brings more hate. Well, the average person thinks eye for an eye is an outdated system. This is true, perhaps to a significant extent worthy of your consideration.


how to screw someone over

But if you think you need to screw this person over to massage your ego, this publication is for you.


How to screw someone over

It takes resources (time, planning, and sometimes money) to get screwing over work just how you want it. Follow the tips below to screw that person over:

  1. Run a background check

You need significant information about this person. Any relevant data that does not speak well of them could be just the tool to mess with them.

This can be difficult, but with public records search engines, you can gather lots of information about anyone with just their name or phone number. Though these sites manage to give as much information, some may not be up to date.

You would need their current contact information, including address, phone number, or place of work.


Search their public records data, as well as their criminal record. If you do not already have them on social media, dig around for their accounts.

You could use search engines like Google and Bing to search their name on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Their Facebook account may even display their email address and phone number if they set it to public.

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You could also use your local sheriff’s office website to find out about their arrest and jail records using their name. The website will disclose if they have ever been booked by that county, with all the details, including arrest time and prior offenses. Perhaps, a news website also picked their story—look it up using a search engine.

  1. Sabotage their person

You can become a bit creepy, but you need to be creative enough to make this person feel miserable. Some of the suggested ideas here will require you to be anonymous on the internet. You need a VPN to change your IP address so that nobody can trace you. After enabling the VPN, go to Whatismyip to confirm whether the VPN successfully changed your IP address.

Below are ideas that will make this person want out of life:

  • Steal their social media identity. Create an impersonating account on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all in the name of this person. Use their current photos and try to recreate their posts on the fake account. Add their friends to the fake social media accounts. Post bizarre stuff in their name after a while or write irritating stories on behalf of the person you intend to screw over.
  • Post adult content. Make bizarrely kinky adult dating/hookup ad using their phone number and email address. They would get a steady flow of calls and messages from friendly locals who want a good time with them.
  • Change their voicemail greeting to something annoying.
  • Get them an adult escort service. Make an appointment with a local adult escort service in your area. Have them to go the person’s house in the early hours of the morning or night on days the person will be home.
  • Send odd to their mailbox. Get their mailbox and have the literature from the Church of Scientology sent to their address.
  • Report their vehicle stolen. This process can be a little complicated since you need to prove that the vehicle belongs to you. First, find out the VIN, plate number, color, model, and model year of the vehicle to include in the report. They will get pulled over when the cop sees a vehicle of that description.
  • Advertise with their phone number on Craigslist. Put up a Craigslist ad with their phone number and a girl’s pictures – a golden way to screw them over.
  • Paint them bad before family. Just send their dirt, including arrest records, pictures, etc., to their parents, siblings, and friends via the mail. You can also use an anonymous email address to share the information with them.
  • Have them fired. This can be a little complicated, so follow this publication to anonymously have a bad person fired. Or, you can buy the company they work for and fire them, then sell the company for profit.
  • Obtain a loan in their name. This will require personal information such as SSN. But if you can get the required information, you would be messing with the credit history.
  • Sign them up for spam. Use their email address and phone number to sign them up for porn newsletters, and weekly newsletters from as many websites.
  1. Place a defamatory ad in the local newspaper

If you have the money, run a full-page spread in the Sunday New York Times to inform the public of the person’s offenses. If this person is in the corporate world, buy a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal at a more affordable rate.

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A newspaper ad is an ideal venue to screw over someone who is into Ponzi schemes or insider trading. However, a newspaper ad is not ideal for broadcasting how the person broke up with you through text message.

If you prefer to spend less on exposing this person or live in a small town, consider buying a page in your local weekly rag to screw over the person’s reputation, just like the NYT or WSJ.

You could also pay a few hundred or thousand to put their name or photo along with their offenses on your city’s billboard.

  1. Stage a protest where they work

Your loyal friends will find it refreshing to stand outside the person’s workplace with you to protest. They will menacingly wag their fingers chanting, “Shame on you! Shame on you!”

Get your friends to wear custom T-shirts you provide with the person’s picture printed on the front with a red “Beware!” printed in bold red font above the image.

You would need a matching shirt made for your French bulldog and Chihuahua with the caption “Hates Animals”.

  1. Threaten a paternity suit at their workplace

You would have to hire a child actor and an actor or actress from your local casting agent to play child and father/mother roles to screw your ex. Guide the pair to show up at the person’s workplace. The child runs in screaming “Daddy!” or “Mommy!” followed by the parent actor with a bag crying real tears.

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The person will appear confused and may protest claiming to have seen the people before in their whole life. This will stir the onlookers’ doubt that they are guilty.

Have the parent actor point to different parts of the child’s saying, “Look at that nose, those lips, etc., they are his/hers,” while ignoring suggestions by the screwed-over person to take a lie detector test or provide a DNA sample.

  1. Pay for a defamatory sky message

While your former employee is at the neighborhood park on a beautiful, cloudless Saturday morning at their kid’s soccer game, they barely recall how they unjustly fired you.

Ruin their day by making all eyes turn slowly towards the sky following a bi-plane trailing spirals of white vapor with a bright message declaring that your former employee is “a Boss from Hell”.

The letters should be written 2,400 feet tall and visible for over 40 miles. Bring the spectators’ attention back to the field by yelling at your employee’s child, “Well played, Donna!” However, none of the people around is buying that except Donna.

Hiring a skywriter is a bit expensive. An aerial banner is cheaper and only requires one plane. You can also display a more complex message.

  1. Publish an unauthorized biography

Tell the person’s story from your point of view. If the story gets published, you would be spreading news of their crimes far and wide. If you, the person you are screwing or both are not celebrities, it is unlikely to attract the attention of a publishing house.

In this case, leverage services like BookBaby to attractively package and publish your story disseminating it throughout the person’s social diaspora in both e-book and print.

You can have a ghostwriter do the writing if your command of the written word is not up to the task. The cover of the story could read “The Unauthorized Biography of [the person’s name] by [your name], as told to [ghostwriter’s name].”

You want to avoid libel suits by making claims to read this person’s mind. Do something like this:

How to ruin someone's day with words

From the quote above, people will not disprove that the person had these thoughts. Since you did not claim they spoke them aloud, this protects you from litigation.

  1. Review them on social media

Write a negative but truthful review about them on social media. Expose their secrets, but make sure you have no secrets they know of to break their ego.

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You should be able to defend your claims anyway. Otherwise, make these claims anonymously with proof attached. If you use a social platform like Facebook for the social review, create a Facebook page and run an ad about the review, targeting people in their local community.

Facebook will display the ad on people’s feeds. Make sure to use a catchy statement to get people to read the full story on your newly created page.

  1. Make them become an addict

Suppose you do not like Mike Ross for their bad attitude and want to ruin his life. If Mike Ross is a normal adult with a normal cleric/administrative job and relatively normal life, you can try to make them an addict.

Make yourself have an active social life, parties, hangouts, and more. Post catchy pictures on social media doing fun stuff with beautiful friends and locations. Get Ross to become your friend.

Invite Ross to your parties and hangouts. Be nice, and make him feel you are a great friend. Listen to him and show that you care.

Keep dazzling Ross with your fabulous life—parties, luncheons, and beautiful people. Get Ross drinking wine, beer, cocktails, and shots. Introduce him to a dealer, but make sure not to touch that stuff yourself.

Keep Ross around in your fabulous circle, with people who do drugs. Finally, sit back and watch Ross’ addiction (alcohol, drug, prescription, overspending, bad performance at work, etc.) ruin his life.

  1. Move on and be successful

After doing any of the above screwing over, move on with your life. The person will get hurt seeing that you do not care about them and that you found success—in school, job, relationship, or new friends. Besides, revenge is a dish best served cold.

While it hurts that you were screwed over, you cannot sit back and cry. However, it may not be worth it to start World War III over them.

Finally, forget all you just read here and make peace. Living well is the best revenge you can get.

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