How to Check If Your Fake ID Scans

So, I just found out something interesting today. You probably know the popular ID scanning app on the Apple App Store that a lot of bars and clubs use. Well, it got an update. I tested it, and guess what? It caught a fake ID that used to work just fine a few weeks ago. It looks like they’ve stepped up their game. Now, you want to know how to check if your fake ID scans to beat the system.


How to Check If Your Fake ID Scans

How to Check If Your Fake ID Scans

1. Use a High-end Scanner

I have used a high-end machine at work that cost about $5,500. It got updated every month and was really good at spotting fake IDs. I also used to check IDs myself with a special light and a magnifying glass.


The machine checked for lots of security features on IDs. It was usually right about whether an ID was fake or not. It helped me learn more about how real IDs are made.

The machine wasn’t perfect. It didn’t catch IDs that were borrowed from someone else. It also sometimes misses really new fake IDs. But it was good at catching most fakes.

Regarding new IDs,¬†sometimes I saw IDs that were so new, they weren’t in the machine’s system yet. These were real IDs, just very new.

Basic scanners do have a problem. Some people say their ID will “scan,” but they mean it will work with a simple barcode scanner or a free phone app. Those aren’t reliable. They can’t really tell if an ID is fake or not.


2. Cell Phone Scanners and Barcodes

If the barcode on the ID isn’t made right, even a simple cell phone scanner can tell it’s fake. You just need to know what to check.

3. Government and Commercial Scanners

Most government scanners, and some you can buy, are connected to official databases. If an ID is fake, these scanners will know right away. So, these commercial scanners help to check if your fake ID scans.

4. Use a Handheld ID Scanner

When it comes to using a handheld ID scanner, you should be aware that it’s not going to give you the full range of security checks that more advanced systems can offer. For instance, these portable devices can’t scan for UV, infrared, or white light features on an ID. They also can’t read both the front and back of an ID at the same time, nor can they cross-reference holograms and watermarks against a database.

However, that does not mean a handheld scanner is completely ineffective. One of its strong points is its ability to perform 2D barcode security checks. This involves scanning the 2D barcode on the ID and looking for any inconsistencies or anomalies that could indicate a fake ID.

5. Scan a Fake ID with Inlite Barcode Scanner

You can use Inlite Research’s online barcode scanner to check if your fake ID scans. The company initially set up the scanner as a marketing demo but found that many people were using it to scan driver’s licenses.

About two-thirds of licenses scanned with this app/website have turned out to be fake, mostly used by underage individuals trying to purchase alcohol.

The barcodes on these fake IDs often contained discrepancies or errors that made it obvious they were not genuine. Inlite’s scanner became an unintended tool for people to test the authenticity of their fake IDs. The company also discovered that businesses based in China were responsible for producing the majority of these fake IDs.

What Happens When a Fake ID is Scanned?

It will return the error message “Records not found”. I have a friend who used to work as an investigator for the California DMV. Part of his job was teaching agencies how to spot fake driver’s licenses and IDs.

In the past, fake IDs were pretty basic, just printed cards with altered text and images. Nowadays, they’ve gotten a lot more advanced. In recent tests, we found that around 40% of these fake IDs could actually pass the 2D barcode security checks. This means they can be “scanned” successfully. Most ID scanning today, whether it’s done using a smartphone or a handheld scanner, relies on these 2D barcode security checks. However, not all apps that claim to identify fake IDs are actually performing these security checks. Some are merely parsing the ID and checking the age.

When a modern, high-quality fake ID is scanned, it will display the following information:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Your Date of Birth (which is often used by the scanning software to determine your age)
  • Your Address, including City, State, and Zip Code
  • The Type of License you have
  • The Expiry Date of the ID

So, if a fake ID can be scanned, it will show the same details as a real ID. Whether this data is saved or not depends on the scanning software being used. Some software even has optional questions like “What’s your zodiac sign?” based on the barcode data, to help security staff figure out if the ID is fake.

Types of Fake IDs

There are two main types:

  1. Counterfeit IDs, which are completely fake.
  2. Fraudulently obtained real IDs, where someone uses fake documents to get a real ID from the DMV.

Real IDs have special features like hidden safety marks, bar codes, and chips. Fake IDs usually miss these because they are hard and expensive to copy.

Who Buys Fake IDs?

People who want fake IDs are often students who want to appear older, illegal immigrants, or someone who does not feel comfortable sharing their identity with random strangers.

Most stores and banks don’t train their staff well to spot fake IDs. They might not even take the ID out of your wallet to check it closely. Also, using the best fake ID state can help. We also have some of the worst fake ID states you want to avoid.

Some bars train their staff, but if they catch a fake ID, they usually just turn the customer away and give the ID back.

What Type of ID Can Be Scanned?

ID scanners come in various forms, from desktop devices to mobile gadgets and even apps on your smartphone. These scanners can either be connected to the cloud or WiFi, or they can operate independently, depending on what your business needs are.

Not all ID scanners are created equal when it comes to the types of documents they can read. Some are quite versatile and capable of scanning a wide range of IDs, such as state-issued identification, driver’s licenses, passports, international IDs, and even green cards. On the other hand, some scanners are more specialized and can only read specific types of documents, like membership cards.

Also, the kind of barcode that your document has will determine if a particular scanner can read it. There are several types of barcodes:

  1. 1D Barcodes
    • Also known as linear barcodes.
    • These are commonly used in various business settings.
  2. 2D Barcodes
    • Includes PDF417 and QR Codes.
    • They can hold more information compared to 1D barcodes.
    • You’ll often find PDF417 barcodes on things like paper boarding passes and state IDs.
  3. Magnetic Stripes
    • These are different from barcodes and look like a solid line.
    • They can hold limited data, like account numbers or student IDs.
    • You’ll usually find these on gift cards or student identification cards.
    • However, they’re becoming less popular because they can easily get damaged and don’t hold much information.
  4. Machine Readable Zones
    • Specifically found at the bottom of passports, this area is filled with letters, numbers, and symbols.
    • It holds basic details like your name, where you’re from, and your birth date.
    • Most ID scanners can easily read this information.

Conclusion on How to Check If Your Fake ID Scans

Nowadays, there are lots of tools that can scan and spot fake IDs right away. Even if you fool a bar, you can’t fool a bank or a phone company. They use really smart technology to catch fake IDs.

People who make fake IDs often leave loopholes. These mistakes are easy to spot with special computer checks.

Getting caught with a fake ID isn’t just embarrassing, it’s also against the law. So, it’s a big risk. In California, for example, using a fake government seal on an ID is a felony. Also, getting a fraudulently obtained ID from the DMV is both a misdemeanor and a felony. You can get arrested for these.


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