How to Make a Fake Bank Statement that Looks Real

It appears you need a fake bank statement urgently. Not to worry: this article will show you how to make a fake bank statement that looks real. It only takes a few minutes to prepare a faux bank statement online, and then print it for whatever purpose.

how to make a fake bank statement

A bank statement is a common financial document required by most organizations often to verify your finances. For some reason, you could be thinking about creating a fake or replica bank statement, which may or may not be advisable depending on your intention. For example, if you will be using it for a formal purpose, then you may be getting yourself into trouble.

You will not be the only person making and, perhaps, using a fake bank statement. A BBC journalist, Martin Bashir, was found wanting when he used a fake bank statement to secure his bombshell 1995 Panorama interview with Princess Diana. However, Bashir admitted that mocking up the bank statement “was a stupid thing to do” and he regretted it.

It’s your turn now, are you willing to fake a bank statement document for employment? Pranks? Loan? Let’s assume you want this faux document for a prank.

What is a fake bank statement?

A fake bank statement is a falsified summary of financial transactions which have occurred over a period of time, typically months (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.). Your bank can send you a free bank statement via the mail or email, containing the transactions you’ve had over the period, including deposits, withdrawals, debit, and credit. You can then fake the document by changing the features or using a similar bank statement template to create a novelty or replica statement document. You can use it to verify PayPal to lift an account limit. People banking with various banks do not always publish their statement of accounts online, so you have to obtain your bank statement and use it to make a replica for pranks or whatever purpose.

How to Make a Fake Bank Statement that Works

There are many ways to create a fake bank statement online and offline. All it takes are your time and focus. You want to be focused so that you can make the fake document look real without blemish. Before you commence, request an original and signed bank statement from your bank through the banking app. You need it to guide you to make your copy correctly.

Below are the ways and steps to create a fake bank statement:

  1. Use an App

Using an app might let you edit your document offline with full control over your document. Some apps operate online, including Canva. In this tutorial, however, we use Photoshop. For mobile users, PicsArt is the app to use for iOS or Android. You’ll also get a glimpse of how to make a forged bank statement with PicsArt after the Photoshop tutorial below.

Request and download your bank statement.

We will remove the original figures on the original e-statement PDF sent by the bank. I’ll show you how to do this using the clone stamp tool in Photoshop.

So, over to Photoshop:

  • Screenshot your bank statement PDF and save it to the desktop or any accessible folder.
  • Launch your software (CS6 is the version for this guide).
  • Open the screenshot photo by pressing Ctrl+O (you can also click FILE on the top-right of your screen and click Open) and zoom into each of the areas that you will change the figures. Don’t zoom in too closely so that you can see the figures surrounding it and know what to do.
  • Click the Clone Stamp tool in the toolbar on the left.

Create fake standby of account

  • Duplicate the background layer before you start cloning so that you can go back to the original photo. To duplicate, right-click the background layer and select ‘Duplicate Layer…’.

3 months of fake bank statements

  • Select a clone source.
  • Pick a soft brush. Set the size of the clone stamp to cover the figures on the bank statement image you want to remove. You can set your soft brush to medium soft to achieve smooth edges.

fake bank statement pdf

  • Move your cursor to the boxes or areas you want to copy the pixels from. In this case, we need to fill the space with the figure using the background color so that we can write our figure to fake the bank statement. Use Alt-click to confirm your source pixels. The cursor will change into crosshairs.
  • When you click, the cursor will change and show the pixels you have cloned. Paint it over the object or area that you want to remove or clean. You must be careful not to make what you erase to be visible or notable. If it’s noticeable, clone other pixels and continue painting. Repeat the painting process until all the target areas and figures are erased.
  • To undo changes, click Cmd + Z in Mac OS or Ctrl + Z in Windows. To undo multiple times, press alt+ctrl+Z. You can play around with the opacity of the brush to make the brushed areas perfect.
  • Finally, use the Type tool, still on the left panel, to write your fake figures. Make sure to do your mathematics before entering the figures. You also want to select a font type that matches the original statement document sent by your bank. Place your cursor next to the areas you want to place your new figure. Make sure to use a font color that matches your original document.
  • When done with the editing, click File on the top-left and click save as. You can save the image file as a PDF. If you cannot find the Photoshop PDF option, you can use a mobile app that converts JPG, PNG, or JPEG to PDF. Now, your fake bank statement is ready.

Note: If you encounter difficulties, use the comment section, and we will respond to assist almost immediately.

Using PicsArt for Mobile

  • On mobile, install and launch PicsArt.
  • For extended features, you can unlock PicsArt gold features. Grant access to your phone.
  • Under Photos, click the bank statement photo you want to modify.Can fake bank statements be verified
  • Click Tools.replica bank statement of account
  • Select Clone.statement checking account fake bank of america account balance
  • Zoom the image to the area you want to begin changing figures. Zoom it wide enough with your fingers to be able to edit it.
  • Drag the circular selection tool to the area you want to clone. Click the brush icon and use the bars to tune the cloning tool to match your background perfectly. You can set the Size to 30, Opacity to 100, and Hardness to 70. Play around with cloning with the tool until you master it. Continue using the cloning tool to erase all the original figures on the bank statement.editable bank statement templates
  • Click the tick (✓) icon to save your changes.
  • On the top of your screen, click the download icon to save the edited back statement to your phone.
  • Open the edited bank statement again.
  • Swipe the tool selection bar to the left or right to reveal other tools. Click Text Use the writing feature to enter new fake figures into your fake bank statement in the spaces where you removed the figures using the clone tool.Online bank statement templates
  • Click Color to set the color to the original color of your bank. You can also click Font to set another font that matches what you have in your original bank statement.
  • When done making changes, click the tick (✓) icon to save.
  • Click the download icon to save the photo to your device.

PicsArt might be difficult to use as a beginner, so ensure to play around with it for a while or use any of the fake bank statement generators below.

  1. PDFFiller

It seems PDFFiller is the best tool you can use to create a fake. However, it is not better than following the first step in the guide, which is to use offline software to edit your original bank statement.

Is pdfFiller a legitimate software for forging a bank statement? Yes. PDFFiller also complies with major security standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, and the U.S. ESIGN act of 2000.

First, go to

  • A pop-up might appear on your screen. Just click Get Form and wait for your fake bank statement generator to load.
  • From the form, add your information. You can use your original bank statement as a guide while completing the fake bank statement.
  • You may also have to replace the document logo with your bank’s logo if your bank type does not match with the bank mentioned in the novelty document. You can search for the PNG format of your bank’s logo online.
  • After modifying the document, click Done and wait for it to finish the process.
  • Look at the section titled “Save Document As” and save it as a PDF. You can also save a copy as a Word document so that you can easily edit it in the future.fake bank statement pdf

You may be prompted to create a PDFFiller account to be able to download your document and save or share it.

  1. SignNow

SignNow is a great tool for making fake bank statements. They also share the same software as PDFFiller, which you will see how you can create yours as you read further. SignNow allows you to generate an editable bank statement online acceptable by any institution. You can download and share or save the document from your SignNow account.

First, go to

  • Click Get Form. The fake bank statement form generator will load, so you have your form to fill.
  • Use the Fill & Sign Online button or tick the preview of the fake bank statement form. You can also use the advanced tools of the document editor to format the template.
  • Provide your contact and identification details.
  • Add the checkmark to indicate your choice.
  • Cross-check the information you have entered or modified.
  • Use the Sign Tool to add an electronic signature to the bank statement template. Make sure to forge the signature you find on the original statement document sent by your bank.
  • Click Done after crosschecking the fillable form.

Finally, you can print, save, or share the form. Make sure to forge the document signature correctly and pay attention to the font type and colors.

  1. PDFRun

PDFRun lets you create a fake bank statement online. Not our favorite tool, but it gets the job done, except that the features are quite limited. You must also have an account with PDFRun to be able to download your novelty bank statement.

Creating an account is totally free and you are able to edit your bank statement PDF file with the document editor.

If you need a quicker way to download your fake bank statement without signing into website, then PDFRun may not be what you need.

Nevertheless, let’s see the simple steps to generate your bank statement on PDFRun:

First, go to

  • Click Fill Online.

fake bank statement for visa

  • The bank statement generator will load. After the fake bank statement generator loads, you are presented with a form that requires the fake information you need to make your fake bank statement online. Fill out all information and click Submit. There are about 17 fields to complete with your fake bank figures and details.
  • The next page reads “Document Saved”. You will be redirected to a sign-up page. If you already have an account with this fake bank account statement site, you can simply sign in.
  • The first period requires the duration you need for your fake bank statement. This option allows you to create your 3 months of fake bank statements free or 6 months of fake bank statements, depending on the duration your need. You can even write it for 1 month.

Note: You do not have to fill all the fields. Only fill as many fields as you need and submit the form for online processing. You’ll have to log into your PDFRun account to download your generated document.

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Can I make fake bank statements to get a loan?

Yes, you can make a fake bank statement to get a loan. However, using a fake bank statement to take a loan can land you in prison if you are caught.

Suppose you are creating a faux bank statement to buy a home, and you have an income that is not from a job or you have dirty (illegal) money. You are not out to cheat the bank but simply can’t prove your source of income.

You think there is no big deal as long as you make the payments, but that’s wrong. Everything might seem right even when you move into your new home. But if the bank goes under, someone is going to start pulling records, reviewing and confirming various documents to detect things that can be salvaged to clear up the failure of the bank. When the reviewer stumbles onto your fake bank statement, they will come after you. It’s no longer just about the money because you have been making your payments. Instead, they are coming to make an example out of you. The institution no longer cares about your payments but needs you to perp-walk and point their woes at.

When they have their press conference, a bunch of folks lines up behind the spokesman in front of a bunch of curious. His speech before the cameras shows the bank is fighting a good fight against the criminals ripping off the system and that’s you.

In essence, creating a fake bank statement leaves you worrying about what the institution can find out or file against you in a court of law.

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Can fake bank statements be verified?

Yes, fake bank statements can be verified. If you provide your account statements as proof, you are also giving full details of your bank account, including bank name, branch, address, and bank account details. So any institution that requests your bank statement can verify from your bank.

Can I make a fake bank statement?

Before we commence this tutorial, yes, you can make a fake bank statement that works. However, it is illegal to create a faux bank statement to use it as an official document. Using a fake document is generally illegal, and can get you into trouble.

Is it illegal to make a fake bank statement?

Yes, it is illegal to make a fake bank statement. It can be considered a felony if you use it for fraud. It could also be that you use a fake bank statement to obtain goods, services, money, information, etc., with false information.

What are the consequences of making a fake bank statement?

If you create a fake bank statement and do not use it for any formal purpose, there is no consequence. You can use it to prank friends or for a poster, etc. However, the consequence of using a fake bank statement for fraud can include serving a jail term. Many institutions keep copies of your documents for years, or permanently, depending on the purpose and things can go awry, which exposes the fake documents you use used.

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Final Thoughts

Several websites engage in selling fake bank statements. The California-based operation owned by Katrina Moore really did sell fake bank statements and various other income verification documents. However, you want to be careful about what website to use to purchase your fake bank statement.

If your bank’s original statement of account contains a signature, you can screenshot the signature, crop and paste or clone or forge it into your fake document.

Do not give your bank account to anyone or a website claiming to have the resources to hack your bank’s database to edit your bank statement. These are fraudsters and you will end up giving them your bank details to rip you apart. It seems you might be interested in making a fake birth certificate to complement your bank statement. You can also read our guide on making a real death certificate while waiting for your state to process the original.

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Using a fake bank statement is smart until you get caught.

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