How to make fake concert tickets that look real

Concert tickets are expensive and in high demand, which makes them a good target for people who want to know how to make fake concert tickets, as well as sell the fakes for others to keep as souvenirs, gifts, or just for pranks. If you decide to sell phony tickets for floor seats, balcony, general admission (GA), reserved seating, VIP tickets, and box seats without informing the buyer, it can hurt honest fans, as well as the artist and the concert as a whole.

How to make fake concert tickets

The reason for this guide is to help you make a fake concert for a gift, souvenir, and pranks. Follow the steps below:

1. Determine the concert

The first step in making fake concert tickets is to determine the concert for which it is needed. Most of the time, it has to be a popular, local concert that people want to go to make it more likely for people to pay for the fake tickets. Knowing the particular concert also helps to know the novelty ticket template or design.

2. Choose a fake concert ticket generator

Use software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create a fake ticket for concert. With these tools, you should be able to make a ticket with the same colors, logo, font, and other design elements as the original:

a. Canva

I have tried out Canva and it lets you personalize any of the free concert ticket templates on the site and make it worth keeping as a memento of the coolest live music shows you’ve ever been to.

b. Adobe Express

Adobe Express lets you use a simple click-and-drag interface to make your own changes to the design of a concert ticket or movie ticket that has already been made. It lets you to also control the level of detail for a more professional result. Adobe Express is free to use, easy, quick, and fun to make your own event ticket template.


Tickets to events are not only for getting into events, but also a way to remember a concert, play, or any other event you have attended in the past and wish to keep as a souvenir. offers some templates to help you with your design.

d. Buy on Etsy

You can buy fake concert tickets on Etsy if you need to save time. Just search “fake concert tickets” or “replica concert tickets” on Etsy to find a seller offering them. The seller will then take your information, including the name of the concert and the desired ticket type, and create a replica ticket that looks similar to the real one.

e. Fun Ticket Generator

Simply fill in your information for this concert ticket maker to generate a copy for you just like that. Write your ticket information in capital letters for the best result. However, you won’t be able to change the color of the flag images.

3. Get ticket templates

To make fake concert tickets, you can buy online ticket templates for the specific concert. Look for the templates with a basic design and layout similar to the specific ticket, and then modify the name of the concert, the date and time, the venue, and the seat information.

You can add more details such as the names of the performers and the bar code to make the ticket look real.

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4. Print it

Print the fake tickets after the ticket templates have been modified and crosschecked. You need a high-quality printer and high-quality paper to make the tickets look real. You can try adding holograms or other security features found on the original.

5. Add a barcode

You may need to add a fake barcode since most concert tickets have a barcode that is scanned at the venue’s entrance. You should be able to do this with software or by printing a barcode on the ticket itself. Sometimes, you can use an existing barcode from another ticket to make your phone ticket a clone.

6. Sell the tickets

After the fake tickets have been printed, consider selling them to people who need them to keep as a souvenir, a gift, or to prank others. You can sell the tickets in person, online, or through classified ads such as Craigslist. Just make sure that the buyer is aware of the novelty status of the tickets. You can receive payment in cash, with a credit card, or online.

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What type of paper are concert tickets printed on?

Usually, concert tickets are printed on heavy card stock paper, which is also called cover stock. This kind of paper is strong and made to last, which is important for tickets that might be passed around or kept for a while before the event. Concert tickets can be made of paper with a matte or glossy finish. Some tickets may also have security features like holograms, watermarks, or special inks to stop them from being faked.

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Fake concert tickets used to enter an event unauthorized can get you in trouble if caught. You only want to create novelty concert tickets for souvenirs, gifts, or prank someone. If you need to attend any event, try getting real tickets to avoid embarrassment.

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