Fake Injury Makeup | How to Make

It is simpler than it seems to make fake injury makeup. You can create various effects like minor cuts, scrapes, or even decapitation! It won’t take much time, money, or effort, but you’ll need to be creative.

So in this guide, you will learn how to use prosthetics to recreate wounds, maybe some bruises, some cuts, and everything else that you want to do during Halloween time.


Fake Injury Makeup: How to Make

Fake Injury Makeup

1. Get a Sculpt Gel

In this section, you will learn about a cut made using Sculpt Gel. This gel consists of three parts: A, B, and C. You have to mix parts A and B to achieve a skin-like texture. This acts as an extension of your skin, which you can later cut into. If you are careful to blend out the edges, it will look completely natural.


Make sure to ensure that there are no bumps or raised areas, except where you want the cut. Everything else should be smoothed out perfectly to achieve that skin-like appearance, making it look more realistic.

2. Dry and Prep the Gel

After mixing and applying parts A and B to the skin, you’ll need to let it dry a bit. You might find using a blow dryer helpful, as the heat can speed up the drying process. If it appears shiny, you can use a surgical spritz or alcohol to dehydrate the mass, giving it a matte finish.

3. Add Color with Praline and Initial Blending

Next, you will use alcohol-activated colors from praline. With a sponge and a skin tone color, you’ll blend the edges for a more natural look. Do not worry about the middle part, as you will be applying blue gel to it later for added realism.

4. Create and Detail Wounds

Using a sharp spatula, create tears in the skin. After that, you might go over it with some foundation for even blending. Even if it is not perfect initially, you will be adding more color later to make fake injury makeup that looks real. You will then create all the cuts you desire and use fake blood to fill in the gaps, making it look like a genuine injury.


5. Enhance Fake Injury Makeup with Scratch Filler and Blood

You should get a product called scratch filler. This comes in various shades, and for this fake injury makeup tutorial, you’ll use a dark red. You’ll also use arterial blood, smearing it around the cuts for added realism.

Also, you can play around with the amount of blood to achieve the desired effect. For instance, if you are aiming for a bullet-hole look on the arm, you will adjust accordingly.

6. Blend and Add Additional Coloring

You will also use blue gel for blending and apply it to other areas, like the forehead. Note that you can use various colors like blues, greens, purples, and reds to create wounds or bruises.

7. Give it Neck Prosthetics and Final Touches

Moving to the neck, you will use the same techniques with the sculpt gel. Mixing Parts A and B with a skin tone color will help match Danny’s skin tone. You will also add some lumps from a previous mixture to give the appearance of debris stuck to the skin. Using the wound scratch filler, you’ll fill in any wounds you create with your spatula. After adding blood and bruise gel, you’ll use brushes to blend everything together, making it look like a real injury rather than makeup.

8. Experimenting and Finalizing the Look

This might be your first time experimenting with prosthetics, and you might find the results thrilling. You might also add some dramatic touches, like blood on the ear or bruise gel on the lips, to make everything look paler.

If you are going for a serial killer look, you might find these additions fitting. You can also use colored contacts to change the eye’s appearance, using one white and one black contact for a unique effect.

Here is a realistic video guide by Adriana Braje if you prefer a video guide.

Some tips

  1. Wash the skin where you’ll make the cut.
  2. Draw the wound using black or brown eyeliner.
  3. Put on some bright red lipstick or fake blood to make it look like there’s blood. Go over the traced wound, making it thick, and you can even use nail polish if you prefer.
  4. Put some clear, shiny lip gloss on top to make the bleeding look fresh.
  5. Use a bit of blush around the wound to make it look sore.

How to Make a Fake Injury with Stage Makeup and Latex

1. Get your stuff ready

Stage makeup and latex help you look real for performances, but you can also use them for costumes, parties, or just having a good time. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Liquid latex
  • Brushes
  • Fake blood
  • Tissue paper (use plain tissue paper without any patterns or designs).
  • Dark eyeshadow.

Consider putting newspaper down because liquid latex and fake blood can make a mess.

2. Put on the liquid latex

Shake the bottle first, then use a brush to paint it on your skin where you want the wound. Liquid latex can be messy and a bit tricky. Take your time to paint it evenly; don’t rush. Even though it dries fast, aim for a smooth application.

3. Add the tissue paper

Since liquid latex dries fast, work in smaller sections instead of a big one. Press the tissue paper onto the latex. The tissue paper should stick nicely to the latex. You can then pull and tear off the loose edges of the tissue paper.

4. Put on another layer

You need at least one more tissue paper layer. Do it by brushing more liquid latex over the tissue paper and adding another layer of paper. Usually, two layers of paper are enough. But if you want a deeper injury look, add three to five layers.

5. Make an open wound

After your layers are dry, you can tear a hole or cut through the tissue and latex.

  • You can use a toothpick or tweezers to make a hole or cut a line.
  • The paper and latex will come away, making it look like your skin is peeling to create an open wound effect.

6. Apply Liquid Foundation

Put liquid foundation on the fake wound by applying it to the tissue and latex that you’ve opened up. Make sure to spread the foundation so it goes smoothly from the latex and tissue to your real skin. Use your finger to gently rub the nearby area to blend it even more.

7. Make the Fake Injury Look Real

To make the fake injury makeup look real, put on powder, eyeshadow, and fake blood from an online store or your local store. With a brush, add eyeshadow and red powder to the wound.

Paint darker colors around the wound and on your skin inside the wound. Then, use lighter colors as you go outward.

Put a few drops of blood in them and mix them. Then, add a few more drops inside and around the wound, allowing the blood to drip naturally.

Conclusion on Fake Injury Makeup

This concludes the tutorial. Remember that this is just for Halloween. Do not use it to scare others.


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