Best State for Fake ID 2024

In typical movies, you would notice college students having fun with fake IDs, and you might want to try it too. Unfortunately, using a fake ID is not as simple as it looks, especially in some states. That is why you need to know the best state for fake ID in 2024.

Recently, bouncers have become even better at spotting fake IDs. If you want to get past security easily, you will need a really good fake ID. Some states are easier to fake than others. In Oklahoma City, after a Midtown bar’s bouncer went viral on TikTok for catching an underage female with a fake ID, the bouncer tells KFOR that the establishment has confiscated hundreds of IDs in the last 6 months.


Best State for Fake ID

Best States for Fake IDs

Make sure you do not use a fake ID from a different state, as bouncers are better at spotting those. It is safer to pick a state you are familiar with and know some details about. Acting the part convincingly will help avoid suspicion and extra checks from bouncers and authorities.


When using a fake ID, stay calm and do not raise suspicion. If security asks you to step aside, it might not mean they found your ID fake. It could be because your behavior does not match someone from that state, which can make them suspicious.

No matter which state you pick, act like you are from there. Know some things about the state and the information on your fake ID in case the bouncer gets curious and asks you questions.

Here are the easiest state IDs to fake, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Check out the list of the top states that make getting a fake ID easier. I have carefully handpicked these best state for fake ID due to the looks of the ID and what other people on platforms like Reddit have to say.

1. Ohio

Ohio fake ID state


Ohio’s ID is one of the simplest to copy. You only need basic information like your full name, birth date, social security number, legal status, and Ohio address. It’s quite easy to replicate, which can help you get into clubs and bars, especially if you’re using it in another state.

An Ohio state ID has special pictures, codes, and stripes. Making a fake one is hard and needs an expert. To do it, you’d have to copy these things perfectly:

  • Your real name
  • Picture
  • Social security number
  • Birthdate
  • Being allowed in the country legally
  • Living in Ohio


  1. Only needs simple details.
  2. Not hard to copy.


  1. You need an expert to copy the shiny picture.
  2. There’s a hidden trick with a flipped letter.

2. Florida

Florida easiest fake ID state

Getting an ID in Florida can be a bit tricky because of the special rules, but you can still pass an ID check without problems.

There is a cool trick to know – the picture of you changes colors when you shine UV light on it. Also, the letters ‘FL’ on the ID make a pattern that turns yellow under UV light.

There’s another thing too: a shiny picture of those same letters should be at the bottom right. And on the back of your ID, there’s a copy of the picture and some basic information about you, like the kind of license you have and your birthdate.


  1. Having a Florida ID gets you cheaper prices if you live there.
  2. Plus, you can use it for more than just getting into clubs.


  • The rules for each state can be a little tricky.

3. Connecticut

Connecticut fake ID state

Connecticut is also the best state for fake ID. To match what they want, the ID should be bendy and have special barcodes. With the new design, you’ll need famous faces and hidden lines and shapes. The card needs to be printed on Teslin with a special PET covering.

The ID card should have pictures of a plane and a whale in the background, and when you shine UV light on the edges, they should glow. There’s a big yellow star too, which makes sure the ID follows the REAL ID rules.


  1. There’s no stripe on the back
  2. and the shiny pictures are not hard to copy.


  • The glowing stuff with the whale is a bit hard to understand.

4. Illinois

Illinois ID state

In Illinois, to make a fake ID, you will need a photo, of course. Both yours and Lincoln’s faces. Also, you have to make sure all the tricky, tiny lines and designs are on the ID.

Put a picture of the state seal in the middle of the ID as the background. On the back of the card, include a faded version of your photo using special ink. And a big deal is the repeating state outline, which should show up when you shine UV light on it.


  1. The only special thing under UV light is Lincoln’s hat.
  2. You can use this ID in the states near Illinois.


  • Copying the scannable code might be hard if you’re not experienced.

5. Texas

Texas fale ID state

A real Texas ID is basically a flat card with no bumpy parts. It also has a magnetic stripe on the back. People won’t really check it closely if you go to the club at the right time or when you’re buying stuff at a liquor store.

Next, there’s the shiny ink that glows under special light. The word ‘Texas’ should be under the smooth cover in this ink.

Also, make a faint copy of your picture and your birthdate using this ink, so they shine under that light too. And do not forget the tiny print around the state seal and flag, bouncers might look at that too.


  1. Simple to swipe because of the strip on the back.
  2. Also, it works in nearby states like Tennessee.


  • People who aren’t experienced might find it hard to copy the tiny writing.

6. Mississippi

Mississippi most common fake ID state

Mississippi is also the best state for fake ID and a state where lots of people like to drink—14.3% of them. According to America’s Health Rankings, 14.3% of adults reported binge drinking (4 or more [females] or 5 or more [males] drinks on one occasion in the past 30 days) or heavy drinking (8 or more [females] or 15 or more [males] drinks per week).

Well, that might be the attractive reason why getting a fake ID in Mississippi is easy. The ID from Mississippi has a gold star in the top right corner, and it’s made from tough plastic.

On the back, you need to have barcodes that can be scanned. The rest of the information is normal stuff like your picture, when you were born, how tall you are, and where you live.


  1. The design hasn’t changed for 4 years.
  2. People who make fake IDs easily choose this one because it’s simpler.


  • People who are not experienced might have trouble matching the polycarbonate to the DMV standard.

7. Georgia

Georgia fake ID real

In not-so-exciting places like Georgia, bouncers usually do not doubt IDs from there as much as from other states. But to really be sure your ID does not look fake, there are some things you should think about.

Georgia is one of the most popular choices for fake IDs. Fake IDs in this state are both profitable and not too hard to make. Bouncers just quickly look at the card and give it back to you. Still, it’s super important to fake the ID perfectly so you don’t get caught and asked to step aside.

The way you describe yourself should be the same as what’s on the ID. Spelling mistakes are a big sign that the ID isn’t real, so watch out for those. Also, try your best to make the signatures on the ID look real, and don’t forget to add the watermarks that the state wants.


  • It doesn’t get checked as much as other IDs.
  • Many people don’t like the new look.


8. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania best fake ID state

Getting IDs ID in Pennsylvania is quite easy for most people, but some think the recent changes are a bit harder to fake. Therefore, I would not 100% categorize Pennsylvania as the best state for fake ID.

They check these IDs using a method known as ‘FEAR’ (or F.E.A.R.) set by the Responsible Alcohol Management Program. You can learn more about this method from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

FEAR stands for checking the glue line, surface bumps, and pin holes (F), looking for holograms on the back (E), asking for basic information on the card (A), and returning it to the card holder (R). So, if you’re sure, there’s not much to worry about. But failing the FEAR test could get you into trouble.

Remember FEAR:

  • Feel for any pinholes, glue lines, or bumps on the card.
  • Examine the back for holograms.
  • Ask the card holder basic questions about the card.
  • Return the card to the holder.


  1. Pennsylvania doesn’t enforce fake ID rules too strictly.
  2. In Philadelphia, bars are well-known for letting underage people drink.


  • If you are caught, you will have to pay a fine.

You know you can make a good fake ID that works. All you need is the right information and someone skilled at creating it. This lets you enjoy what you want.

9. Iowa

Iowa ID state

Even though the Iowa ID design has changed because of the Real ID Act, people can still make fake IDs that look real. But be careful—only try this if you have your real signature and a picture that looks like you. The Iowa ID does not have many special features, so it’s hard for bouncers to tell if it’s fake.

Sometimes, bouncers just scan the barcode and shine UV light to check IDs. That means the Iowa ID could work in both Iowa and other places. Some fake ID makers still use the old design because it works well.

But there’s a new and talented fake ID maker called Topfakeid that can make IDs with a new design that looks real. The new Iowa ID costs more than other fake IDs because it uses special ink.

10. Maine

Maine common ID state

While many states have updated their driver’s license designs to be better and harder to fake, Maine is not one of them. The driver’s license is not very secure, which makes it easy to create a fake. Depending on what you are thinking of doing, using Maine for a fake ID might be a good idea.

Maine is easily the best state for fake ID as the security on the license is not strict due to only using a few holograms that can be faked easily. On the other hand, IDs from states with better security are tougher to make fake versions of. Some websites that make fake IDs can even get these holograms from regular places that make sleeves and covers.

Maine’s driver’s license is a smart choice for a fake ID because it does not have UV features that usually make fake IDs cost more. So, if you don’t have a lot of money for a fake ID, Maine is a good state to think about.

People who make fake IDs like Maine licenses since they are printed on a cheaper material called Teslin. It costs less than PVC or polycarbonate materials.

11. Indiana

Indiana fake ID

Indiana’s ID design has been updated, like in some other states. While it’s harder to make fake IDs for it now, it’s still easier compared to more complicated designs. People using this fake ID have a pretty good success rate, around 75–80%. That means you can trust it and feel sure that you won’t run into any unfriendly police officers to spoil your fun.

The new Indiana ID has pictures with a gray background that can be copied using laser engraving. To stop cheating, the ID has a hidden picture of the person on the card, visible only under UV light.

Also, there’s a hologram of the state bird on the ID, which is tricky to copy and requires special skills to make fake IDs.

A lot of bouncers say it’s tough to tell if an Indiana ID is fake based on their experience. But do not take this as good news for you. It’s just a reminder that you need to be super careful when getting or selling fake IDs from Indiana. Getting caught can have serious consequences.

Also, doormen do not just rely on their eyes. They also use special tools like barcode scanners and computer software that checks digital IDs to find fake ones.

12. New York

New York ID state faux

Don’t think all the noise in New York is just from older folks wanting to relax. Everyone likes having a great time with the exciting things happening here in New York, the easier fake ID state. You should not miss out on the fun your friends are having.

Even though they’ve tried to make the state’s ID better, it’s still pretty easy to make a fake ID in New York. That’s because the New York ID has famous places on it that everyone knows.

Even though making a fake New York ID is harder now because of the new stuff they added, more and more people still want it. Some people want it to use in other states, but lots of people can still use it in New York and get away with it.

13. California

California fale ID

Lots of people who want a fake ID to buy alcohol go for the California ID since California is generally the best state for fake ID. But before you decide if it’s right for you, think about your situation.

According to NCDAS, 16.6% of California adults over 18 binge drink at least once per month. This could be the reason fake IDs for California driver’s licenses are so popular. But if they were hard to fake, not many people would want them.

The new design can only be created using polycarbonate, which costs more than the old material, Teslin. This means it’s not worth it for people to make fake IDs, and you end up paying more for it compared to IDs from other states.

Easiest States Often Used for Fake IDs

Two big reasons why certain states are popular for fake IDs are: When deciding on the right state for a fake ID, think about these factors:

1. How Fake ID Websites Make Money

Before, we talked about how states use rare and costly materials to stop fake IDs. People who make fake IDs try to keep their costs low to make more money. Even the best fake ID makers understand that it’s better to create simpler IDs than to spend a lot on copying expensive ones.

The cost-effectiveness of the ID matters for you too. It is likely cheaper to get a fake ID from states that use easy and cheap materials. It’s a bit ironic if a fake ID is expensive, right? So, the best state to choose for a fake ID is the one where the ID is affordable and benefits the ID maker.

However, the states where making fake IDs is most profitable are:

  • Ohio
  • Mississippi
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Florida
  • New York

These states use simple and cheap materials like polycarbonate and Teslin to create their IDs. Many of these IDs can be scanned without causing suspicion.

2. How Complicated State IDs Are

When choosing a state’s ID to fake, think about how complicated it is. A complex design is hard to copy well, requiring skill to make a quality fake that works. So, when a state’s ID passes the money test, complexity matters too. The ideal state for fake IDs should be both profitable and have a simple design.

States with complex designs include:

  • Kansas
  • Utah
  • Oregon
  • New Hampshire
  • Delaware

IDs with complicated designs aren’t a good idea. Even skilled fake ID makers can make mistakes. To copy tiny writing, signatures, and 3D holograms in these IDs, you need someone with really good technical skills.

Why Certain States Are Ideal for Fake IDs

There are 50 states to pick from. Some of these states are still easy to get fake IDs from. These are the states often used for making fake IDs.

In every state, there are penalties for this wrongdoing, based on what happened. States make their ID designs complicated, so they’re not easy to copy. Some use rare and costly materials, adding detailed designs. In New Jersey, they use advanced tricks on IDs that you can only see with a special light. Maine has a tricky 3D hologram on its ID.

Faking IDs, even from the easiest ID state, usually will not work out if someone inexperienced does it. You want to know the right states for fake IDs to avoid wasting money on materials and facing the consequences if you are caught.

The states people often use for fake IDs are popular because their design and materials make them easy to copy. Want a pro tip? Be smart not to make a fake ID from the same state you want to use it in. So, let’s say you are in Texas, you can use that of Illinois – that’s because the local doorman won’t accurately tell whether it is fake or real.

Bouncers are generally quick to tell if your fake ID isn’t real because they are familiar with how real IDs look in that state. You might get lucky and fool security with your fake ID, but to have a better shot, it’s best to pick a different state for your fake ID.

Why Do I Need a Fake ID

You have probably asked yourself this question and answered it. But there are hundreds and thousands of reasons people need fake IDs. Sometimes, you just want to remain anonymous, and other times you want to get away with something. Below are some common reasons you might need to fake an ID.

1. To Get Alcohol

You might want to taste alcohol, but not with your ID. Even though you can legally buy the booze, the store requires an ID to sell – which is legal anyway. Sometimes, you might be an adult, but your beardless look gives you off as a teen. Thus, the store cards you before the sale. That’s why you might need to fake your ID to buy booze.

2. Book a Hotel Room

Throwing a big party at home can be tough, especially if your parents are not around. You might not want to stress about your friends breaking stuff and not having fun. But here’s an idea: You can use really good fake IDs to rent hotel rooms for your parties. Just find fake IDs that look very real in states where they are made to look real. Meanwhile, after booking a hotel room, you want to use your phone to detect any hidden cameras.

3. Online Verification

Online games and trends are always shifting, kind of like how movies change. But sometimes, you need to prove your age to play certain games. Also, online casinos and social media sites might ask to check your ID. To get through this, you might need to find the best fake IDs from states that make them really look real. You can even use it on a platform like Roblox to pass the ID verification.

If you want to boost your chances of things going well, it’s a good idea to choose a state where fake IDs tend to work a lot. The folks who make fake IDs say you can check how well a state’s fake IDs have worked before by looking at their past orders.

If you are looking for help deciding on the best state for a fake ID that will pass those online checks, you might want to think about states like California. They’re really popular for fake IDs.

FAQs on Best State for Fake ID

Which states are best for fake IDs?

Here are some of the easiest and best states for fake IDs to think about: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. When picking a fake ID, you should think about important things, even if the state is well-known for them.

Can you use a fake ID in the same state?

You can use a fake ID in the same state. However, it’s better to use a fake ID from a different state because bouncers know more about IDs from their own state. If you use a fake ID in the same state where you faked it, it’s riskier. The punishment for having one can be different, from small fines to going to jail, depending on the situation.

Conclusion – What is the Best State for Fake ID?

Let’s call it a wrap. The easiest and best state to get ID depends on you. You are the actor in this regard, so you really need to be at your best to get away with it. Also, Maine, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, and Connecticut are all the easiest states for fake IDs. But you need to make sure your ID looks real.

Ultimately, using a fake ID is against the law and can get you into big trouble. I really suggest you do not get one or use it. Look for legal and safe ways to go to the places you want.

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