How to Make a Fake Booking Confirmation: Flight Ticket, Itinerary Generator

People are faking flight tickets, booking fake confirmations and flight itineraries, etc. Because of this trend, this article reveals how to make a fake booking confirmation for a flight. You will also see how someone can make a fake flight reservation form.

how to make a fake booking confirmation


Many countries and airlines require proof before you can board the plane leaving the country. With a fake flight ticket, you can present your proof of onward or return flight itinerary and get away with it.

However, there are consequences. For example, Yann Ilunga, a 25-year old traveling to meet a lady friend at an Arabian hotel, was caught with a fake flight boarding pass and prosecuted. He was handed five months of imprisonment suspended for two years, 10 days of rehabilitation activity, and 140 hours of unpaid work.


The big advantage of making a fake flight ticket, itinerary, or booking confirmation is that you do not get to spend the expensive money for your trip(s). A dummy onward ticket generator makes it a lot easier for you to make a copy of a fake flight confirmation ticket.


It is illegal to present any doctored flight document at the airport. Therefore, this guide merely exposes the steps to make a doctored booking confirmation, flight ticket, etc., that looks real.

How to Make a Fake Booking Confirmation

The travel and personal details in your fake booking confirmation must be the same with what is on your passport. Below are the ways people are creating fake flight booking confirmation that looks real and works:

  1. KeyFlight

How to check fake flight ticket

One of the websites I have tested to create a fake booking confirmation for pranks is KeyFlight. The document looks so real, and you only have to spend on printing it out.

KeyFlight lets you generate an onward or return flight itinerary for free. This means that you do not need Photoshop to do the job. Note that the flight ticket is fake but looks real.

How do you make a fake booking confirmation?

  • First, go to
  • Select either the Auto or Manual tab.
  • Enter your departing airport in the Departing Airport
  • Enter your arrival airport in the Arrival Airport
  • Enter your departing date in the Departing Date
  • Click the Passenger box and enter your full name.
  • If you want to include other people as passengers, click Add Passenger and enter the passenger’s full name.
  • Enter your PNR in the PNR PNR means Passenger Name Records.
  • Finally, enter your email address. The email address you enter is used to send you the PDF of your fake booking confirmation ticket. You can create a different email address for this.
  • Untick “I agree to receive news about service updates” unless you want to receive updates from
  • Click Search Flights and wait for the fake booking app to generate your fake flight itinerary.
  • On the next page, choose your fake flight ticket and click Generate Ticket for Free.
  • The new page will ask you to buy the fake confirmation ticket as a “pro ticket” and use it for Visa or Border control. The ticket also has your PNR number SCVA89 and the price of the flight.
  • Select your payment method. You can pay with PayPal or Cryptocurrency. You will be charged about 4.90 USD or whatever the new rate. (Note: Springer publication explains that some fraudulent flight ticket vendors request payments via a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin—be careful).
  • If you want to download your generated fake booking confirmation for free, click the Simple Ticket However, the simple ticket will not add your PR number and price of the flight to the fake confirmation ticket.
  • Click Download PDF. You now have a free copy of a generated flight booking ticket. You can use Photoshop or any photo editing app to add the PR number and flight price.

Finally, print your fake flight ticket in the form of an original ticket. You can obtain a copy of an original flight booking to ensure that yours looks similar before printing it.

KeyFlight claims they generate a verifiable flight ticket with a PNR number. I cannot confirm this claim. The booking confirmation generator costs about $18,90 if you need for pranks. KeyFlight also claims their verifiable flight ticket features verifiable flight reservations that has an Airline reservation code lasting for 7 days and one ticket can include up to 4 passengers.

  1. Fake Flight Tickets

Fake airline ticket template

I have also generated a fake flight ticket that looks real with Fake Flight Tickets. You can also have options for open travel and travel on one-way tickets. An indeed perfect feature to make anybody believe your prank. You cannot use this document at the airport because it is fake.

This website uses real flight data and real ticket templates to generate a dummy ticket for a flight confirmation.

How to make a fake booking confirmation with Fake Flight Ticket:

First, visit

  • Select One Way or Round Trip.
  • In the ‘From’ section, enter your departing location.
  • In the ‘To’ section, set your destination airport.
  • In the ‘When’ section, enter your departure date.
  • Click Let’s Go.
  • Scroll down and select your preferred generated flight itinerary online. Click Select on the template of your choice.
  • You can increase the number of passengers by clicking ‘+’ or reduce it by clicking ‘’.
  • Enter your first name and last name in the First Name and Last Name boxes respectively.
  • Enter your email address and click Buy Now $5. You can pay with PayPal or Bitcoin. Enter your card information, make payment, and download your fake booking confirmation.

Finally, print out your onward ticket and all other travel documents.

  1. JotForm

Fake flight ticket generator apk

I have used JotForm to create many copies of fake flight reservation forms that look real and unique. This website uses a unique form builder that allows you to add a logo, change font type and color, add terms and conditions for customers, etc.

First, use a computer or switch your browser to desktop and go to

  • Click Use Template and wait for it to load.
  • Click Add Logo if you want to add your logo.
  • Enter your title, first name, and last name in the Passenger Name
  • Enter your date of birth in the Date of Birth
  • Click Next.
  • On the new page, enter the contact person title, first name, and last name in the Contact Person
  • Enter your email address in the Email
  • Enter your area code and phone number in the Phone Number
  • Enter your street address, street address line 2, city, state/province, postal/zip code, and country in the Address Ensure to select your country.
  • Fill the Departure Date & Time
  • Fill the Return Date & Time
  • Under Departing From, select your country.
  • Enter the departing city in the City
  • Enter your destination in the Destination
  • Enter the destination city in the City
  • Select your airline number under Airline.
  • Select One Way or Round-Trip under the Fare
  • Click Reserve Flight.
  • Complete the human verification.
  • Check your email and follow up. You will have to create a JotForm account.

JotForm is quite complicated. You are able to change the layout of your fake confirmation template. This aspect is more technical and will consume more of your time.

Note that your account is limited to 5 (five) forms only. You can always use a different browser to continue with more forms or sign up.

  1. Onward Flights

Fake flight ticket generator for fun

Onward Flights allows you to create an onward flight which airlines can request at check-in or immigration upon arrival.

First, go to for an onward ticket generator that lets you to create an onward flight confirmation instantly:

  • Enter your first name in the First Name
  • Enter your final name in the Final Name
  • Select the departure location in the Departing
  • Enter your arrival location in the Arriving
  • Enter your departure date in the Date
  • Enter your currency in the Currency
  • Click Let’s Fly.
  • Click Select Flight from the list of fake booking confirmation templates.

Finally, make the payment. The service fee is $10 in the value of Cryptocurrency using Coinbase payment method.

  1. Dummyticket Flights

Fake airline ticket websites list free

This website uses live flight data and genuine templates to generate a dummy flight ticket that looks real. You can use this tool as your proof of onward travel and creating a dummy ticket for a visa.

First, go to

  • In the ‘From’ field, enter your departure location.
  • In the ‘To‘ field, enter your destination field.
  • Enter your departure date in the ‘When’ field.
  • Click Go.
  • Select the fake flight ticket you need by clicking Select.
  • After selecting your booking ticket, on the available fields, enter Your First Name, Last Name and Email
  • Select your currency (USD, GBP, etc.).
  • Click Download Now and your fake itinerary will be downloaded. Otherwise, you have to pay via PayPal.
  1. Onward Flight Ticket

Fake flight ticket generator free

Onward Flight Ticket offers a free dummy ticket generator. It uses real flight data and provides you with a flight ticket that looks real and has your name on it.

It is very easy to use. You can download your ticket in 30 seconds. Follow the steps I used below:

  • First, visit
  • In the From section, enter your departing airport.
  • In the To section, enter your destination airport.
  • In the When section, set your departure date.
  • Click Find Flights.
  • Scroll down and choose a flight with Select.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email and Birthdate.
  • Click Get Flightticket and your dummy ticket will be downloaded.

How a Fake Flight Ticket Generator Works

Most fake flight ticket confirmation generators work in almost the same way. The flight ticket generator simply collects real flight public information worldwide and uses the personal details you provide to generate a booking confirmation document that looks real.

The only difference between a fake and authentic flight booking confirmation is that verification can reveal which copy is real, otherwise, both are identical in appearance. The itinerary number generated is not real, so you can get caught with it.

A fake booking confirmation generator uses a real confirmation template from an authentic booking site. The system also uses real flight information such as flight number, price, date/time of the flight, layovers, duration, etc.

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Can You Get Away with a Fake Flight Booking Confirmation Ticket?

You can get away with a fake flight booking confirmation ticket in a prank. Suppose you want to use it at the airport. You can manage to get away with a fake flight booking confirmation ticket. Normally, during check-in, your onward ticket will be requested (depending on your passport and destination). If you are asked to present your ticket, and your ticket is fake, you have no option other than to present it. The check-in person usually looks at the flight number, airline, and date. When done, they will direct you to the flight route and enter your ticket in their system.

They are not also too interested in the itinerary number and your PNR confirmation number. If the check-in person requests your PNR confirmation number, explain that you bought the ticket some days ago and the booking agent may not have issued an actual ticket yet.


Why do people use fake onward airline tickets?

People use fake onward tickets to visit other countries they do not know when they will return. Lots of countries require you to provide your flight ticket when you arrive at the immigration. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the country, and they will place you on the next flight because you have no onward ticket.

Can you verify a fake flight ticket online?

No, you cannot verify a fake flight ticket online because it is not real.

Can a fake flight itinerary be detected?

Yes, a fake flight itinerary can be detected. However, the physical document always looks real, so the ticket number, booking ID, and PNR number have to be verified to detect whether it is fake or authentic. To verify and detect a fake itinerary, go to the website of the airline and use their verification feature to confirm the ticket.

Final Thoughts

This article has disclosed how to make a fake booking confirmation and answered the relevant questions you might need answers for. If you have more questions, use the comment box and receive a fast and excellent response.

As I mentioned earlier, you should only use a fake flight booking for pranks and not for traveling. You will be prosecuted if caught. Meanwhile, you might also want to fake your birth certificate for pranks.

Using a fake flight confirmation ticket is smart until you get caught. Do not try this, friend.

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