How to Make a Fake Personal Trainer Certificate | 2024 Templates Download

A common use of personal trainer certificates is to display them in your gym or workout space. Apart from serving as a source of pride and motivation, it will also help build credibility with your clients. So, if you need a framed copy to put out for everyone to see, you need to make a fake personal trainer certificate that looks real.

In this helpful post, you will find out the right tools other personal trainers have used to create their framed certificates. When creating the certificate, make sure to review and finalize your edits. You will be able to download the certificate, print it out, and display it prominently in your gym or workout space. You may add features such as holograms or embossed seals to give your fake personal trainer certificate a professional touch. Note that this certificate is also global proof that you passed the exam that tests your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, exercise science, and other related topics.


How to Make a Fake Personal Trainer Certificate

This unethical behavior hurts the reputation of the personal training industry and puts clients at risk of getting hurt. Below are the steps to make a fake personal trainer certificate:

1. Wepik Free Personal Trainer Certificate templates to download

As an expert fitness trainer, you might need a quick trainer certificate to frame on your wall. Generally, a personal trainer certificate for fitness professionals can help establish credibility. It also showcases your expertise. So, if clients find a framed copy on your wall, that can go a long way. With Wepik, you can make a fake personal trainer certificate. Below are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to Wepik’s personal trainer certificate templates page. Don’t worry; I have included a direct link to the certificate maker.
  2. Select a template that aligns with your style and branding. Wepik provides you with a variety of certificate templates. You can get modern designs, such as the Modern Olha Personal Trainer Certificate, and more traditional ones, like the Ornamental Murray Personal Trainer Certificate.
  3. Use Wepik’s tools to customize the personal trainer certificate. You can drag-and-drop edit, quickly modify text fields, adjust colors, and add any other design elements to make the certificate your own.
  4. Add security features such as holograms or embossed seals.

Once you are satisfied with the design, review and finalize your edits. Download the certificate, print it out, and display it prominently in your gym or workout space. You can display your fake personal trainer certificates in your gym or workout space to serve as a source of pride and motivation.

2. Hoover Personal Trainer Certification Printable Certificates

It turns out that Hoover has lost printable personal trainer certificates for personal training studio owners. You also need to make a fake personal trainer certificate if you wish to have a certificate of completion after successfully completing a certification training class.

  1. Pick a printable personal trainer certificate that I will provide before the next section. You will find some of the following:
    • Fancy Printable Personal Trainer Certification Certificate
    • Free Blank Personal Trainer Certification Certificate Award
    • Award Personal Trainer Certification Certificate
    • Simple Printable Personal Trainer Certification Certificate
    • Basic Personal Trainer Certification Certificate
    • Free Printable Personal Trainer Award Template
  2. When you download the certificate, it is saved as an Adobe PDF file. You should find the download link next to the desired personal trainer certificate.
  3. Once downloaded, open the certificate template. They are blank templates, so you can add your own text. Fill out the template with personal details, such as:
    • Name of the person who took the class
    • Date of certification
    • The location where the class was taken
    • Teacher’s signature (if applicable)
  4. Print the certificate using your printer.

You can also have Hoover Web Design customize your information in the certificate. Just contact them for that; they provide this service at a fee.

3. Same Day Diplomas Certificate of Personal Training

Same Day Diplomas is the name of the personal trainer certificate maker. As the name implies, you will get a digital copy of your personal trainer certificate the same day. The physical copy to be shipped to your doorstep can take a day or two.


Need to make a personal trainer certificate using this generator?

  1. On the page that I have provided below, pick the template that best describes your personal trainer profession. The novelty diplomas look just like real certificates and are based on real designs from a database of trainer certificates.
  2. Decide on the style and design you want for your personal trainer certificate.
  3. Understand that these certificates are intended for novelty, replacement, or decorative purposes. Note that these are not meant for official documentation or certifications.
  4. Pick a delivery option. You have three options for receiving your certificate:
    • Email digital only. Receive a digital copy of the certificate via email for $200.
    • Mail a hard copy. Get a physical copy of the certificate mailed to you for $240.
    • Email digital and mail a hard copy. You can pick up both a digital copy via email and a physical copy through mail for $250.

If you are okay with the design and delivery method, add the certificate to your cart and complete the purchase. Depending on the delivery option you choose, wait for the digital copy to arrive in your email or the hard copy to be delivered to your address.

4. Fitness Certificate Templates

It is not at all difficult to create a fitness trainer certificate with this generator. you do not need any special skills; just edit the template to your liking and print it. That’s it, and your trainer certificate is ready. So, here is a guide for you to make the perfect personal trainer certificate on

  1. Visit’s fitness certificate section to make a fake personal trainer certificate.
  2. Choose a suitable template. You will get many fitness certificate templates. Some of the options include:
    • Medical Fitness Certificate Template
    • Fitness Trainer Certificate Template
    • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Template
    • Fitness Instructor Certificate Template, and many more.
  3. Customize the fillable template, and make sure it has fields for the organization name, certificate title, recipient name, location, date, signature, and description.
  4. Adjust the design according to your preferences. This may include changing the border, background, and other design elements.
  5. You can replace the original text with relevant information, including the name of the recipient, the date of issue, and any other pertinent information.

Once you have made all the necessary changes, download the certificate. You can choose formats such as PDF or PNG. After downloading, print the certificate on high-quality paper.

5. Visme Free Certificate Maker for Custom Certificates

We also have Visme’s certificate maker, which is not a popular option but will get the job done. The generation steps involve the following:

  1. Log in to your Visme certificate maker account.
  2. Click the Printable tab on the dashboard.
  3. Tap the Certificates icon to access the certificate maker.
  4. Choose a template from the list of pre-designed certificate templates. Browse through them and select one that matches the style you’re aiming for.
  5. Adjust the color palette using one of the color themes or your branded color palettes available in the color picker.
  6. Fill in the placeholders on the certificate template with your specific information.
  7. Change the fonts to fit your desired style. Ensure that the title of the certificate stands out as the most prominent visual element.
  8. Adjust the font colors to match your chosen color palette, and balance the font sizes appropriately.
  9. Add any relevant graphics or icons to enhance the visual appeal of your certificate.

Remember to add colors and fonts available in the color picker tab and font menu. Satisfied with the design? You can download your certificate as a high-resolution image file or a PDF. If you need to make a physical copy, download it as a PDF with bleed marks for printing.

You can always frame other credentials alongside them, including your degrees, diplomas, or other relevant certifications, to give them more legitimacy. Keep in mind that you should already have an original with accreditation from institutions like the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) before creating this replica.

Printing the Fake Personal Trainer Certificate

The final step is to print the fake personal trainer certificate after the template has been filled out and all the necessary components have been added. You must print the certificate on high-quality paper that resembles the paper that certification organizations use. The font size, style, and color should be consistent with the certificates issued by legitimate certification companies. Popular font choices for personal trainer certifications include clean and modern fonts such as Helvetica, Montserrat, and Roboto.

For a more professional appearance, remember to add a watermark or an embossed seal. Choose a font that is similar to the one that the company that issued your original certificate used if you are creating a trainer certificate using any of the generators suggested in this post.

Can You Call Yourself a Personal Trainer Without Certification?

You can technically call yourself a personal trainer without a certification. However, understand that certification plays a vital role in establishing oneself as a professional personal trainer and is often a requirement set by gyms and fitness centers.

A certification shows that you have undergone a specific level of education and training and have successfully passed an exam demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the field.

According to NASM, contrary to professions such as doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers, working as a personal trainer does not require national or state licensing. This means that anyone can refer to themselves as a fitness professional and provide personal training services without being subject to any licensing regulations.

While you can work as a personal trainer without certification, you want to get one to boost your credibility, increase your marketability, and broaden your career prospects in the industry.

Additionally, a fake trainer certificate can be used to get a job as a personal trainer, along with an experience certificate. A dishonest person can submit the certificate along with their resume and other credentials to potential employers. Some employers may want more proof, like calling the company that gave the certificate to make sure it’s still valid. But if the fake certificate looks real enough, the person may be able to get hired without further checks.

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