How to Get a Backdated Doctors Note

You need a backdated doctors note if you have had to miss work due to illness but were unable to see a healthcare provider on the day of your absence. This situation is particularly common when you are too sick to visit a doctor immediately. That is why you need to get a backdated doctors note since your employer will usually require a doctors note for any time off.

Fortunately, some doctors are willing to give you backdated notes. Various walk-in clinics offer this service, particularly if you can show evidence of having received treatment for the particular condition. For instance, if you visited a walk-in clinic for body pain that was later relieved by a massage, you could potentially receive a backdated doctors note. This would then allow you to submit it to your health insurance company. The procedure for obtaining such a note is generally simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.


Also, there are other ways to secure a backdated note without requiring another doctor’s visit. You can simply call the doctor’s office and speak with the assistant or front desk staff to request an extended note. This makes it easier for those who have already been diagnosed but still need documentation for previous days of illness.

Can You Get a Backdated Doctors Note?

If you have been sick and could not go to work, you can get a backdated doctors note to explain your absence. Sometimes you can ask for a certificate with a date from when you were sick, even if it is in the past. But this might not always work, and there are things to think about before asking.


The most important thing to know is that medical certificates usually cover times when you were absent from work in the last 6 months. If it has been more than 6 months since you were sick, it is probably not possible to get a certificate with that old date.

The policies of the clinic you visit have an impact on your ability to obtain a backdated sick note. Some clinics might not give a backdated doctors note, while others could consider it if you meet certain conditions.

If you do want a backdated doctors note, make sure to tell the truth to your doctor about why you need it. Sometimes, they might agree to give you an old-date certificate if you had a good reason for not getting one when you were sick. For instance, if you were too unwell to see a doctor or did not know you needed a certificate.

Remember, your boss might not agree to a backdated doctors note. Some bosses have strict rules about the proof needed for time off, and they might not think an old-date certificate is enough proof.


How to Get a Backdated Doctors Note

How to Get a Backdated Doctors Note

In this section of the post, you will learn how to get a backdated doctors note in different methods. Also, I have included the days you can go on sick leave without having to give a doctor’s note to your employer.

1. Get Private Sick Notes on the Same Day with Medicspot

Medicspot makes it easy to get a private sick note quickly, without the hassle of going to a public GP office. You can use your smartphone to book an appointment and get your sick note. Many different doctors and clinics offer this service.

Depending on where you are, you could see a doctor in the morning, evening, or even at night. You might also be able to choose a time that works best for your job and family.

Using Medicspot is simple. You will have a short video chat with the doctor and use some simple tools for tests that do not hurt. You can even do some of the tests at home. Once the doctor finishes, you can continue with your day. They can also email your sick note to you. And all of this costs much less than a regular GP visit. It’s like having a virtual checkup that fits into your busy life.

Medicspot has a small, skilled team of healthcare experts who really care about giving you top-notch healthcare at home. Whether you need a private sick note, special treatment, or medical advice, the Medicspot team is ready to help. Just go to the Medicspot website, pay the membership fee, and a friendly staff member will guide you. Then you can begin finding the right doctor. It’s a smart way to save time and money and even start a new relationship with your GP.

2. Create a Fake Backdated Doctors Note

You can follow this guide to create a doctor’s note, and then backdate it. Generally, however, faking a doctor’s note is against the law. If you are caught, you might be fined or go to jail. For example, a South Carolina man, Jeffrey Travis Long, 31, was arrested with a fake doctors note and charged with breach of peace and forgery.

Some employers may be able to tell if a backdated doctors note is fake. Other signs are bad printing, details that do not match, or if it looks unprofessional and is not traceable to any clinic.

3. Leverage the HIPAA Rules

You could fake the note and probably get away with it because HIPAA Rules protect your medical records and other individually identifiable health information (collectively defined as “protected health information”).

Employers can ask for a note when they think it’s necessary, but they should know about the laws for sick leave. HIPAA keeps medical information private. The law prohibits sharing potentially harmful information without the patient’s consent. So, if an employer does not follow HIPAA, they could get in trouble.

4. Check with Your Local Clinic

Many doctors and clinics are willing to issue backdated notes. You don’t necessarily have to schedule another appointment to get one. A simple phone call to the doctor’s assistant or a quick conversation with the front desk staff can often suffice. They can either extend the date on your existing note or issue a new one that covers the days you were unable to visit the clinic.

Some walk-in clinics also offer this service, particularly if you can demonstrate that you’ve received some form of treatment for your illness. You might receive a backdated note, for instance, if you visited a clinic for body pain that a massage later helped to relieve. This can be especially useful for insurance claims.

5. No Doctors Note Required for the Initial 5 Days

If you are not able to work for a week (which is 5 workdays) because you are not feeling well, you do not need a note from your doctor. You can either write a letter to your boss, or if you like, you can use the Statutory Sick Pay Form or the Employees Statement of Sickness (form SC2). You can get this form via

Following 1 Week

If you have been sick for more than a week, you can get a note from a doctor. You can do this through a phone call with your doctor. They might be able to give you a note without you needing to visit in person.

If it’s a problem that’s ongoing, you can also have a phone call with the doctor you’ve seen before for the same issue. You might not have to go in person. But if you haven’t seen a doctor before for this problem and it’s not an ongoing issue, you might need to visit the doctor in person.

Issuing a Sick Note with a Prior Date

You can get a backdated doctors note if you don’t need to see the doctor right away or on the day your current note ends. The doctor might give you a note with a past date if they agree. They could also extend your note without another visit. To ask for a new note, just call the doctor’s assistant or talk to the reception staff.

Usually, the sick notes from the doctor do not cost anything (unless you want a copy). But if you need a private note and you’ve been off work for less than five days, there’s a fee.

Can You Get Fired for a Fake Doctors Note

Employers can fire workers for giving a fake backdated doctors note. If an employee takes unplanned sick leave without pay, the boss can ask for a backdated note. But the note has to be honest, and the employee can’t be treated unfairly. Also, bosses cannot fire someone just because they do not share their health information. Nevertheless, you can always get out of a lie without telling the truth.

But if a boss asks for medical records, and then fires the worker, the worker can complain to the DOL about wrongful termination.

If a worker needs special help at work because of their health, the boss can ask for a doctor’s note. This could be something like a different shift or working from home. The boss can also ask about the medicine the worker takes, but they can’t fire the worker just for asking.

The ADA makes sure that employees’ health information is private. It says medical records should be kept separate from other work records. HR leaders need to know these rules when dealing with employee health information. They can use a form to find out if an employee needs special help. But, it is not okay to ask about medical conditions unless it is really necessary for the job.

Sometimes, employers can ask an employee to take a medical test for work reasons. For example, if the job is about safety or health care, the employer must prove that the employee’s condition could harm other people. Sometimes, this can be proven by getting a doctor to write down what the employee can’t do, like lifting heavy things for a while.

The FMLA does not always require a doctor’s note, but if someone is taking time off for a good reason, they need to give one. If a person is away from work for more than 5 days, the boss also needs a note saying they can come back.

Hospital Stay and Estimated Recovery Time Covered by Sick Notes

The hospital staff will give you a sick note that covers the time you were in the hospital and the time they expect you’ll need to recover. Make sure to get this note before leaving the hospital.

When Can I Backdate a Statement of Fitness for Work?

A “Statement of Fitness for Work” (Med 3) can only be given for a past time if it’s based on an earlier evaluation. An evaluation is when you talk in person or over the phone, or when a report from another doctor or healthcare professional is reviewed. You can give the statement on or after this evaluation date, but not before.

We understand that sometimes your patient might want medical proof to cover a past time when there wasn’t a previous evaluation. For instance, if your patient did not get a Med 3 when leaving the hospital or during an earlier visit with another doctor.

If this happens, you can’t give a Med 3 for that past time. But to assist your patient, you could offer advice in the comments section of the statement or in a separate letter. You should have the correct information and proof to support this advice – usually through a report or patient record. Employers and the DWP can consider this advice as strong proof of fitness for work for social security and Statutory Sick Pay purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

While identifying the various ways to get a backdated doctors note, I identified the following questions.

Can I get a doctors note without being seen?

Some doctors only give notes after they’ve seen and checked you. If you can’t go to work, they can send the note to your office by fax or mail. You can also ask for the note after your visit.

Can you get a sick note online?

Yes, you can. Just like a regular doctor, an online doctor can also give you a note to skip work or school.

Can a pharmacist write a doctor’s note?

A pharmacist can write you a doctor’s note. You can go to most drugstores to get a doctors note and need time off from work or school. Just bring your ID and any medicine you’re taking.

How many days can I be off sick without a doctors note?

If you miss work because you’re sick, your boss might ask for a note from your doctor. But if you miss three days in a row for being sick, you have to show a doctor’s note. In the UK, you may have up to 5 working days.


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