How Graduates Get Spotify Student Discount Without Being a Student

Spotify Premium Student is a great deal but how do you get Spotify student discount without being a student? When you finish school, you probably would no longer have a valid Student ID number for discount.

Unfortunately, Spotify does not offer anything close to this student deal offered for regular premium members. To avoid paying through the nose, you want to get past Spotify’s college verification to get the student discount.


How to get Spotify student discount without being a student

Generally, it just involves telling Spotify the college or university you attend, and this publication shows how to get it done.


How does Spotify Premium Student work?

Students get a Premium discount for up to 4 years. However, you have to renew the subscription up to 3 times every 12 months. Spotify Premium Student also comes with free access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME.

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Spotify uses SheerID to verify the identity of higher education students at supported colleges/universities. Depending on your location, verification can be done by logging into the college or university’s portal or uploading proof of enrollment.

You do not have to register a student email address to a Spotify account, meaning that you can use any email address service, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.


Spotify Premium Student can’t be paid by mobile billing or with another company such as your phone or internet provider. If you already paid this way with your account, you need to cancel that subscription.

How to get Spotify student discount without being a student

Do the following to get the Spotify Premium Student if you are not a student:

  1. Get the .edu email address

Get the .edu email address that colleges offer to students as a non student. If you still have access to yours, that should work. If yours was disabled, consider contacting your school portal management to reopen it for you. You can then sign up for a newsletter to keep it active.

You can pay a student to let you use their .edu email address for your Spotify student subscription. If SheerID captured your school email address information, this method may not work.

  1. Use your friend’s ID

Think of a friend you know who uses Apple Music instead of Spotify. Obtain and add their information on your Spotify to use the SheerID database to verify your school admission.

SheerID does not even require confirmation through email. So, your friend will not know that you use their information unless they switch to Spotify and find out their discount is already being used.

  1. Photoshop your transcripts

You can beat Spotify’s system for years without being a student by simply creating a fake transcript. You can edit the certificate on your own or get a professional, depending on what you want and how you want it. You could also fake your college transcript for Spotify Premium Student by buying a fake college transcript or using an existing template generator online.

  1. Use Inspect Element to modify your grad date

If you can still access your school portal for viewing and paying tuition statements and old class schedules, use inspect element to edit any old schedule with dates that match the current year and term and print it out.

You could simply download the original sample document and submit it to Spotify’s SheerID verification service to renew your Spotify Premium Student. This method will renew the student plan multiple times for any graduate.

  1. Buy a Spotify account

Consider buying a Spotify account for a one-off fee of around $5 to $10 on Craigslist or eBay. The Spotify accounts are typically cracked, so you do not pay any subscription at all, compared to other methods.


Do not download a mod Spotify app—you could be installing a series of viruses in your device.

Author’s verdict

Spotify offers a discount on student pricing as a business model to get students in, make them users, and hope they stick around after graduation. They do not make much profit from the student, so they try to recoup the money after the student graduates.

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