How to annoy your sister with music

Siblings do get on each other’s nerves and are always looking for new ways to annoy each other, whether it’s through jokes, teasing, or just getting in the way. One of the best ways is to annoy your sister with music. Generally, you irritate her by playing her least favorite songs over and over again, blasting loud music, or singing out of tune. In this complete guide, we’ll look at all the different ways you can use music to piss the life out of your sister.

How to annoy your sister with music

How to annoy your sister with music

Below are the best ways to annoy your sister with music:

1. Play embarrassing and childish songs

Whether you’re a brother or a sister looking to annoy your sister with music, you can embarrass their emotions by playing songs they used to like but now find embarrassing. It could be a favorite from her childhood or a song that reminds her of a hard time.

Alternatively, play songs that are too immature for her to want to be associated with, especially in presence of her peers.

2. Yell and sing out of tune

If you don’t have a great voice for singing, that’s just all you need to annoy your sister—works for irritating roommates too. Pick a song that she hates to the core or that she can’t stand to hear messed up. Now, sing it out loud and out of tune, and make sure to place extra emphasis on the annoying parts of the song. It’s bonus points if you change the lyrics to include her name or make fun of her habits.

When using this method, consider singing out of tune, out of sync, or with too much drama to a song their sister likes. This will quickly make a song your sister likes into something that annoys her.

3. Get a bad sound quality device

Prepare to bother your sister with music from a low-quality device with poor sound production.

Since the player won’t make a good sound, it should make it difficult for your sister to enjoy or understand the music. If she finds it challenging to listen to the song, it’ll piss her off. Just keep the music player away from her so she doesn’t turn it off.

4. Make parodies of lyrics

Another way to annoy a sister with music is to make parodies of her favorite songs or change the words to them. Just change the words to make them funny, offensive, or senseless.

Try to make fun of the original song, especially if your sister likes it a lot. You can sign the altered lyrics to your sister over and over again to piss her off. The idea is to make it hard for her to enjoy the original song without thinking of the annoying parody.

5. Set a loud alarm with music

If your big sister had a tiring day yesterday and will be leaving for work today, it’s your big chance to irritate her. It’s likely that she will not get up early, so you want to set her alarm to wake her with a loud, annoying song or sound.

When she wakes up suddenly and irritably, you just bothered/annoyed her.

6. Take control of the car music choices

Just take over the car radio or playlist when the family goes on a road trip. Don’t let your sister choose the music. Also, try to play songs from genres that your sister doesn’t like to make her feel frustrated and helpless.

Also, consider turning up the volume to annoy your sister. Play the music loud enough that she can’t hear what she screams. Even better, turn up the music volume when she’s trying to sleep along the journey. This method works best if you occupy the front seat or any seat with access to the vehicle player. Look out for your neighbors; if it bothers them, stop it.

7. Repeat annoying songs

A good way to irritate your sister is to play the same song or album over and over again.

Pick a song or artist she doesn’t like very much and play it over and over again. Not only will she have to listen to music she doesn’t like, but it will play over and over again to drive her crazy. You are basically getting in her head to frustrate her.

8. Perform annoying karaoke

Consider putting on a one-person karaoke show if you want to take your annoying music to the next level. Make sure to choose songs that your sister can’t stand and sing loudly and off-key. Extra points if you can do some annoying dance moves during your performance. If necessary, brush your body on hers slightly during your annoying dance moves. Be careful not to receive an offensive response from her.

You can spice things up by speeding up the songs, slowing them down, or adding irritating sound effects.

Note that you can premix the remixes and play them when she’s around. Now, watch as her favorite songs become the ones she likes the least.

While making a custom playlist, if you know what kind of music your sister likes, you can make it even more annoying for her. Create a playlist of songs that she doesn’t like or that bother her. Mix up the styles, tempos, and artists to keep the level of irritation high.

9. Stick a song into her head

Some songs get stuck in your head a lot, and these are great for driving your sister crazy. Choose a song that she’ll be humming for hours after hearing it, and play it whenever she’s around. The more she can’t get the song out of her head, the more she’ll be annoyed.

10. Give her a surprise music attack

If you want to surprise your sister, you might want to use music as a surprise weapon. Hide a Bluetooth speaker in her room or another place where she spends a lot of time, and play the annoying music from a distance.

The sudden barrage of annoying songs will definitely throw her off, irritate, and annoy your sister with music.

11. Make up your own song lyrics

Pick a song that your sister likes and change the lyrics to something annoying that you made up. When the song comes on, sing these new lyrics loudly and proudly. This will stop her from enjoying the song.

12. Practiceakes perfect

If you prefer to see your sister crazy, pick up an instrument and start practicing loudly and badly. Choose an instrument like the violin, trumpet, or drum that sounds really bad when played badly.

Practice next to your sister’s room or other places she likes to hang out. Between your lack of skill and the annoying sound of the instrument, she will wish she was somewhere else. If she questions your sudden interest in musical instruments, tell her “Practice makes perfect.”

13. Start a 24-hour music festival

Play different songs in each room of your house to make it feel like a music festival that never ends. Your sister can’t get away from one annoying song without hearing another one in the next room. The constant stream of music will be annoying and hard to deal with.

To spice things up, find out which types of music your sister hates the most, and then make a playlist of songs from those types. Your sister’s dislike of certain types of music, like country, heavy metal, or bubblegum pop, can be a powerful way to annoy her.

14. Play scary songs

Find a song that is especially scary, creepy, or unsettling, and play it whenever your sister is alone or in the dark. Not only will the music bother her, but it will also make her feel uneasy because it will create a strange atmosphere.

15. Mimic her

If your sister plays an instrument or sings, play or sing alongside her in a way that she won’t like. Even if she hasn’t asked you to, play or sing with her.

Be as annoying and off-key as you can, making her experience of music a cacophony of annoying noise.

16. Play songs that don’t go with the scene

Play annoying or completely wrong music in the background while your sister is watching her favorite movie or TV show. The mismatched music will ruin her experience of watching and drive her crazy.

I found this Spotify playlist containing some of the most irritating songs to help you annoy your sister with music.


While fun and creative to annoy your sister with music, remember that everyone has limits. If you constantly annoy that lovely big sister, it could make your relationship with her tense.

Ultimately, be sure to find a good balance between teasing her and really caring about how she feels. Use these tips sparingly and enjoy the art of getting on her nerves through music.

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