How to get alcohol delivered without ID

If you don’t have your ID with you or you’re underage, it might be hard to get alcohol delivered without ID. The laws governing the sale and delivery of alcohol vary from state to state. However, most jurisdictions require you to be at least 21 years old and to present a valid ID before delivery.

How to get alcohol delivered without ID

Even if you forgot your ID or are underage, you may still be able to get alcohol delivered without ID if you follow the steps below:


1. Examine the rules of the delivery service

Check the delivery store’s ID policy. Depending on the type of alcohol being delivered, some stores or services may be more accommodating than others and have different policies.

For instance, some stores may ask for ID for beer and wine but not for hard liquor.


Check their website or call their customer service to find out what their policy is and if there are any exceptions.

DoorDash policy, for example, is that the delivery man will abandon the order if nobody is available to present an ID for alcohol order.

2. Ask a roommate or neighbor to accept the delivery

If you live with someone over 21, ask them to get the delivery for you. The person needs to have their ID available to show the delivery person when they arrive. You could also ask a neighbor who is older than 21 if they would be willing to take the delivery for you.

3. Use a delivery service that doesn’t require ID

Some alcohol services do not ask for ID. But this option might only be available in limited places or with certain kinds of alcohol.


Research the delivery service to make sure they have a good reputation and a valid license to sell alcohol.

4. Order from a restaurant that sells alcohol

If you order food delivery, you may be able to order alcohol from a restaurant that serves alcohol. In some jurisdictions, restaurants can deliver beer and wine without an ID.

5. Visit a physical store

If all else fails, you can buy alcohol in a physical store. To make the purchase, you will need to have any other form of identification on hand. If the clerk cards you, irrespective of your facial appearance, try presenting your other form of ID. In Texas, for example, nothing in the law declares specific forms of valid IDs for alcohol purchases.

6. Use an app that allows for digital ID verification

Some delivery services have incorporated technology that lets customers use digital identification to prove their age.

These services check the recipient’s age using a combination of facial recognition and ID scanning.

If the delivery service you are using offers this feature, you can use it to verify your age and receive your alcohol delivery.

7. Pick up the alcohol in person

You can pick up the alcohol instead of having it delivered if you forget your ID. Before receiving your order, show your ID and prove your age in person. However, not everyone should choose this option, especially those who can’t get to the store.

8. Fake an ID

A fake ID is another way for minors to get alcohol. A fake ID is a piece of paper that looks like a real government-issued ID, like a driver’s license. Minors still buy fake IDs online or from a variety of other places.

Delivery drivers may think the person using the ID is of legal drinking age because these fake IDs do look real.

9. Use a third-party pickup

A third-party delivery service is another way for people under 21 to get alcohol delivered without ID. Customers can order alcohol through these services, and a third-party delivery driver will pick up the order and bring it to the customer without requesting an ID. In many cases, the delivery driver may not check the ID of the person getting the alcohol, making it easier for minors to get the delivery.

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Does Doordash scan ID for alcohol?

When the Dasher gets to the place where you want your order delivered, they will ask to scan the front of your ID before giving you your order.

Does Uber Eats scan ID for alcohol?

Before delivering an order, an Uber Eats driver must scan the customer’s ID in the app to make sure they are over the age of 18 and don’t look like they’ve been drinking. If a person is underage or clearly drunk, Uber will pay the driver to bring the alcohol back to the store.

Does Drizly require ID?

Drizly delivery man will ask you for a valid 21+ ID. They scan your ID using Drizly’s technology on their smartphones to verify your form of identification.

Does Postmates scan ID for alcohol?

You must be 21 or older to buy alcohol, so Postmates checks your ID when you buy alcoholic drinks, just like any other liquor store.

Does Amazon scan alcohol ID?

Customers who are 21 years old or older can buy alcohol. Customers who look younger than 55 must have a valid ID proving they are over 21 in order to buy alcohol.

Do you have to be 21 to Instacart alcohol?

You have to be 21 or older to order alcohol on Instacart and provide a valid photo ID that shows your date of birth at delivery.


If you forgot your ID or you are underage when you order alcohol to be delivered, it can be a frustrating situation. ID checks are needed for alcohol delivery services. It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid ID before ordering alcohol to ensure that you are not only adhering to the law but also assisting the delivery service in providing a safe and responsible service.

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