How to Sneak Out When Your Parents Are Awake

You really need to go out with friends or anywhere at all, however, your parents are awake. That’s a bit of a problem, especially if you have the strict type of parents. So, in this post, I will show you the proper steps to follow to sneak out when your parents are awake. It is OK to want to know how to sneak out when your parents are awake. Some adults would say it’s immature, but they wouldn’t admit they snuck out of the house every day and night while growing up.

You are just trying to be adventurous sneaking out of the house. Regardless, it is not okay to want to sneak out of the house while your parents are awake. However, if you are sneaking out to see a friend, sneaking up on cats, or playing around the neighborhood, you are good to go. I advise against sneaking out to a bar or party while parents are awake; you are putting yourself in harm’s way.


Growing up as a teenager, the basement window was my favorite escape route. All I needed to sneak out while my parents are yet to sleep is the basement ladder. At 16, I could jump down from the window comfortably. Sneaking out of the house is the easy part but sneaking back inside can be a problem. Most of the time, parents would pretend they are unaware you snuck out.

How to Sneak Out When Your Parents Are Awake

how to sneak out when your parents are awake
Sneaking out, parents awake!

It is your time to sneak out, and I advise you not to go too far from the house. Before you learn my tricks to sneak out and in without parents knowing while awake, discover the excuses for sneaking out.


Below are the steps to sneak out when your parents are awake:

1. Plan Your Route

Depending on how long you have lived in your parent’s house, you should know every bend and the rooms.

Consider the following:

While your parents are seeing a movie, is it possible to access the outside without anybody knowing?

Do parents check up on you often?

How vigilant are your parents?

If your parents get to bed by 9 pm, they would be having their time together, and they may confirm whether the house is secured before they go to bed finally.


If parents check up on you often, then you can arrange your sheets to look like you are in bed. Finally, figure out the closest route or access point that leads you outside of the house while they are awake. The window did my job, and it should do your job too. However, if you can’t access the outside using the window, make sure to plan your access point thoroughly.

2. Take Out the Security Systems

The primary security systems include the cameras, the pets, and noisy doors. After planning your route out of the house, move the pets to a different part of the house. If the pet dog, for instance, sees you sneaking, it will bark, and your parents may be forced to find out why.

If your house has camera systems, make sure your access point does not expose you to the camera. You should know how the camera works and follow the spots it does not capture. Do the doors or windows creak? If yes, leave them open an hour to the time you will sneak out.

3. Prepare Yourself

You must keep your parents from suspecting that you will sneak out of the house. Make sure to do your night routines, including showering, skin care, exercise, helping mom arrange the house, etc. When it is your sleep time, get your pajamas from the room, put them on, and make sure your parents see them on you. They would think you are going to bed and would not care to check up on you. Next up, remove the pajamas and put on the clothes you intend to sneak out in. Then put the pajamas back on to hide the clothes.

4. Say Night to Parents

If you do say “goodnight” to your parents, go do it and return to your room. While in your room, arrange your sheet and pile in your clothes to create a human-like structure. If your parents decide to check up on you, they would think you are in bed. However, if they caught you sneaking out recently, they will confirm you are in bed.

Since you want to sneak out of the house while your parents are awake, it is okay. However, I recommend you wait for them to get to bed. When your parents get to bed, it takes them at least 30 minutes to sleep. If you stay in the same room with siblings, it’s even more comfortable because they will cover up for you like you would for them.

5. Sneak Out Stealthily

While your parents are in their room or sitting out, inspect the route you plan to use to sneak out. Assume that you are sneaking out and check whether the coast is clear. If the coast is clear, it is the right time to sneak out.

Typically, I use the window while sneaking out as a teenager. So, the only inspection I perform is to be sure nobody is outside, not even the neighbors.

When you are outside, hide your pajamas nearby. If your parents call while you are outside, do not answer your phone until you get closer to the house. You may give them any of these excuses for not answering the phone.

How to Sneak in Without Trace

After sneaking out successfully, sneaking back in is another problem. Below are the steps to sneak in while parents are awake:

1. Study the House from a Distance

When you return from your adventure, do not walk straight up to the house. Study the hose from a distance. If you see your parents outside, they could be searching for you, which means you have been caught. Also, if you find your parents with the cops, it means the search for you is intense, and you must present yourself to them. Do not expect your parents to be happy that you sneaked out while they were awake.

2. Get Closer and Stay Out of Sight

If you do not find your parents or the cops around the house, it is a sign that nobody has been looking for you. Move closer to the house and keep out of sight, even from the neighbors. If you are using the ladder to climb onto the window, make sure no passer-by sees you.

Pick up, put on your pajamas, and remain stealthy. Make sure the pets do not sight you and that you stay off the security camera.

3. Sneak Inside

When you succeed inside, with your pajamas on, you are no longer in the red zone. Even if your parents see you at this point, you could say you could not find sleep, so you are just moving around the house. Smart, right?

4. Remain Quietly in Your Room

When you get inside your room, Lock the door, turn on the radio and lower the volume. Remove your clothes and put your pajamas back on.

How to Get Out of Trouble After Getting Caught by Parents for Sneaking Out

What if you get caught? Well, I wasn’t the first to get caught while growing, so you are not the first to get caught either. If mom catches you, you may be able to plead with her to keep it from dad. Else, someone is getting whooped pretty soon. Do the following to get out after getting caught:

1. Put on a Sorry Look

If possible, fake a cry to keep your parents from descending on you. Well, my smart parents would not care about my crocodile tears any bit.

Suppose your parents would fall for that, your luck. All the same, good luck trying. Nonetheless, research shows saying “I’m sorry” makes makes others think less of you.

2. Explain Why You Had to

Your parents will, of course, demand an explanation for such a habit. You have to be bold and sincere. If you snuck out to a bar or night party, I am sure you want to say it to them, you risk their full wrath, and you may lose their trust.

Let’s assume you went somewhere your parents hate; tell them you went to see a friend. At night? It does not seem smart, except you snuck out during the day.

3. Promise It Won’t Happen Again

Although your parents would rage at you, they also want to be guaranteed it will never happen again. Unfortunately, they would not trust you for at least a month. Make sure you do not sneak out again while your parents are awake for the next 6 weeks or thereabout. Besides, you would have outgrown sneaking out without informing them.

Sample of what to say to your parents:

Dad, mum,

I’m sorry. I did not mean to hurt your feelings. I was just being adventurous, and I understand how my safety matters to you. I did not go far, I lingered around the house for my safety.

It won’t happen again.

I love you, mum.

I love you, dad.

Final Thoughts

If your parents have strict rules against going out without informing them, do not sneak out. The best practice is to discuss with them to allow you to go out, and you must provide convincing reasons why they should say yes. Meanwhile, you could try to convince mom to say yes.

When you come of age, you would not have to sneak out, and parents would not worry much about your safety because you are a grownup. If you can’t wait to come of age, tell your parents about your going out and explain why it is important. If they permit you, they will attach simple terms such as returning early and staying out of trouble.

Meanwhile, if you have a lover, here is a guide to sneak a boyfriend/girlfriend into your house without getting caught.

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