How to Sneak Up on a Cat

Does your cat ambush you stealthily most of the time? Whether yes or no, you should know how to sneak up on a cat as a payback.

Most cat owners prefer to revenge on cat ambushes by sneaking up on them, especially while the cat is sleeping. Despite your cat sleeping, it may bust you even before you go 6 feet closer.

how to sneak up on a cat

According to, although a cat may be out cold when they snooze, their senses are still sharp, especially their senses of smell and hearing.

So, how then do you sneak up on a cat without getting busted?! Is it possible? How stealthy do you have to be to sneak up on your cat?


Let’s find out!

Is it Possible to Sneak Up on a Cat?

Yes, but you must be ninja-like to sneak up on your cat. The reason is that your cat hears miles better than you, even while you are approaching its resting spot.

However, it is not impossible to sneak up on your cat and get revenge for its occasional ambush.

When you manage to sneak up on your cat, it scares them when they realize you are just next to them. The cat is thinking, “how did the human get here?” You may have to be combat-ready because the cat may put up a defensive display against you.


Regardless of your success sneaking up on a cat, however, you are no match for its ninja-like maneuvers. So, be ready for a fiercer ambush another day.

How to Sneak Up on a Cat

How do you sneak up on a cat without it knowing someone is approaching?

Below are the steps to sneak up on a cat:

1. Get Rid of Your Scent

The first step you want to take is to get rid of your human scent. Following a PAWS Chicago publication, the sense of smell of a cat is 14 times better than that of a human. In this regard, a cat can tell your smell when you approach, even while it is sleeping.

Typically, applying cat feces can keep a cat from sensing your presence. However, it makes you stink. If you do not feel okay applying cat feces, make sure to cover your body up to your hair. If you are going to use cat feces, it can be the feces from that cat.

2. Wear Light Weight Cloth

You need a fluffy cloth to be stealthy while approaching the cat. Of course, you need no shoes, unless it is designed for stealth.

3. Find the Cat

If you find the cat sleeping, you are fortunate because it is more comfortable but not so easy to sneak up on a cat while it’s sleeping. If the cat is awake, make sure it is not lying next to gravel or grass. Approach the cat while it is somewhere sandy or on the couch.

Take off your shoes and tiptoe towards the cat. You need to put on weighty stockings or socks to cover your scent. Meanwhile, suppose the cat is not your pet. Here are tips to help you identify an abandoned cat and help her in your own way.

4. Stop Briefly

When you are ready to sneak up on the cat, go from behind. Stop halfway and inspect whether the cat is sleeping or paying attention to objects, plants, or birds.

5. Sneak Up Stealthily

Following the path opposite the cat’s sight directly, tiptoe towards the cat and halt occasionally. It is preferable to sneak up on a cat barefoot with your socks or stockings, especially if you are not using cat feces to conceal your scent.

6. Hold the Cat

Regardless of your intentions for sneaking up on the feline, maintain a distance, and hold it by its forehead. It reduces the cat’s aggressiveness from the shock after finding you by its side unexpectedly.

If you intend to hold the tail, be careful, keep it from pouncing on you and, perhaps biting. If you are sneaking on a cat you are not familiar with, ask the owner about its aggressiveness first.

Can I swat my cat?

No, you can’t swat your cat. Do not physically harm your own pet or any other animal. Swatting or hitting a cat can physically harm as well as lead to psychological trauma. Make sure to employ non-violent ways to resolve any behavioral issues you experience when handling your cat. Seek advice from a veterinarian or a professional animal behaviorist if you still find it difficult around you cat.

Also, suppose you are hiding the cat from your landlord, which is not advisable as it breaks your contract. You do not want to startle it while the landlord is around. Of course, your kitty can let out a loud meow that attracts the landlord to your apartment.

Tips for Sneaking on a Cat

Below are the tips to sneak on a cat:

Note their Resting Point

When you know where the cat relaxes, it makes it easier to sneak onto it without getting caught.

Take Out Obstacles

If the path to where your cat typically relaxes is filled with obstacles such as cans and bottles, take them out.

Wait Till they Sleep (Optional)

Well, you could wait for the cat to increase the chance of sneaking up on it without getting busted. Whether the cat is sleeping or not, never sneak using the direction opposite its sight.

Watch their Claws

If you have an aggressive cat as a pet, be stealthy and look out for its claws. The best practice is to maintain a distance between your head and the cat; its reaction might result in injury.

Why You Should Sneak on a Cat

Below are the reasons to sneak on a cat:


Cats love grooming, but if your cat prevents you from getting closer for a groom, then you have to sneak up on it. If you cannot groom a cat, then sneak up and trap the cat for the groomer.

Nails Trimming

Some cats do not love getting their nails trimmed. So, they may be avoiding you all day to keep you from trimming their nails. You can sneak up on the cat to trim their nails because longer nails are dangerous for them. Make sure to establish trust between you and the cat before trimming its nails.

Surprise with Treats

If you intend to feed treats to your cat, it is okay to sneak upon them. Cats are meat eaters naturally, so you need meats to please your cat. However, do not sneak up on a cat with meat; it will sense you before you get any closer.

Fun Time

Cats love the fun time. Go ahead and sneak up on your cat for playtime to satisfy their playing instinct. Sneaking up to play with your cat makes them happy, and it bonds them to you if you are persistent.

If you plan to convince a wife to lose weight, a fun time with a cat can exercise her body.

Sneak Out of the House

Sneaking out of the house while your parents are awake could be a reason to sneak up on a cat.

How do you pick up a cat without making it mad?

After sneaking up on the feline, you might want to pick her up. Do have in mind that she may be startled the moment you notices you and may suddenly give you a couple of kitty slaps.

At this point, the cat is real mad at you. Follow the steps below to pick the cat up without getting making it mad:

Allow the cat to calm. You want the cat to feel more at ease and less threatened before you can pick it up. She may have to sniff your hand before allowing you to pick it up, which help the cat to feel more comfortable around you.

Support her third hind. While supporting the cat’s hind end, hold it closer to you to help the cat get better support. Do not pick up the cat by its neck scruff or front legs. Else, they could get agitated and struggle with you.

Respect the feline. If she’s not interested in being picked up, respect the cat’s boundaries and let it be. Make sure to pay attention to the body language of the cat which provides the needed clues for you to decide whether or not to carry her. If the cat is relaxed and calm, then it’s probably receptive and welcomes being picked up.

Final Thoughts

Before you sneak up on a cat for any reason, make sure it is not aggressive. Typically, you can tell an aggressive feline or cat if its tail is erect with raised hairs, flattened ears, and dilated pupils. If the cat arches its back after seeing you sneaking up, abort your intention.

Cats have the traits of cheetahs, except that cheetahs are bigger and faster. If you would be at the safari sooner, ensure to know how to survive a cheetah attack.

Meanwhile, are you a teenager? Learn the tricks to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend into your house.

You may be stealthy but your bossy cat is stealthier.

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