Graduate’s Tricks to Get Student Discount Without Being a Student Forever

You want to know the tips to get student discount without being a student. Obviously, you are not in school but want to be able to get student discounts on certain things.

Entry into certain places and some stores offer student discounts. However, it seems nobody really cares about the working or unemployed adults.


How to get student discount without being a student

Fortunately, it turns out that most places offering student discounts do not second-guess the accuracy of verifying your studentship. But it needs to be believable, passable, and look real to qualify you for student bonuses.


How to get student discount without being a student

Understand that some of these methods may not be ethical. But in as much as we do not recommend the unethical options highlighted here, it’s okay for you to just read to know.

  1. Find a student to represent you

You can benefit from student discounts without doing anything unethical. Just look for a student in your family to help with the purchase.

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Consider offering a fair offer like a certain amount in compensation to entice the student. You could even offer to help out in other beneficial ways.


If you have no family studying, make a post on any social media platform like Facebook asking your friend or friend of a friend who is a student, or has gone back to school to help you get the discount.

  1. Take a college class

You could take an affordable class at your local community college to get a student discount without being a student forever.

This is a legit and ethical way to further your education while getting those cherished student discounts. Just register for a class at your community college, get the student ID and then drop the class before the deadline for tuition.

  1. Opt for refurbished goods

You can get significant discounts by opting for refurbished goods—of course, you do not have to be a student. Some online retailers offer clearance and refurbished goods sections with prices up to 50% less than regular-priced products.

Apple also has a Refurbished iPhone section. A refurbished product would have been factory-certified by the manufacturer and comes with a good warranty.

These could be even cheaper than student discounts on new products. For example, a refurbished iPhone Pro model (Unlocked) will cost a few hundred like $500, whereas a new one on student discount will not be so much, or could be offering a 0% APR.

  1. Obtain the .edu email address

Some student discount plans such as the Spotify student plan just require a .edu email address, which you can easily maintain even after you graduate. Follow this tutorial to get .edu email address for yourself.

Many universities and colleges will not provide a full-fledged account but will offer a forwarding service. So, instead of managing multiple accounts, you still get all the same money-saving benefits of being a student.

Just go to orientation and all that for the university to give you an email address. You do not have to pay the school any money after all. If the email is probably disabled in a few months, rinse and repeat.

You could as well sign the email up for some junk mail to keep it active. Or sign up for Groupon with the email address to get good coupons sometimes. If you can’t create one yourself buy a student email from eBay or Craigslist to use for obtaining a student ID card for student discounts without being a student.

  1. Create a fake student ID number

You could create a fake student ID number to enjoy unlimited student discounts without being a student. This is quite unethical though. First, get to know what student ID numbers look like for a nearby university and make up a number that looks similar. Use the generated student number for the said student discounts.

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Most retailers do not have a database to verify these numbers, and they do not bother about paying someone to verify the legitimacy of the provided student numbers. Some stores just give you a discount when you provide your student number—it’s not always worth the company’s time to go further than that.

There is no standard way to easily fake a student ID. You could simply go online, generate your student ID card and submit it for the discount. Add your info on it via the website’s template editor or use Photoshop. Get your friend to do this if you are not a Photoshop expert.

Some stores verify the third parties online. Companies such as Hulu, Microsoft, Apple, etc. will verify. Nonetheless, a fake college ID will get you food discounts, museum discounts, movie ticket discounts, and more.

  1. Use BMO Student Price Card

If you are not a student and you have BMO Student Price Card (SPC), it might help to get a student discount. You would have put your estimated graduating year when you applied for it. Whenever the card is close to expiration, you will receive a new one valid for another year.

The SPC credit card may last with you for up to 7 years (is also free IIRC). At some point, you may receive a letter asking you to confirm if you are still a student, which basically requires your ID to confirm.

Many places accept it as student proof since only a student qualifies for the regular SPC card anyway.

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