How to hide being drunk from parents

Hiding the fact that you are drunk from your parents can be difficult, especially if you live with them and they are used to keeping a close eye on you. But there are some tips and tricks you can use to try to hide being drunk from parents and avoid raising suspicion.

How to hide being drunk from parents

Below are the ways to cover up the signs and hide being drunk from parents:


1. Move slowly and steadily

Try not to stumble around, likely using the wall or furniture to keep from falling over. Make sure you can act sober before you get home in the first place. If necessary, you can lie to them about where you’re spending the night and return home the next morning instead.

If you have the time, get an energy drink, throw up, drink a gallon of water, or just wait it out. It works better the less drunk you are. Try to maintain a steady and controlled gait if you’re feeling drunk. This will also help you from slurring your words or stumbling around, both of which are signs that you are drunk.


Wash your face well, splash some cold water in your eyes, and use eye drops to reduce redness.

2. Hydrate your body

Water can help you feel less drunk, but it won’t make you sober. In fact, there is no way of speeding up this process. Experts found that only time is the solution — Student Health Services, Illinois.

When you drink alcohol, it goes into your bloodstream and can affect your ability to think, move, and make decisions. Although it won’t completely remove the alcohol from your bloodstream, drinking water can help to hide being drunk from parents.

The only way to get completely sober is to wait for the alcohol to be metabolized and eliminated from your body, which usually takes several hours.


Water will help when it comes to easing the symptoms of a hangover, so you can cover up your drunk state. This can help reduce headaches, fatigue, and other unpleasant hangover symptoms.

3. Eat something

Food consumption can help absorb some of the alcohol in your system, making you feel less drunk. To feel more sober, choose a snack that is high in carbohydrates and protein, like a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.

4. Be quiet and out of the light

If you’re drunk, try to stay quiet and avoid attracting attention. This way, you won’t act in a way that makes your parents think you’re drunk.

Bright lights can make the effects of being drunk more noticeable, so try to stay in the dark or places with less light. You don’t want to stand out and possibly make your parents and other people suspicious.

It may be clear that you are drunk if you slur your words or talk too quickly. Practice speaking slowly and clearly, and try to keep up a normal conversation without showing any signs of being drunk.

5. Just act causally

Text your parents something like, “I’m so tired, I just want to take a long shower,” but make it more casual. Perhaps, adding emojis or something to help hide being drunk from parents.

When you get home, be nice to them, but not too nice. Remember, you are tired and drunk, so keep up the act.

6. Cover your eyes and mouth

Get yourself sunglasses. The cheap sunglasses trick can be replaced by simply closing your eyes.

Also, cover your mouth when you yawn to hide the smell of booze. Say hello and then do what you said you would do and get in the shower right away.

Take a shower, brush your teeth, and shampoo your hair. Try to get rid of as much smell as you can. Cold water also aids in sobering up. Take your time, you can always say you were so tired you almost fell asleep.

7. Improve your breathing

Brushing your teeth can help get rid of any lingering alcohol smells in your mouth and lower the chance that you’ll have a hangover the next day at work or school. Keep your breath fresh using breath mints, gum, or mouthwash.

8. Put all of your clothes in the washer

The moment you get home, toss your clothes in the washer. Also, one other trick before you get closer to your parent is to wear a nice-smelling perfume to cover the booze smell.

If your parents do your laundry, hang your clothes outside or on a balcony to get rid of the smell. The next day, put them in the laundry.

9. Fake stomach pain in the morning

You’ll probably be hungover when you wake up, but don’t say you have a headache because that might make it obvious that you were drunk. Say that your stomach hurts and that you must have eaten something strange last night.


That’s it on how to hide being drunk from parents. Next time, be more careful.

Even if you do all of these, there is no guarantee that your parents might not tell you’re drunk. So if you get drunk, plan it so you can sober up before you go home or agree to spend the night at someone else’s house. Don’t decide to stay the night at a stranger’s house on the spur of the moment. You may feel like you’ve known them for years and trust them with your life, but you don’t. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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