How to Make Fake Football Tickets | Printable Free Online Maker 2024

Every football enthusiast deserves a gift to encourage their support for the game. One such high-spirited gift is a personalized football ticket. That said, you can make fake football tickets for a birthday present. You just need to fill out a fake football ticket template or download one that you can edit with MS Word. If you prioritize speed, then you can simply buy an editable football ticket online.

Unfortunately, you won’t get a ticket for free. Let’s say you download a printable football ticket. You will still need to spend money on the paper and printing process.


How to Make Fake Football Tickets

It’s easy to fake a football ticket to keep it as a souvenir or as a birthday gift to an enthusiast. I have recommended the right tools that will make this easy. But first, let’s consider the steps and things you need to get the best result.

1. Get a Sample of the Original Football Ticket

Find out about the original football ticket’s design to help you make a novelty one. You can simply search for a picture of a real football ticket online. There are many templates online to make a copy of. If you attended a memorable football match and need to have one framed, you should find the template online. Just search the name of the event online, including the opposing teams, venue, and date. This way, you will easily find pictures of the specific game.


2. Design a Ticket with an Online Football Ticket Maker

In this post, I have recommended some fake football ticket generator tools you can use for this. You will be able to get a downloadable template for free or paid, or buy a ready-made football ticket.

The fake football ticket template will contain the match, date, venue, kick-off time, ticket holder name, and gift message (optional).

Depending on the original football ticket that you are faking, you may need to include the seat number. It should also have any security features that are on real tickets, such as holograms, barcodes, or watermarks.

3. Print the Fake Football Tickets

After you make fake football tickets, you need high-quality paper and printing inks, as well as any special tools like a UV light or a holographic printer to make them look real. Some fake football ticket makers may offer printing services, so you do not have to worry about the printing process.


Fake Football Ticket Generator

You need the right generator to make fake football tickets for a birthday gift or as a keepsake. I have tested the following makers, which you can use for this purpose:

1. MS Word Event Tickets Football Ticket Templates

You could need to make fake football tickets for a football match, a football-themed event, or a birthday party. Basically, the purpose will guide the design and information you include on the ticket. MS Word Events Tickets (MSWET) is the one tool I have used to fake a football ticket for a football enthusiast. Follow these simple steps to make yours.

  1. Visit MS Word Event Ticket Templates and browse through the available football ticket templates.
  2. Choose one that you need to make fake football tickets.
  3. Download the football ticket template on your computer. The templates are available in Word (.docx) format and have dimensions of 5.5″ x 2″ with a file size of 890 KB.
  4. Open the downloaded template in MS Word or any compatible word processing software.
  5. Customize the football ticket template. You can edit the text, change the colors, and add any additional illustrations or designs you prefer.

Just make sure that the ticket contains all necessary information, such as the event name, date, time, venue, and any other relevant information. Finally, review all the information and print the tickets using a high-quality printer.

2. Canva Football Ticket Templates

If you are an avid social media user, you would have come across Canva, one of the most popular editing tools out there. Canva designs almost anything, including fake football tickets.

  1. Go to the Canva website. I have provided the link to the football ticket maker below. here, you will find different editable football ticket templates.
  2. Select your plan.
    • Canva free. You can design anything on the free plan, but it has limitations.
    • Canva Pro: This is the best plan if you want unlimited access to premium content.
  3. Use the interface to customize your fake football ticket. Add text, images, and other elements to make your ticket unique.

Canva also uses AI-powered tools. You can use Magic Edit to erase or replace objects from your football ticket template or generate a new image with Text to Image. When done with the design, save it. You need a good-quality printer and suitable printing paper to get the best results.

3. Etsy Fake Football Ticket

On Etsy, you can get a fake football ticket for personal use. Or, if you need an editable football ticket for a birthday present or gift. However, you only get a downloadable football ticket template in PDF format. Etsy sellers mainly sell digital formats and may not ship physical copies to your home.

Depending on the seller, you will get a template size of about 8.5” x 3”. You can always have the seller resize them. The files are available to download once payment is confirmed. Before you make the payment, review the seller’s policy. Sellers typically do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations for digital items such as fake football tickets. The price range is $3 to $11 and could be more depending on the quantity.

Make sure that the template is customizable with the necessary information, such as the event name, date, and any other relevant information. You will have to print the ticket using a high-quality printer and paper. Ensure the print settings are correct to avoid any issues with the final product.

4. Template Football Ticket Templates Word

You can also use to make fake football tickets that look real. For this method, you will be using Microsoft Word with templates from

  1. On the maker’s website, choose the right design elements, such as color scheme, font, images, artwork, and a logo that suits the fake football ticket.
  2. You can incorporate types such as general admission, VIP, coded discount, early-bird discount, one-day pass, coded discount, and multi-day pass.
  3. Add all the football ticket information, including the name of your soccer event, the match, time, date, event’s location, and ticket type. Keep your ticket details short and concise.
  4. Download the selected template.
  5. Open the template in Microsoft Word or any compatible word processing software.
  6. Customize the content and design according to your event details.

You can add new ticketing technology such as holograms, barcodes, tamper-proof design, or hidden UV ink to make your tickets the highest security quality. Finally, save and print the tickets.

Do not forget to check out the ready-made templates available on, including:

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  • FIFA World Cup ticket template
  • Football ticket invitation template, etc.

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