How to make fake football tickets

Millions of football fans all over the world go to great lengths to get a ticket to see their favorite team play. However, for some fans, it’s just for pranks when they learn how to make fake football tickets. Whatever the case, this has led to a thriving market for fake tickets in football stadiums, so shady people take advantage of fans’ desire to go to a game.

For example, this Georgia father lost hundreds of dollars to a scammer selling fake Football tickets.

How to make fake football tickets

It’s easy to fake a football ticket for a prank or to keep it as a souvenir for testing your creativity. Follow the steps below:

1. Get the original copy first

Find out about the original football ticket’s design to help you in making a novelty one. You can do this by finding a picture of the real ticket online or by buying a real ticket and using it as a template to make a copy of the ticket, including the font, colors, and logos used.

2. Use an online football ticket maker

It’s also common to get fake football tickets using a fake ticket generator. Note that some of these falsely claim to sell real tickets for upcoming games.

These websites do have a professional appearance and sell tickets for much less than the official price. However, the tickets are often fake, so you want to buy from them since you need a fake.

Alternatively, you can change an existing ticket by changing the date, location, or seating section to match the game you would want to see.

2. Create a fake ticket from scratch

The first step in making a fake ticket is to design one that looks like the real copy. You’ll need to use software to make a digital version of the ticket or print a physical ticket on a high-quality printer.

The design should show the name of the team, the date and time of the game, the stadium’s location, and the seat number. It should also have any security features that are on real tickets such as holograms, barcodes, or watermarks.

You can use any of the following websites:

I’ve used the sites above myself and they work. You should be able to make phony football tickets that look real for pranks on friends and loved ones.

3. Obtain the necessary materials

After making the ticket design, the next step is to get the materials needed to make the fake tickets. You’ll need to buy high-quality paper and printing inks, as well as any special tools like a UV light or a holographic printer to make it look real.

4. Print the fake tickets

After getting the materials to make the fake tickets, you want to be sure there are real enough to convince people, even to a point that someone might be willing to buy. You must let people know that yours is a novelty and only valid for use as a gift to someone.

You might have to print multiple copies of the ticket on high-quality paper and give it all of the security features of the real tickets.

5. Buy cheaper on Etsy

You will save more time when you buy on Etsy. However, you won’t get to test your creative skills.

On online markets like Etsy, people do buy phony football tickets. Sometimes, they are sold by dishonest sellers who make fake tickets and lie about them being authentic for the games.

6. Sell the fake tickets

Consider selling the fake tickets after they have been printed. You can sell it on social media or using websites like eBay or Craigslist for less than the real tickets’ face value, which should be enough to make a profit. Just make sure to include in the description that the tickets are novelty and not meant for the games.

Delivering fake football tickets won’t be difficult. It can be done in person or mailed to the buyer.

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It may not be worth it to fake football tickets since some states are already going paperless. Tennessee Vols athletics, for example, has gone paperless, which means fans have to download or transfer their ticket for Neyland Stadium.


Fake football tickets may be a big problem to both fans and people who put on events since some people fake and sell them as authentic copies. It should not be a problem if yours are made for pranks and keeps. You should also indicate the novelty condition of the tickets to inform others that they are not originals.

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