How to make a fake Target receipt free [complete steps]

People do make a fake Target receipt typically for pranks. However, some do it to try to steal or commit fraud despite the possible risks, which is not advisable as you might get banned from Target stores when caught. This guide is also helpful if you lost your original Target receipt and need a replacement without using Target—perhaps, you just want to test your creative skills.

This guide takes you through the steps to make yourself a novelty Target store receipt to prank a friend or keep as a souvenir.

How to make a fake target receipt

The steps are easy but just don’t use this guide for fraud because you are more likely to get caught. Below are steps to fake a Target receipt that looks real:

1. Change an existing Target receipt

Changing an existing receipt is one way to make a fake receipt from Target, similar to novelty Walmart receipt. This could be using software or other tools to change the image of the receipt, or physically changing the original paper receipt.

For example, you could use a pen or marker to change the price or item details on the receipt. This does not usually give the real look though.

2. Make a fake Target receipt from scratch

You can use software or templates to create a receipt that looks like a Target receipt. The receipt can then be printed on thermal paper or another material to make it look more real.

fake target receipt generator

Sample Target receipt

Make sure you get an original copy to know what exactly a Target receipt looks like. Follow the steps below to create your phony copy:

a. Gather information

Gather details about the store policy of Target first. This includes finding out the store’s return and exchange policy and the kinds of items that can be returned or exchanged. You also want to know how Target receipts are set up and what information is printed on them.

b. Choose the product

Go to the online Target store and find out about the company’s rules and regulations. You can also find information online from people who have tried to make fake Target receipts, but you should be careful when using this method because the information might not be correct or up-to-date.

c. Create the receipt

After choosing the product, the next step is to make a fake Target receipt. There are several ways to do this, but the most common method is to create a digital copy of a Target receipt using computer software.

The majority of the software that can be used to make fake receipts are free or very cheap. You should also be able to enter the date, time, and amount spent, as well as the item or items bought for the software to produce a receipt that resembles a real Target receipt.

d. Print a copy of the receipt.

The next step is to print out the fake receipt after it has been created with a printer. This can be done at home or a local print shop.

When printing the receipt, make sure it looks as real as possible. Use high-quality paper and ink, and change the printer settings to match the font and formatting similar to Target receipts.

3. Use an online receipt generator

Some online services and software tools say they can automatically create fake receipts. The store name, item details, and other information on the receipt can often be customized using these tools. Even though these tools can make receipts that look real, they are still fake and against the law.

Using an online receipt generator, someone might take the following steps to create a fake Target receipt:

a. Look for a receipt generator online

Pick an appropriate generator. Choose a generator that has a good reputation and a professional appearance. Verify the generator’s receipt quality by reading reviews and ratings from previous customers.

Some fake Target receipt generator tools I’ve tested:

b. Fill out the information

Fill in the information needed to create the receipt, such as the name of the store (Target), the date, the time, the items bought, and the total cost. Make sure the information you enter matches what you want to appear on the receipt.

c. Customize your receipt

Most receipt generators let you customize the receipt to make it look more real. You can change the font, color, and other design elements to make the receipt look like it was generated by the store.

The receipt can be downloaded or printed once you are okay with the template and design. Make sure the resolution is high enough so that you can read the information on the receipt.

4. Use a stolen Target receipt paper

This is a risky and illegal approach that could have serious legal repercussions. However, people do pick up Target receipts on the floor and modify them for pranks to look real. It won’t be illegal if you don’t use the receipt to try to get something from Target. Moreover, Target has security measures in place to stop the theft of receipt paper, so it is also unlikely to be successful.

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Don’t take it to Target store

Some dishonest people do take their fake Target receipt to get a refund or exchange for the desired product, which involves giving the phony receipt to a customer service agent.

They will act as if the product was actually purchased from Target, as well as give a convincing reason for why the item is being returned or exchanged. For instance, such a person could say that the item was bought as a gift but didn’t fit the person who got it, or that it was broken during shipping. Don’t do this. Only fake a Target receipt to prank your friend about buying stuff you never got, perhaps a PS5.

Is it legal to fake it?

Making a fake Target receipt is not legal, and could have serious repercussions. If you get caught using it for the wrong reasons, you could be charged with a crime, fined, or even sent to jail. Of course, your reputation could be ruined, and apart from being barred from shopping at Target and other stores, you will have a criminal record.


A fake Target receipt is a good idea for pranks but against Target’s policies and values if you decide to take it too far, such as trying to get refunds. Also, if you have concerns about your Target purchase or transaction such as a lost receipt, consider addressing it directly with Target customer service.

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