How to Make a Fake Death Certificate that Works

This article shows you how to make a fake death certificate that works online. A death certificate is proof of a person’s death. You may require it to display during a remembrance or perhaps for an official purpose.

Do not use a fake death certificate for official purposes because it is a government-issued and legal document. A death certificate could be used for setting and closing loans, making insurance claims, managing accounts by the nominee, and other legal documents changes, including homeownership, lease deed, etc. On this note, it is carefully regulated to prevent fraud.

how to make fake death certificate

That said, this article contains verified death certificate templates acceptable for any purpose or institution where it is allowed for some reason.

Types of Death Certificates

Before you create your fake death certificate, know the types below:

  1. Certified Death Certificate

As the name implies, a certified death certificate is often government-certified and issued by the authorized agency only. A typical certified death certificate contains an official stamp and may be used to obtain a burial permit or transfer the deceased’s personal properties to lawful heirs.

A certified certificate of death is usually created by a medical practitioner and issued by a coroner or authorized government agency.

  1. Informational Death Certificate

This type of death certificate is made for personal use so that anybody can make or request a copy of it. An informational death certificate is commonly created for various purposes, and it’s the type you need.

What Information Do We Have in Death Certificate?

Below information is found in a death certificate – fake or original.

  • Deceased name
  • Deceased address
  • Birthdate and place
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Time of death
  • Death causes
  • Birthplaces and names of the father and mother
  • SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Veteran’s claim or discharge number (if applicable)
  • Marital status
  • Name of surviving spouse (if applicable)

Depending on your jurisdiction, further details may be required. Before you create a fake death certificate at home that looks, search the certificate template available in your state (not necessary).

How to Make a Fake Death Certificate

This section discusses the various steps to make a fake death certificate that looks real. We’d be looking at some of the best places to get your novel death certificate for free. Of course, you’ll also be guided on how to create your copy.

Fake death certificate for stillborn babies
how phony birth certificate looks

Below are the ways regarding how to make a fake death certificate:

  1. PDFFiller

You can make a fake death certificate using a platform like PDFFiller. It’s a platform we’ve reviewed and tested several death certificates. Many users have also confirmed that they used the site to create multiple novel certificates of deaths that look real for unofficial purposes.

First, navigate to

  • Click Get Form and wait for the screen to load.
  • Fill the form with appropriate information.
  • Click Text on the top left screen and select Sign from the drop-down.
  • Select your preferred signature option. The options include type, draw, upload/capture, scan QR code, text to sign and email to sign.
  • Click Done, and your changes will be saved automatically.

Now, save or share the document. You can click Notarize to have a notarized fake death certificate. Or you may use the Share button to send the document to your client, attorney, or any person in question.

When saving your novel death certificate, ensure to save it as Word and PDF. You may also save it as PowerPoint or Excel, depending on the demand, but Word and PDF are recommended. If necessary, share the docs with your agent to use the information for processing an original certificate or use the fake.

  1. FormSwift

If you care about simplicity with no intention of using a fake death certificate for official functions, FormSwift is the better option.

First, go to

  • Click Create My Document.
  • Select your state. As you see in the image above, we use California. Now, click Create My Document and wait for the fake death form to load.
  • Select your date. Click Save and Continue.
  • On the next page, enter your name and address if you’re the person in need of the fake death certificate.
  • A new page comes up requesting the copies you require. Enter the number of copies you need. You can enter at least 3 copies.
  • On the next page, if you would like a certified or non-certified copy, specify in the field below.
  • Enter the name of the deceased.
  • Enter the date the person passed away.
  • Subsequent pages require the place of death, family information, your relationship to the decedent, the reason for the request, payment (if any), other contact information.
  • After entering the information above, click Save and Export.

To access your created death certificate document, you must create an account to save and download it. Ensure not to include the information you do not need or that does not match the death certificate sample you found online. Also, the software allows you to skip to a new page without providing information.

  1. SignNow

SignNow uses a similar interface to PDFFiller. You can sign up for trial usage. Visit Before you visit the page, note the following:

To make a fake birth certificate, use the Fill & Sign Online option or ‘mark’ the preview image of the blank novel death certificate template.

When you click the advanced tools of the editor, you will be taken to the editable PDF template of the certificate of death, where you provide the certificate information.

To create a fake, phony death certificate on, do the following:

  • On the document editing page, input the deceased’s identification information.
  • Crosscheck the information fields.
  • Use the Sign Tool to create an electronic signature for the editable death certificate form.
  • Click Done to confirm.

You have options to either download or share the novel death certificate. You may send the form to the coroner to use the provided information or use the print option to print the document.

Uses of a Death Certificate

We mentioned some of the uses of a death certificate above. Let’s see some of the reasons you might want to make a fake or novel death certificate below:

  • Pension Claim

If you are entitled to the pension benefits of the deceased, a death certificate is often required. Instead of submitting a fake death certificate for official use, submit the information to the agency in question using a death certificate template. A copy of the deceased Will may also be required for a pension claim. Meanwhile, find out whether a child can contest a Will if excluded!

  • Life Insurance Claim

Regardless of your relationship with the deceased, a death certificate is required to claim life insurance benefits. A novel certificate of death may not be accepted, especially since it has no government-authorized stamp. Of course, you do not expect the insurance to approve just any death certificate to prevent insurance fraud.

  • Settlement of Estate Disputes

A death certificate is required to settle estate disputes.

How the Government Creates a Death Certificate

Funny death certificate generator

In most states currently, death certificates are printed online, so you do not use a certificate you make at home for official purposes. Most funeral directors use encrypted, password-protected and classified programs on their computers to communicates with the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

They complete the death certificate within the computer using the encrypted software and coordinate with the information sent from the physician’s office.

When the informant’s details of the deceased match, the physician and funeral director sign them electronically. Note that the funeral director already has the death informant’s signature on a paper verification form to complete the certificate.

Finally, the certificate is sent electronically to the local registrar. The office of the registrar will match it with the “Report of Death” filled earlier. If the information matches, it is sent to the appropriate state Bureau.

The funeral director would have authorized payments for certified copies of the death certificate, and the copies are sent within a few days or weeks.

Note that each certified paper copy of death is made on special paper and engraved with a raised seal. They are also numbered serially.

Who Can Issue a Death Certificate?

When a person dies, a funeral director collects information from the informant, usually the next of kin. The data is sent to a physician or medical examiner, also known as the coroner. It can also be sent to the justice of peace, depending on where the death occurs.

After the physician certifies the death cause, the funeral director signs and sends the document to the state Bureau. The Bureau files the original and sends the requested number of copies to the funeral director, who issues them to the informant or the person in position.

Meanwhile, if the public medical practitioner known as the coroner is not satisfied with the death report, they can order a post-mortem. The doctor’s report is written to the public records or state register, either electronically or manually (it’s mostly done electronically now). In Texas, for example, the State Bureau of Vital Statistics keeps the records and no longer each county.

How to Obtain a Death Certificate Legally Instead of a Fake

Below are the ways to obtain an original death certificate:

  1. In-Person

You can request a death certificate in person at the Vital Records Central Office. Find out the service hours, typically 8 am to 3:30 pm, excluding state holidays.

To obtain a death certificate in person, you require a valid photo ID and processing fee at the Vital Records Central Office. Depending on your state, the walk-in services may accept checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, and cash for forms of payment. Make sure to complete the death certificate form issued to you. Check your state’s website to download the application form.

In Louisiana, Clerks of Court may issue copies of Louisiana Death Certificates occurring from July 7, 2012, without a fee.

  1. By Mail

You may request a death certificate by mail. Make sure to attach your completed death application form download from your state’s website, your valid photo ID, and processing fees to your Vital Records Registry. Find out the PO Box from their website or ask us through our comment section for the active address. The death certificate will be sent in about 8-10 weeks.

  1. Online

You can also request a death certificate online. Refer to your state’s website for guidelines.

Who Can Request a Death Certificate?

Below are the people that cab request death certificate:

  • Surviving spouse of the deceased
  • An adult child of the deceased
  • Mother/father of the deceased
  • Sibling of the deceased
  • Grandparent of the deceased
  • A grandchild of the deceased
  • A beneficiary of the trust or an insurance policy (must present a signed copy of the policy mentioning them as a beneficiary)
  • A succession representative (must present Letter of Administration certified by the Clerk of Court or Letter of Testamentary)
  • A person named by a court as a member of the immediate/surviving family of the deceased

Will You Get Caught for Creating a Fake Birth Certificate?

You won’t get caught for creating a fake birth certificate, except you use it for a formal function. For example, if you attempt to use a fake birth certificate for an insurance claim, it’ll be discovered and considered criminal and fraudulent.

Is it Easy to Forge a Death Certificate?

It is not easy to forge a death certificate for official use. However, you can make a fake death certificate for indoor use or the required purpose. It was easier to create a phony death certificate a few decades ago filled on a special paper and issued by your state to the funeral home. You’d only have to create the fake death form on the legal form, complete it and have it signed by the informant, physician certifying the cause of death and funeral director. These signatures could be forged on the fake death certificate and finally filled with the local registrar for the State Bureau of Vital Statistics in person.

Final Thoughts

This article has covered all you must know about creating a fake death certificate. As mentioned above, do not use it for formal occasions to avoid legal sanctions. You may be interested in making a fake obituary to get out of work.

It costs nothing to make a novel death certificate online from your home, but it may be costly if you’re caught using it to falsify records or cheat a system. An original death certificate uses an engravement and is embossed and serially numbered, making it difficult to forge.

So, this is all! Would you want to create a fake birth certificate? Follow our guide for making a novel birth certificate that works.

Do not create a fake death certificate for formal purposes!

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