How to Make a Fake Obituary for Work

You are tired of work, aren’t you? Anyways, this article guides you on how to make a fake obituary for work. Presenting a fake obit to skip work is one of the dirtiest practices in the workplace. You won’t be the first doing it, though. Besides, in a survey of 1,034 American employees via Mechanical Turk, only 4% have never used a made-up excuse to get out of work, meaning that 96% lie to get out of work.

how to make a fake obituary for work

An obituary is a notice of a death, especially in a newspaper, that includes a brief biography of the deceased person. When you present a fake obit to your manager, it could be the start of a complicated situation at the workplace.


A woman posted a fake Obituary of a Greeley man, Balderrama, to get time off work. Erica, the Greeley man’s wife, said that Balderrama’s sister was responsible for the fake obit to get out of work. Eventually, Balderrama and Erica took their relative’s pictures out of their wedding photo album, and the sister faced a harassment charge.

You want to be careful not to end up like Balderrama’s sister. Alternatively, you could avoid using the face of someone in the fake obit. Also, you may use the face of a family deceased family member.


What to Put in a Fake Obituary

To generate a fake obituary template, you need the following information:

  • Name of deceased
  • Age
  • Date of death
  • Location of death
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Names of Parents
  • Names of high school and/or colleges (optional)
  • Name of Spouse (if any)
  • Names of children (if any)
  • Job
  • Hobbies
  • Immediate family who have passed
  • The immediate family still living
  • Location of funeral services
  • Date and time of funeral services
  • Organization for memorial donations

You do not necessarily need every information listed above. The first 5 could be enough to describe the fake death to get out of work. You may use additional obit information when publishing the fake death notice in the newspaper.

How to Make a Fake Obituary for Work

To make a phony obit is easy. Below are the steps regarding how to make a fake obituary for work:

  1. Canva

So far, Canva is the best place to create a fake obit for work. It has multiple paid and free obituary templates you can select from and customize to your preference. You could also create a fake obit from scratch using the blank document.


Visit and search “obituary cards” or go to If you’re a professional photo editor, click Create Blank, but it slows the process of making a fake obit for work. Instead, scroll through and pick a preferred template from the list of obituary templates on the page.

On the list of templates, you will find obit templates with the ‘$’ symbol. These are paid templates, about $1 upwards, depending on the design. The obituary templates without ‘$’ are free, so since you just need the template to get a day or more off work, the free template is OK.

A paid template is better for people using it for genuine obituary. If you select a free template, when you add a paid background, you may be asked to pay (typically $1) to remove the watermark.

Below are the steps to customize and download a free obituary template for work on Canva:

  • Click the free template without ‘$’. In this guide, we are using the “Green Gold Cross Elegant Obituary Card”. The reason for selecting this template is that it does not use a picture, since the obituary you need is not genuine. You may add a picture if you like.
fake obituary generator funny
  • Click Customize this Template. If you wish to change your current obit template, scroll down and select another design.
automatic obituary generator
  • Click any part of the template to edit and add the details you want. The default name on our template is Henry Walter. But we change it to John Doe by clicking the name and editing it. Another thing to change is the birthdate and death date. The default dates are 1940-2019, but we change them to 1960-2030 (depending on what you want, and the year you’re in). You can also edit the text below “A loving partner, lover, father, and a friend. You will always remain in our hearts”.
  • Change the background. Click the background of the phony obit template you’re creating for work. Look at the toolbar and click Background for a list of backgrounds. Click the background you prefer and the changes will reflect.
Create a fake obit to get out of work
  • If you want to add another page, click Add Another Page beneath your novel obituary template. Design the page as you like using the tools provided. You have the typing tool, image tool, background tool, etc., to edit the obituary template.
Can work ask for proof of death
  • Click Download on the top of the page or click the options button for more selections. We clicked the options button. From the drop-down, you can download, present, share the link, or present and record. You can use the share link to give the person that will print your fake obit for work for you. If you’re asked to pay to download, click the option to download with a watermark. You can pay if you want to.
Can you make a fake obituary to skip work

Finally, your fake obituary for work is downloaded as a PDF. You can share it with the person that’ll print it.

Note: You can contact FamilyInstructor to create an obituary using Canva for you. You can also sign up on Canva to save the edited obit to your account.

  1. Picturando

Picturando is an Italian and trusted website you can use to generate a fake obituary for work. It’s a fake obituary maker that looks real. Go to Picturando lets you modify your fake obituary, and is a free platform for all to make fake obits, especially for pranks. We’ve experimented with it, even for other fake documents. It’s functional.

Below are the steps to make a fake obit that looks real for work on Picturando:

  • Choose a template. Select any of the fake obituary templates you prefer. You may choose the templates with crucifix, flowers, a general obituary template, etc.
  • Edit text. When the obituary template loads, you can add text by clicking the text icon. To edit the text in any part of the template, double-click it. You can also Resize the text, change text fonts, text color, etc., and add as many lines as you like. Use the text font to add the deceased name and date of birth and death. You can write short poetry beneath the template, describing the fake deceased person.
  • Add photo. Use the ‘add photo’ icon to add a photo. You can resize, rotate, or adjust the photo in the photo ID section.
  • Crosscheck the spellings and dates, and click Save. Finally, download or share the fake obituary template.

If you want to restart the editing process, press the F5 button or scroll down if you are using mobile phone.

How to Get Away with Using a Fake Obituary at Work

Creating a fake obituary card is not the end. Most employers think you’re lying when you ask to stay away from work after presenting the fake obit card.

  1. Create a Brochure

Get Microsoft Publisher and create a brochure. Use the information of someone that does not exist or use a relative’s information. Suppose you are using a cousin’s information. Make sure to inform the person about your plans. Alternatively, you can use the information of a recently deceased family member or neighbor. However, the company or employer and other employees must not know the person on the brochure.

  1. Get a Burner Phone Number

If you think that your employer will investigate your request, you can get a burner phone number. A burner phone number is an anonymous and temporary phone number you can use to hide to hide your identity during a phone call. It is a disposable phone number. Add the burner phone number as the fake funeral home in the brochure. Alternatively, you can use a relative’s phone number in the brochure. When your workplace calls to confirm the death, the person you assigned answers the phone, pretending to be the funeral home. If they do not answer the phone immediately, they may refer to these forgivable excuses for not answering the phone.

  1. Create a Fake Funeral Website

To make your lies realistic, you can create a free funeral website using a free website builder. Some free website builders include, and If you use a free website builder, the name of the website will appear in your website name. Suppose your preferred website name is “Funeral” and you use site builder, your website name will be’.

If you want a custom website, you will pay for the domain name (name of the website) and hosting (the company that hosts your fake website). The average cost of a domain name that ends with .com is $12 (some domain names cost thousands. Look for cheap ones). The cost of hosting for a month is between $2 and $15, depending on your host and the hosting plan. You also need a website template. There are free and paid website templates, but you can use a free template. A premium template will cost nothing less than $30.

You may then hire someone to set up the site to look like a funeral home (if you do not know website management) website.

The estimated cost is about $40-$50, depending on what you want. It can be more, though. When the fake website is ready, add the burner phone number on the website, your friend or relative holds the burner phone number. If your workplace calls to confirm, the friend or relative answers the phone, pretending to be the funeral home. Some managers may call after several days, perhaps weeks, to know whether you lied to skip work.

  1. Submit the Website URL to Your Manager

When submitting the fake obit as evidence, submit the fake website alongside. Your manager may call to confirm if your work reputation is poor or you skip work too many times. Most employers won’t bother.

Can an employer ask for proof of death certificate after you present the fake obituary to skip work?

Is it illegal to make a fake obituary

Yes, an employer can ask for proof of death or death certificate after you present the fake obituary to get out of work. Your employer needs the death certificate to support your bereavement claim, but it’s not likely that your employer will go this length. However, if your employee goes this length, there could have been a fraudulent bereavement claim recently, and the company is verifying whether you’re honest. If your absenteeism rate is excessive, they may request a death certificate. If you can’t get out of being asked to back your claim with a death certificate, tell the HR you have a photocopy of the death certificate. Yes, they will accept it because it takes many days to request and receive notarized death certificate from the state. Now, follow our guide to create a fake death certificate that looks real from home. Some managers may request a published obituary linking you to the deceased.

Can you be arrested for making a fake obituary for work?

Unless you create a fake obituary to commit a crime or to hide from authorities, it is left for your workplace to decide whether your action is worth being arrested since it is unethical. If you’re caught, you may be charged for harassment or disorderly conduct.

Final Thoughts

After weighing your chance of being allowed to skip work, even for a day, it may be OK to make a fake obituary. Nonetheless, you could talk to your HR to see if you have any personal or sick days left. You may also inquire about taking a short leave of absence.

If there have been incidents of employees issuing fake obituaries to get of work, expect your company to be strict. If you work from home, you stand a better chance of getting away with it, though. It looks like you may be interested in making a fake birth certificate too.


You can also get out of work, meeting, etc., by faking your bank statement. Inform your employer that you have been invited by the bank to investigate a suspicious activity in your account. Additionally, you can create a fake doctors note to request sickness leave.

Getting out of work with a fake obituary is smart until you get caught.

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